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Granny Smith Apple Nutrition Facts and Value

by Asia Shaukat
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Granny Smith Apple Nutrition Facts and Value

As you all know how important fruit is to our diet. In this article, you get to know about Granny Smith apple nutrition. The Granny Smith apple is among the healthiest options. I recommend that you can add it to the diet because it’s lower-sugar fruit. The Granny Smith is the most recognizable variety in the world.

As you will know further in this article that this variety is perfect to use for different treats from caramel apples to apple pie.

Where Does Granny Smith Apple Come From?

I know that a question is raising in your mind where is development first?? and how it developed? so in a brief, Granny Smith is one of Australia’s most well-known export. This apple has a variety that developed in Australia. Maria Ann Smith developed the cultivar from an accidental seedling.

It is believed that the tree is a hybrid. Granny Smith apples, which are in season from September to November. Not only did all this start with a happy accident, but also its namesake halfway around the world.

Features of Granny Smith’s Nutrition

Do you know what the main feature of the Granny Smith apple?? The Granny smith’s fruit flesh is crisp and delicious. Its light green skin is rigid. The Acidic is the only attribute that captures the flavor of Granny Smith. That’s why it is a resolute apple with a very sharp flavor. But, it may also be quite reviving when served cooled.

You can also take this in salads. In storage, the flavor becomes sweeter. For instance, after baking, it holds its shape. When an apple is overripe, it changes from green to yellow.

The Granny Smith nutrition has a subtle yellow or pink hue. The apples have solid, white flesh. You know that these qualities make Smith apples especially good for storing. Since they do not bruise and maintain their texture even when picked straight off the tree.

Above all, the Granny Smith apple is one of the most recognizable and well-liked apples in the orchard. They recognize it, especially for its tart flavor and unmistakable green hue. You know that, besides its acidity flavor, it is a popular choice for baking and eating as a hand fruit. It ranked among the ten most popular apples.

Fundamental Nutritional Factors of Granny Smith apple

I know you must have a question how is nutritionally so important? In this, you get to know about the nutritional qualities of Granny Smith. They are generally low in calories With only 70 calories per 5-ounce serving.

In other words, you know Apples are simple to include in almost any calorie-restricted diet. The apple contains 17 grams of carbohydrates. Most carbohydrates in the form of natural fruit sugar are present.

As you all have knowledge that fruit sugars are a good source of energy. Similarly, munching on Granny Smith can give you a slight energy boost. It gets you through a slump at three o’clock in the afternoon or gets you ready for a challenging workout.

However, you should know that apples have an average of 3 grams fewer carbs per serving than other apple varieties. Now you recognize the main quality of Granny Smith, which make it a great food choice if you are on a diet with a low carbohydrate intake.

Benefits For Granny Smith Apple Nutrition

You must have a look at the Benefits of Granny smith. Do you ever know about it? The Smith apples succeed due to their high fiber content. Therefore, around 3 grams of fiber, or about 12% of the daily fiber intake for women and 8% for men need, are present in each apple.

In other words, now it comes to your knowledge that fiber is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight. It increases the filling power of food without adding calories.

Also, If you’re taking meals that are high in fiber then also it helps in controlling cholesterol levels. Similarly, you take a diet high in fiber promotes a healthy digestive system. It also prevents constipation and other digestive issues like diverticulitis.

Beneficial Phytonutrients For Granny Smith Apple Nutrition

Do you know about phytonutrients related to granny smith apples? The Smith apples are a good source of phytonutrients, which are beneficial plant compounds. As you see the variety of health advantages provided by phytonutrients. The antioxidant effects guard your cells against genetic mutations and anticancer properties.

The Granny Smith apples may have strong anti-mutation qualities. In addition, you have an idea that Granny Smiths outperformed well-known varieties like Red Delicious and Royal Galas. The researchers examined the antimutagenic potential of a variety of apples.

Above all, it is in your knowledge now that the Granny Smith apples may have unique health advantages because of their phytonutrients.

Nutrients Per Serving

If you take one medium green apple that contains:

  • Calories:95
  • Fat:0 g
  • Cholesterol:0 mg
  • Sodium:2 mg
  • Carbohydrate:25 g
  • Dietary Fiber:4 g
  • Sugar:19 g
  • Protein 1 g

Health Benefits Under Granny Smith Apple Nutrition


Have you ever listen about this famous saying? and do you believe that it really works? Have you ever listened to these lines for motivation as well, if you convert your lifestyle to natural things so surely you will get away from doctors here this dietary popular saying might not be completely incorrect.

surely it gives the many health advantages of eating apples. For instance, Some of the health advantages of eating green apples include:

  • Surely Improve Heart Health
  • also lowers the risk of developing Type II Diabetes.
  • It Promotes digestive health

According to Nutritional Facts Could an Apple a Day Keep Obesity Away?

I am sure that you ever listen that eating an apple would help you to feel full for a long but the question is do you know that it helps in reducing or maintaining weight for sure? A Granny Smith is what a Washington State University study team claims that can help in your weight loss.

Even though non-digestible chemicals are present in all apples, the Granny Smiths in particular might make people feel full. In this way, you don’t need to eat food and simultaneously you got the perfect nutrition and you don’t feel hungry for long.

Do you ever listen that Smith is good for gut bacteria? so here is the answer to your query that the tart Granny Smith had the most helpful effect on good gut bacteria. It helps with digestion and acts as a barrier to protect our immune systems. The Smith is low in carbohydrates and high in non-digestible dietary fiber.

At last, you got the exact point that is the sum of the overall, because of the smith apples the healthy bacteria that are out of balance in obese patients’ bodies helped to go back into balance.

It is also the star point that you have to know, the Granny Apples contrast with other apples in that they contain some non-digestive fiber and antioxidant chemicals that alter the type of friendly bacteria in the gut.

Eating Ways of Smith Apples

Now here is the main crucial part of the article that I am sure you all waiting for. Surely you all wanted to know how we can take it as a desert or any other way? The Granny Smith has a distinctive aspect of the flavor profile as its tartness. As a result, you can use them to add a little bit more sweetness without going overboard to healthy recipes. Some of the ways you can take it.

  • As a Powerful flavor pops add chopped Granny Smith apples to whole-wheat or bran muffins.
  • You can also use sliced apples to garnish cereal or smoothie bowls.
  • If you are trying to cut back on sugar, green apples are a great addition to smoothies.
  • For a veggie-rich smoothie that is high in nutrition and low in calories and carbs, you can blend them with coconut water, baby spinach, avocado, and cucumber.

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