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Is Soluble Corn Fiber Good For You?

by Khadija Tahir
Is Soluble Corn Fiber Good For You?

Soluble corn fiber is a nondigestible starch that is utilized in different food varieties. As well as giving pleasantness while diminishing the sugar and calorie items in many handle food sources, working on the surface and thickness of products is used.

Also, a few investigations propose that Soluble corn fiber might try and be related to a few medical advantages.

What is Soluble Corn Fiber?

Is Soluble Corn Fiber Good For You?

Soluble corn fiber also alluded to as safe maltodextrin, is a sort of dietary fiber produced using cornstarch.

It’s using enzymatic hydrolysis, a cycle that includes breaking the compound obligations of a particle utilizing proteins.

Soluble corn fiber is also to thicken handled food sources like oats, heated merchandise, dairy items, protein bars, and salad dressings.

It’s also used instead of sugar because of its low glycemic file. Which estimates the degree to which food influences your glucose levels.

Since it doesn’t spike your glucose levels, it’s not unexpectedly a sugar substitute in low-carb. Keto-accommodating items help those following the ketogenic diet stay in the metabolic condition of ketosis.

Alongside being lower in calories and sugar than numerous different sugars, solvent corn fiber is wealthy in dissolvable fiber. This kind of fiber retains water in the gastrointestinal system to shape a thick, gel-like consistency.

Soluble fiber has to a few medical advantages and may assist with supporting stomach-related routineness, declining cholesterol and glucose levels, and advanced weight loss.

How is Soluble Corn Fiber Utilized?

Coming up next are a portion of the food sources and drinks where dissolvable corn fiber is ordinarily in:

  • Grains
  • Confections
  • Prepared merchandise
  • Jams
  • Dairy items
  • Soups
  • Salad dressings
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Natural product drinks
  • Seasoned water
  • Protein bars

As may be obvious, soluble corn fiber is so broad that there’s an opportunity for the food you just purchased to have this fixing. I have also written an article on Why Carbohydrates Are Essential in Our Diet?

How is Soluble Corn Fiber Made?

Soluble corn fiber is from corn starch that goes through something many refer to as enzymatic hydrolysis.

Enzymatic hydrolysis can be considered compound processing of food. Where catalysts are to a framework to separate the obligations of the food — similar to what occurs in your gastrointestinal system.

The consequence of enzymatic hydrolysis is a non-edible, low-sugar fiber. Which is then sifted a few times into a dull white powder.

The uplifting news is, SCF is around 25 on the glycemic record. Which is low, contrasted with white table sugar, which times in at 100.

Advantages of Soluble Corn Fiber

Dissolvable corn fiber might offer a few potential medical advantages, also connected with your stomach’s health and glucose levels.

Upholds Stomach Wellbeing

Soluble corn fiber goes about as a prebiotic, implying that it helps feed the valuable microscopic organisms in your stomach.

A few investigations show that prebiotics can assist with working on stomach-related health.

As a matter of fact, one review among 20 solid men found that consuming 21 grams of solvent corn fiber each day built groupings of a few explicit kinds of sound stomach microscopic organisms.

The structure of your stomach’s microscopic organisms assumes a vital part in numerous parts of your health and might engage with safe capability, stomach health, and disease counteraction, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

May Settle Glucose Levels

Soluble corn fiber has a low glycemic file, implying that it also doesn’t spike glucose levels in a similar way as normal sugar.

As per one more established creature study, consuming solvent corn fiber with a high-fat dinner forestalled expansions in degrees of fatty oil and insulin, which is the chemical liable for moving sugar from the circulatory system into your cells.

One more concentrate in 22 men found that drinking a refreshment with dissolvable corn fiber impacted glucose and also insulin levels essentially under a refreshment made with maltodextrin, a kind of handled carb produced using corn, rice, or potato starch.

Another exploration has found that rising your admission of solvent fiber could assist with further developing glucose executives and foil insulin opposition. A condition that impedes your body’s capacity to productively utilize insulin.

Is corn fiber alright?

Dissimilar to certain strands like isomaltooligosaccharides (frequently marked as prebiotic fiber or custard fiber), solvent corn fiber is viewed as a genuine dietary fiber by the FDA.

How does corn fiber respond?

It is a dissolvable prebiotic fiber that has displayed to increment short-chain unsaturated fat creation and valuable microorganisms focus in the gastrointestinal plot while diminishing finished results of protein maturation in vitro. These metabolic results assume an essential part of stomach health.

Advances Bone Wellbeing

Is Soluble Corn Fiber Good For You?

A few investigations propose that Soluble corn fiber could work on bone health.

For example, one little review among 14 postmenopausal ladies showed that enhancing with 20 grams of solvent corn fiber for 50 days built bone calcium maintenance by 7%.

An additional 4-week concentrate on 28 sound juvenile ladies found that consuming 10-20 grams of dissolvable corn fiber each day essentially expanded calcium assimilation.

This is believed to expect of the prebiotic instruments of dissolvable corn fiber and its power to increment mineral retention by further developing stomach health. If you want to know more about Are roasted vegetables still healthy? then read it out.

Is corn fiber normal?

Dissolvable corn fiber is a kind of fiber that is produced using corn starch. It is utilized as a food-added substance and can be taken all alone as an enhancement. It’s a “dissolvable” fiber, and that implies your body can transform it into a gel.

Expected Disadvantages

Albeit soluble corn fiber is to a few potential medical advantages, also found in food sources that are vigorously and refined.

Consistently eating handled food changes has a higher gamble of a few medical issues, including coronary illness, malignant growth, and type 2 diabetes.

Like different kinds of fiber, Soluble corn fiber may also cause minor stomach-related issues, including gas and swelling, when consumed in high sums.

Drinking a lot of water and expanding your admission progressively can also assist with foiling negative incidental effects brought about by higher fiber consumption.

At long last, remember that Soluble corn fiber is often gotten from hereditarily changed crops. Truth be told, in 2010, it was assessed that around 86% of corn filled in the US and Canada was hereditarily changed.

Research shows that hereditarily altered corn is alright for utilization and improbable to hurt well-being or also add to issues like food sensitivities.

If you want to see more then watch this video. In any case, people who like to stay away from hereditarily altered creatures (GMOs) because of worries about the potential long-haul health impacts of hereditarily changed fixings can choose non-GMO corn fiber supplements.

What to Use Rather Than Soluble Corn Fiber?

With every one of the advantages of fiber and, surprisingly, some that are well-defined for Soluble corn fiber, you might be thinking about how you can receive the rewards without consuming this exceptionally handled fixing. Here are a few choices, contingent upon what you’re searching for:

Assuming you’re worried about your fiber admission and stomach health, stick to normal fiber sources (recorded beneath).

To adjust glucose, ensure you’re in ketosis and get your energy from solid roots of unsaturated fats.

On the off chance that you’re worried about calcium assimilation and bone health, select regular roots of prebiotic food changes and consider adding more calcium-rich food varieties to your eating routine like grass-took care of dairy items and mixed greens.

Pick keto-accommodating sugars, for example, stevia or priest natural product. Another on Is Korean BBQ Healthy?

Is SCF Keto?

As referenced above, dissolvable corn fiber presumably won’t remove you from ketosis. Along these lines, it’s in fact keto. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that a food fixing won’t remove you from ketosis doesn’t mean you ought to remember to a solid keto diet.

Some low-carb handled food changes utilize solvent corn fiber as a method for expanding fiber content and supplanting sugars in their items. Continuously make certain to check your marks while buying keto bites and low-carb handled food sources.

Most Soluble corn fiber is possible, so consistently select entire food fiber sources or non-GMO fiber choices.

In the event that you in all actuality do choose to consume SCF, notwithstanding, make certain to check your ketone levels after you consume it. Everybody’s body is unique, and keeping in mind that this fiber source shouldn’t cause a spike in glucose, you can never be excessively careful.

How to Make Mexcian Corn Fiber?


4 medium ears of corn (with husks)
2 tablespoons avocado oil
1/2 teaspoon stew powder
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon dried cilantro chips
1/2 teaspoon of legitimate salt
1 tablespoon ground parmesan cheddar
1/2 lime, cut into wedges


Preheat the barbecue to medium.

Absorb the ears with a huge bowl of cold water for as long as 30 minutes.

Towards the finish of their dousing, set up the spice blend in a little bowl. Consolidate avocado oil, bean stew powder, paprika, dried cilantro chips, salt, and parmesan cheddar. Mix well.

Set up the ears of corn. Eliminate them from the water, shaking off the overabundance. Eliminate a couple of layers of the harder external husks, if any, leaving no less than three layers on.

Strip back the leftover layers barely to the point of uncovering the silk inside. Pull the silk away utilizing your hands or a paper towel. Utilizing a brush, spread the spice combination equitably on all sides. Overlay the husks once again into the right spot.

Put the corn on the barbecue. Barbecue for 20 minutes, turning the ears at regular intervals until the parts are effective with a fork or blade.

Eliminate from the barbecue, let cool for a couple of moments, and present with lime wedges and extra spices and flavors accessible for sprinkling, as wanted.

Cooking and Serving Tips

Is Soluble Corn Fiber Good For You?

Try not to avoid drenching the corn, regardless of whether you’re in a rush. The additional dampness relaxes the husks and portions and makes the ears more straightforward to work with. In the event that you can’t manage the cost of the half-hour, drench for something like 10 minutes.

Keep the intensity of the barbecue medium to medium-high, whether or not you’re utilizing gas or charcoal. Try not to put the ears straight over an open fire, as they’ll burst into flames. Generally, 20 minutes is enough for an impeccably bbq ear, however, you can continue to barbecue for as long as 30 minutes in the event that your ears are on the warming rack.

You can without much of a stretch make this recipe on the stove. Enclose the ears of corn with aluminum foil subsequent to brushing them with the oil and spice blend. Prepare at 350F for 30 to 40 minutes.


Soluble corn fiber is a type of fiber to thicken or sweeten many processed food products, especially those labeled low-carb or keto-friendly.

Besides being high in fiber and low in calories and sugar, it has a lower glycemic index than many other sweeteners. It’s also associated with other health benefits, including improved gut and bone health.

However, it’s often from genetic ingredients and found in many processed foods. Plus, consuming large amounts may cause digestive issues.

Selecting healthier options that contain soluble corn fiber, such as whole grain cereals, soups, or dairy products, can help maximize its potential health benefits.

Those who prefer to limit their consumption of genetically modified ingredients can also opt for non-GMO soluble corn fiber supplements.

What is Soluble corn fiber?

Soluble corn fiber is a kind of fiber that is produced using corn starch. It is utilized as a food-added substance and can be taken all alone as an enhancement.
It’s a “Soluble” fiber, and that implies your body can transform it into a gel. Dissolvable filaments will generally dial back the stomach-related process, not at all like an insoluble fiber, which might speed it up.

Is Soluble corn fiber great for you?

Soluble corn starch affects glucose more than different sugars and may offer a couple of other medical advantages, yet more exploration is required.

Does Soluble corn fiber make side impacts?

It’s found in a lot of profoundly handled food sources, which ought to be restricted in any nutritious eating regimen. It might prompt gastrointestinal side effects in certain peeps.

Is solvent corn fiber keto?

Since it negligibly affects glucose, you’ll see Soluble corn fiber in keto-accommodating items like frozen yogurt.

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