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Can You Freeze Apple Pie? The Best Instructions

by Amna Munir
Can You Freeze Apple Pie The Best Instructions

Can you freeze apple pie? Apple pie can indeed be frozen. Apple pie can be frozen both before and after baking, however freezing it before baking is recommended. This apple pie can be frozen for up to 6 months, both baked as well as unbaked. The apple pie filling can be frozen by itself and kept in the freezer for up to a year.

You will learn everything you need to know about freezing apple pie in this article. Cooking with several varieties of apple pie also include in this. Understanding the distinctions between baked as well as unbaked goods, slices, and other terms is crucial. To learn how to freeze apple pie as well as other things, keep reading.

How to Freeze Apple Pie

Apple pie is a delectable dessert that may prepare in a variety of ways as well as presented in a variety of ways. While some people prefer to use canned apple pie filling, others prefer to create their own from scratch with cinnamon and sugar.

The crust comes next. Perhaps you prefer to make your crust from scratch as well as utilize a family recipe for the handmade crust. Your pie can serve warm, chilled, with ice cream, as well as with whipped topping. The final decision is entirely up to you.

The need to understand various forms and methods of pie preservation is still present. Let’s begin with the fundamentals of how to freeze an apple pie before going deeper. Just make sure it covers and not expose to sunshine or direct heat. The key to effectively freezing cooked apple pie is to wrap it well.

Avoiding freezer burn as well as other conditions that could injure it is important. The steps for freezing baked apple pie list below. This takes into account more than one slice. It could be the entire pie or just a slice.

Along with this, you may have apple pie without gluten has a buttery flavor. Like the classic apple pie, you know and love, it has a flaky crust, a warm, gooey, soft, luscious apple filling, and a lovely lattice top.

Can You Freeze Apple Pie? The Best Instructions

Steps to Freeze Apple Pie

The pie should cool before freezing. This will potentially prevent the crust from becoming moist in the freezer due to excess moisture.

For the pie to thoroughly cool through the core, advise you letting 8 hours. Wrap the pie in plastic wrap or two pieces of aluminum foil.

To adequately shield the pie as well as ensure that it does not expose to the dry freezer air, which could have detrimental effects on the pie, advise you to use two layers.

A pie that wraps in aluminum foil can freeze in its original state. Advise you to put whatever plastic wrap you used into a freezer bag as well.

Each package has a label as well as a date. Remember that it will probably take the pie about 24 hours to completely freeze once you put it in the freezer.

In this way, you can freeze baked apple pie for up to 6 months. Although it would probably last longer, this is the suggested time frame for preserving the highest quality.

Putting your baked apple pie in the freezer is not difficult. The two things you should pay special attention to are letting the pie cool completely (8+ hours) as well as making sure it completely wraps, preferably in two layers.

How to Freeze Unbaked Apple Pie

You can freeze unbaked apple pies if you’re merely making a bunch of them ahead of time and know you won’t bake or serve them straight away. Since you don’t have to bother about baking as well as cooling it, you believe that this is the ideal way to freeze apple pie because you can just transfer it from the freezer to the oven when you are ready to use it.

The fact that there are so many good options is fantastic, though. None of them leave you with a bad choice. It recommends leaving an unbaked pie entirely uncut when freezing it. Advise you against cutting even little cuts at the crust’s top. You can do that just before baking the pie.

If you made a pie with a latticed top crust, you could try freezing it with the frozen apple pie right side up and covering the very top with plastic wrap. Your pie filling may easily go missing before the pie has frozen. It takes roughly 24 hours to completely freeze apple pie.

Along with this, apple pie and cheesecake combine in a delicious apple pie cheesecake treat. The smooth, creamy cheesecake enhance with homemade apple pie filling, toffee crunch pieces, and cinnamon seasoning. The apple pie topping can make in advance.

Steps for Freezing Unbaked Apple Pie

Keep in mind to wait to cut it, if at all possible, until you’re ready to bake it (especially on the top crust). If the crust has a lattice top, you should wrap foil as well as plastic wrap tightly around it.

Wrap in two layers of plastic wrap as well as aluminum foil. For this procedure, aluminum foil prefers because it looks to be superior. Alternatively, you might wrap the pie in a single layer before putting it in a freezer bag.

Make sure the pie has two layers of wrapping that completely enclose it. Label each pie cover with the date. Freeze apple pie can place for up to six months in the freezer. Remember to cut your slits in the top crust when you’re ready to use it.

The easiest as well as best method is to transfer the pie directly from the frozen apple pie freezer to the oven to heat it. However, you can generally thaw it if you prefer. Due to the pie’s frozen state, heating may take a little longer, but defrosting won’t result in moistness as well as any other issues.

Steps to Freezing Apple Pie Slices

The slices must chill. After baking, this process can occasionally take several hours. Start by pre-freezing. Slices should place delicately on a parchment-lined baking pan. For 1-2 hours, place these uncovered in the freezer to have them mostly frozen.

Take the sheet out of the freezer, then carefully wrap each slice in foil or plastic wrap. After that, for additional storage and preservation, either utilize the double-wrap layer technique as well as put the wrapped pie slices into freezer bags.

Each package has a label as well as a date. Slices of apple pie can preserve in this way for up to six months in the freezer. Just take out the one slice and warm it up a little when you’re ready to eat it or use it for a buddy. In the case of a single slice, you can microwave it or bake it for a short period.

Working with an apple pie slice is extremely simple. It does require the additional pre-freeze step to freeze properly simply because the filling might easily end up in a mess. Other than that, the entire procedure is straightforward as well as remarkably identical.

Can You Freeze Apple Pie? The Best Instructions


Apple pie can freeze, right? Apple pie can freeze, that much is true. Although freezing apple pie before baking advice, it can do both ways.

Whether cooked or unbaked, this apple pie can freeze for up to 6 months. You can freeze the apple pie filling on its own and store it in the freezer for up to a year. Apple pie is a delicious dish that may make in numerous ways and presented in numerous ways.

There is still a requirement to comprehend the many kinds of pie preservation.  Just make sure it covers and is not in the direct path of the light or heat. To successfully freeze baked apple pie, it must wrap tightly.

Avoiding freezer burn and other situations that could harm it is crucial. Here are the procedures for freezing baked apple pie. More than one slice is considered in this. The whole pie or simply a slice could consume.


Do Apple Pies Ever Go Bad?

There is always a chance that your food will spoil, even apple pie. Throw it away if you see mold forming on it. It could be time to throw it out if there is a lot of extra water present. You can also use your nose to identify rotten or slightly odd smells.

Can Canned Apple Pie Filling Be Freeze?

There is no need to freeze the filling if the can is still sealed. Simply keep the unopened can in a safe place. You can use the provided instructions for freezing if it has been opened.

How can apple pie be frozen the most effectively?

Wrap the unbaked pie in three pieces of plastic wrap, being sure to completely cover as well as cover all exposed sides. Place the pie in a freezer bag measuring a gallon as well as label it as follows: Apple pie, together with its two-month after-freezing expiration date.

Is it better to freeze cooked or uncooked apple pie?

Homemade pies are a delectable treat that can be made in advance, frozen, and then cooked whenever you want something extra special. Pumpkin and fruit pies are considerably better frozen before baking than after. Pies cannot be frozen after baking without noticeably affecting the texture.

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