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Every Bite a Flavorful of Easy Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
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Every Bite a Flavorful of Easy Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Hey guys! Are you looking for a salmon quinoa bowl? This salmon quinoa bowl with green goddess dressing is loaded with protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

And the best part for you is my friend is a nurse practitioner and holistic nutritionist who focuses on women’s health issues, like balancing hormones and healing the gut, asked me to develop a recipe for her something seasonal, nutrient-dense, whole foods-based, and (of course!) delicious.

Using the super grain quinoa as my building block, I came up with this salmon quinoa bowl with creamy avocado, crispy cucumber, and green goddess dressing. It’s loaded with protein, healthy fats, and fiber, and it’s easy to make on a busy weeknight, too. The quinoa and dressing can be made ahead of time, and the salmon cooks in just 10 minutes!

Feel free to swap out the quinoa for other healthy grains, like bulgur, brown rice, or whole wheat couscous, and vary the vegetables based on what you have on hand. Just don’t skip the luscious green goddess dressing to pull it all together. Sounds Curious! Therefore, Have Patience!

What You Will Need For Salmon Quinoa Bowl? 

Every Bite a Flavorful of Easy Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, divided

4 (6-ounce) skinless salmon fillets

1 cup quinoa, cooked


Freshly ground black pepper

1 small English or hothouse cucumber

2 avocados, pitted and diced

¼ cup chopped fresh herbs serving (optional)

Green goddess dressing

1 lemon, cut into wedges, for serving

MethodSalmon Quinoa Bowl

Let’s jump in! But, I want to tell you something! Preheat the oven to 425°F first and set an oven rack in the middle position. Line a 13×18-inch baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Grease the foil-lined baking sheet with 1 tablespoon of the oil. Season the salmon with ½ teaspoon salt and several grinds of pepper. Place the salmon on the greased baking sheet and drizzle with another tablespoon of the oil. Roast for about 10 minutes, or until the salmon is just cooked through.

Meanwhile, toss the cooked quinoa with the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil.

We Need! Assemble the bowls: Spoon about 1 cup of quinoa into each bowl. Top each bowl with a piece of roasted salmon, sliced cucumbers, and diced avocado. Sprinkle the avocado and cucumbers with a little salt. Sprinkle with fresh herbs, if using. Serve with the bowls with the green goddess dressing and lemon wedges. Looks Yummy!

Storage Tips

And here’s the good thing! To Store. Store leftover quinoa and leftover stir-fried veggies separately in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. I find salmon tastes best the day it is made, but you can refrigerate the leftovers for 1 additional day.

To Reheat. Gently reheat quinoa and veggies in a large skillet over medium-low heat or the microwave until warmed through. I recommend enjoying the leftover salmon at room temperature versus reheating it to make sure it doesn’t dry out.

I reheated the leftover quinoa and veggies until they were very hot, and then topped them with the room-temperature-ish salmon, and it was delicious. So, I have written an article on What Does Quinoa Taste Like? Exploring Its Flavor Profile.

Importance of Eating Salmon Quinoa Bowl

Every Bite a Flavorful of Easy Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Salmon Quinoa Bowl Improves Cardiovascular Health

See what I mean? My study reveals that eating 2 servings of farmed salmon each week raised omega-3 levels in the blood by 8–9% and lowered omega-6 levels after 4 weeks

Salmon is a good source of potassium and omega-3 fatty acids. When combined with potassium, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are very good for heart health because they reduce inflammation in the arteries, lower cholesterol levels, and keep blood pressure levels steady. 

Salmon Quinoa Bowl Helps The Thyroid Work Properly

Selenium helps keep the thyroid working well, which is one of its most important jobs. A good-sized piece of salmon can give you a good amount of selenium. 

This important trace mineral keeps the thyroid gland from getting damaged by oxidation when the thyroid hormone is made. Hydrogen peroxide is made by the thyroid gland’s cells, which are then used to make the thyroid hormone.

You can have a thyroid-stimulating hormone test that can help you to monitor your thyroid hormone work. You can get more from this video.

Salmon Quinoa Bowl Helps Keep The Brain Healthy

Salmon has a lot of DHA, which works with vitamin A, vitamin D, and selenium in it to make the brain work better. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are used to treat mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Eating salmon while pregnant can help the health and development of the baby’s brain.

One study found that eating at least two servings of fish a week was linked to a 10% lower risk of dementia and a 30% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You can also read more about Discover The Secrets of Growing Quinoa.

Salmon Quinoa Bowl Helps Fight Joint Pain

Every Bite a Flavorful of Easy Salmon Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Again, the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help reduce inflammatory joint conditions like osteoarthritis. Bioactive peptides are a group of small proteins that are found in salmon.

One of these bioactive peptides, called calcitonin, is known to increase, control, and stabilize collagen synthesis in human osteoarthritic cartilage. If you have knee joint pain or any other joint pain you should add this to your diet. 

Salmon Quinoa Bowl Builds Cognitive Intelligence in Children

Salmon is good for brain health, so pregnant women should eat it to help their babies learn to think and learn to think. It should also be part of a growing child’s diet since it can also help control ADHD and improve school performance. Another on Revitalize Your Palate With The Best Quinoa Chickpea Salad.

Salmon Quinoa Bowl Antioxidant Properties

The salmon is pink because it contains astaxanthin, which is an antioxidant in the carotenoid family. The body doesn’t change astaxanthin into retinoid as it does with other carotenes and carotenoids. It helps prevent heart, immune, inflammatory, and neurodegenerative diseases because it is a natural antioxidant.

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When you make one of these bowls, it will satisfy your mind, body, and spirit! How’s that for inspiring! I want to ask something! We made our weekend super yummy and going to enjoy our delicious dishes, But When will you make this recipe? Let me know in the comment below.

How are you expected to cook salmon?

Preheat the stove to 450 degrees F. Season salmon with salt and pepper. Place salmon, skin side down, on a non-stick baking sheet or in a non-leave dish with a broiler-resistant handle. Prepare until salmon is cooked through, around 12 to 15 minutes.

How would you make quinoa taste great?

I track down that the absolute best flavors for quinoa are cumin, dried straight leaf, turmeric, salt, and dark pepper. I likewise love to season it with new garlic and spices like parsley, dill, and cilantro.

What number of calories are in a quinoa salmon bowl?

Per Serving: 484 calories; protein 30g; carbs 28g; dietary fiber 4g; sugars 4g; fat 28g; soaked fat 6g; cholesterol 69mg; potassium 807mg; sodium 577mg.

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