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Jamaican Bread Pudding Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
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This is the ideal treatment for individuals who appreciate Sunday evenings. This Jamaican bread pudding recipe is a delectable baked good made with bread, raisins, and flavors.

At the point when I previously went into a Jamaican food bistro, I saw bread pudding under the cake show. It was debased looking accordingly smooth. I was trapped and closed I expected to make this at home.

Also, I did. So in this blog entry, I’m here to share my recipe to make Jamaican bread pudding without any planning.

Best served hot, this pudding isn’t beautiful, and the increment of cherries and the rum sauce makes it the best cake, or even an early lunch decision.

What is Bread Pudding?

I think everybody has a Jamaican bread pudding recipe. There are countless varieties. By and by, a basic one is the best one. At the most fundamental level, this pastry incorporates cubed bread absorbed in a sweet milk blend with flavors differing from nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice.

After those nuts and bolts, you are allowed to make changes and varieties. I added some maraschino cherries, yet I’ve likewise added coconut drops.

Then more often than not, there’s a sauce that goes with it. An incredible rum-based sauce will take the pudding to another level.

The Best Bread to Utilize Jamaican Bread Pudding Recipe

I have attempted various kinds. I realize they used to say you really want to utilize old bread however you truly don’t need to.

You would like to go through bread that splashes fluid well.

My decisions have been locally acquired white, entire wheat, french, and brioche yet my #1 has been utilizing Jamaican hard mixture bread.

It is solid, and strong, and enlarges well when it retains the milk blend.

I have made another article on The Best Way to Make a Carrot Cake Healthy

Fixings to Utilize Jamaican Bread Pudding

I think this is a fundamental storeroom fundamental pastry.

What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t have these close by, they can be handily found at any general store.

  • A hard mixture of bread 

Some others you have close by can work. As I referenced I truly do like to utilize this Jamaican-style bread since it is a thicker, firmer bread.

  • Milk 

I utilize entire milk. I have never actually subbed however I’m certain milk of your inclination can be utilized.

  • Eggs 

Standard eggs. You can make this Jamaican pudding recipe without eggs as well. Fruit purée or bananas are extraordinary electives. Utilize 1/4 cup of sauce or pounded banana to supplant one egg. Assuming you need more choices you ought to check out these other egg substitution ideas.

  • Sugar 

Granulated sugar or earthy-colored sugar

  • Flavors 

Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice

  • Vanilla substance
  • Raisins
  • Cherries 

I say these are discretionary, however, it truly adds an extraordinary extra layer of flavor to the pudding

The Most Effective Method to Make Jamaican Bread Pudding

Take your cuts and cut them up into 3D squares. I simply stack my cuts and utilize my bread blade and cut them all at one time.

In another bowl blend your milk in with eggs and flavors.

In a huge bowl add the bread shapes then, at that point, pour the milk combination over it.

Ensure the 3D squares get immersed with the fluid. Let the bread blend sit for 10 minutes with the goal that it ingests however much as could reasonably be expected.

Include your increments: raisins and cherries. Blend them in well and move them to a lubed dish.

I utilize a 2-quart baking dish. The bread really ascends as high as possible while baking so ensure your dish has sides that can contain its raising. You can likewise utilize a bread baking tin.

You can likewise layer this, rather than mass unloading everything into the dish. To do it that way, don’t add the raisins/cherries or some other options. Add the bread blend to the lower part of the dish, then your options then bread, and proceed that way, trying to end with bread. Then, at that point, it’s baking time.

There is No Bread Pudding Without Rum Sauce

While the baking is occurring, this moment is a decent opportunity to get this rum sauce made.

You can partake in this pastry plain, However having a sauce truly takes it over the top.

To make it you will require:

  • Flour
  • Earthy colored sugar
  • Weighty creme
  • Milk
  • Vanilla concentrate
  • Amaretto – or some other dim rum you need. A flavored rum I believe is the best sort to use for extra character.

Tips and Deceives

I favor a dry bread pudding, so I prepare mine till the sides are crunchy yet the center is still a piece delicate to contact. In the event that you end up taking it out and it is still a piece saturated, let it prepare for 5-minute spans till you get it to the consistency you need.

However, note that the bread pudding focus is never “all-around good”. It as a rule shows up delicate in any event when finished.

Hot or Cold Jamaican Bread Pudding

I like to eat mine hot or cold.

Hot with some rum sauce running down the sides. However at that point what occurs with extras? Certain individuals like to eat it cold out of the refrigerator.

In the event that you could do without it cool, simply throw it into the stove for a couple of moments and it returns to its “barely out of the broiler” goodness.

What Else Might You at Any Point Mix it Up?

The choices are perpetual.


I love adding nuts like macadamia to the blend.


Chips or pieces are great to utilize.

Coconut Chips 

Another incredible flavor expansion. I utilize improved chips. I as a rule layer when I utilize this. What’s more, sprinkle an on the top preceding baking.

Dried Natural Products 

Cranberries, peaches, mango

Capacity and Warming

Extras? Putting away any extras in the fridge is ideal.

Since there is a ton of dairy in this pastry, I pick to refrigerate it when it will room temperature. Something like three hours sitting out.

I rather really like to store it with no sauce added to it. I generally let my visitors add the sauce as they take their cuts, as opposed to putting everything over the preceding cutting.

Any extra sauce I put in a sealed shut holder and put away in the cooler. You can store Jamaican bread pudding with sauce, yet it will get spongy. Ensure it is totally cooled. You can enclose it with saran wrap and afterward put it into a sealed shut compartment.

It can endure as long as five days in the ice chest once the above cycle is finished. Or on the other hand, you can place it in the cooler.

Assuming you will freeze it, I wouldn’t put pieces that have been showered with sauce. I would likewise feel free to cut it up into individual pieces as opposed to freezing its entirety.

At the point when prepared to utilize, bring down the pieces you need to utilize, and put them in the cooler to defrost. Whenever it has thawed out, inspire it to room temperature before warming.

Warming is quite simple. Your two choices are the microwave or back into the broiler/toaster. To involve the microwave simply put cuts in a microwaveable dish and intensity it up. I do sprays of 40 seconds all at once till warmed through.

To utilize the stove, which is my own decision, place cuts in a preheated broiler (350 degrees) and leave for around 10 minutes. You will get that pleasant firm top like it was recently heated.

If with any of the choices your pudding feels like it’s excessively dry, warm a portion of the sauce and pour it over your cuts. That will re-saturate the Jamaican bread pudding.

In the event that you are out of sauce, a scoop of frozen yogurt will likewise get the job done.

Nourishment Realities of Jamaican Bread Pudding

  • Calories 175
  • Fat 6 g.
  • Sat. Fat 3 g.
  • Carb 27 g.
  • Fiber 1 g.
  • Net carbs 26
  • Sugar 21 g.
  • Protein 4 g.
  • Sodium 51 mg.
  • Cholesterol 69 g.

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