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Korean Rice Cake Soup – A Complete Recipe For You

by Khadija Tahir
Korean Rice Cake Soup - A Complete Recipe For You

Korean rice cake soup is made of cut rice cakes in a flavorful meat stock that is embellished with eggs, Gim (kelp), and green onions. It’s a conventional soup eaten during Korean New Year, called Seolla, to check to acquire one more year and favorable luck. Korean rice cake soup is made of cut rice cakes and endless meat stock. It’s embellished with meagerly cut eggs, green onions, Gim (Korean ocean growth), and toasted sesame oil.

Customarily, it assumes control north of an hour to make this soup since meat brisket is bubbled until delicate and delicate, yet this fast and simple rendition is prepared in just 15 minutes and has every one of the customary flavors!

Korean Rice Cake Soup Fixings

  • 2½ cups Korean rice cakes – about ⅔ lb
  • 3½ cups stock – anchovy, dashi, or chicken stock
  • 1 cup cut meat – reduced down pieces
  • 3 cloves garlic – minced
  • 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons low sodium soy sauce
  • Salt and pepper – to taste
  • 2 eggs – whites and yolks isolated
  • 2 stalks of green onions – slashed
  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  • Gim (cooked ocean growth)
  • Mandu (Korean dumplings)

Korean Rice Cake Soup Directions

Prep: Wash and douse the rice cakes in a bowl of water while preparing different fixings. This assists with quicker cooking. Cook the egg whites and egg yolks independently in a dish and cut them into slender strips.

2½ cups Korean rice cakes,2 eggs.

Cook meat: Intensity an enormous pot over medium-high intensity and sauté the hamburger with garlic and vegetable oil until completely cooked.

1 cup cut beef,1 Tablespoon vegetable oil,3 cloves garlic.

Add stock and rice cakes: Next, add the depleted rice cakes, stock, and mandu (if utilizing) and bubble until the rice cakes are delicate and delicate and the mandu is completely cooked around 5 to 7 minutes. Skim off any filth and season with soy sauce and add salt and pepper to taste.

3½ cups broth,2 teaspoons low sodium soy sauce.

Add fixings: Topping with eggs, green onions, Gim (cooked ocean growth), and toasted sesame oil. Serve and appreciate!

Korean Rice Cake Soup Benefits

Korean Rice Cake Soup - A Complete Recipe For You

High Fiber

Korean tofu soup comprises a lot of vegetables. Thusly, it is wealthy in fiber and helps to supply the necessities of fiber for the body. For this reason, many individuals like to consume this soup, as it is one of the vegetable sources that is advantageous to keep the body well-being as well. This is a similar medical advantage of dark quinoa that can give high fiber content to the body as well.

Rich Protein

This soup likewise realized very wealthy in protein content. For the most part from the substance of the egg inside the soup. In this manner, it brings sufficient stock for the protein needed to develop muscle and work on the mind. Besides, it assists with supporting cerebrum memory by further developing reasoning and the psyche.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Work on Stomach Related

The high fiber content inside the soup is likewise one of the most amazing methods for working on the stomach-related framework. It will figure out how to get a superior digestive tract defecation and lead to a secure condensation. Subsequently, it can assist with enhancing the stomach related and keep away from any further issues with the stomach-related framework.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Increment Metabolic Rate

Different advantages of consuming the soup including to help to expand the body’s digestion framework. Accordingly, it can change the food into the required energy. Besides, it will assist with securing the body’s digestion and assist with engrossing more supplements to give a solid body.

This is a similar medical advantage of Aronia berry squeeze that will assist with expanding the metabolic rate in unexpected and in regular ways as well.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Add More Energy

When the body’s metabolic rate is incremented, the energy in the body will expand as well. Thusly, it is an effective method for giving power and backing the day-to-day exercises. I have written an article on Quick to Make Lentils in Rice Cooker Recipe For Dinner.

Hostile to Aggravation

Certain individuals likewise notice that the medical advantages of Korean tofu soup are additionally going about as an enemy of aggravation. Accordingly, this food is great to stay away from redness and any joint aggravation. Besides, it can assist with alleviating the enlarged and wiping out the torment.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Keeps Away From Sore Throat

One of the advantages of an enemy of irritation including to keep away from a sensitive throat plausibility. Thusly, it is great to deal with a solid throat and gradually help to lead to a secure sore throat alleviation. This is a similar medical advantage to chicken soup for colds that can assist with staying away from a sore throat as well.

If you want to see more then watch this video.

High L-ascorbic Acid

The soup is high in L-ascorbic acid substance. Thusly, it is great to support the invulnerability and stay away from additional sicknesses as well. To this end consuming the soup habitually will figure out how to keep a solid body constantly.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Alleviation Fever

Consume kimchi is one of the most outstanding electives while wanting to get secure ease from fever. Subsequently, numerous Korean individuals consume this soup during the cold or affliction.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Affix Recuperation

Korean Rice Cake Soup - A Complete Recipe For You

Korean tofu soup likewise can prompt a secure recuperation of disorder. Principally cold and fever which ordinarily consistently happen. Hence, by eating kimchi, the body will feel hotter and the disease will be away. This is a similar medical advantage of gorge bean that lead to a secure recuperation as well.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Keeps Away From Contamination

As the soup contain a lot of nutrients, it helps to keep away from additional microscopic organisms and infectious disease. Hence, it is a decent system to stay away from disorder. Read more about Know The Truth About Carbs in Hash Browns.


Kimchi is likewise great to detox weighty metals inside the kidney. In this manner, it can prompt a superior liver and digestive tract as well. It will flush out all the poison away and give superior body well-being.

It Assists in Keep You With Warming

At the point when the temperatures outside arrive at freezing levels, nothing will warm you up like a bowl of soup. Not at all like hot energized drinks that leave you dried out, soup feeds you from the inside and assists increment with coring internal heat level. A bowl of your number one soup will warm you from back to front on a cool, cold evening, keeping you hot and warm.

It’s Power Loaded With Supplements

For those of you who find it hard to eat 7-8 servings of vegetables daily, making a pot of soup to warm and eat all through the week is the arrangement. You can mix it up with vegetables to your soup, and it’s likewise an effective method for consolidating any extras and making an entirely different dish.

Besides, it’s not difficult to change veggies into soups in a non-meddlesome manner, getting the pickiest of eaters to consume them. We can’t imagine a better dinner the entire family can appreciate!

The Nutrients and Minerals Stay in Salvageable Shape

The sluggish cooking technique utilized for soup guarantees that it holds the nutrients and minerals of cooked vegetables since you likewise consume the stock. Whether you are making a soup with lentils, beans, or meat combined with vegetables, you get a full exhibit of supplements in that flavorful stock.

Additionally, a few supplements like beta carotene from carrots and lycopene from tomatoes are better consumed by the body when food is prepared as opposed to when eaten crudely. Another on Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes You Will Love.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Can Keep a Throbbing Painfulness Under Control

While making soup, don’t dispose of the bones. Assuming you slow-cook the entire cadaver with bones, ligaments, and tendons to make your soup, you get a tasty bone stock that is high in gelatin, collagen, and glycine which make a characteristic mitigating difference.

A bowl of bone stock can advance solid defecations, further develop stomach motility, battle stomach irritation, and normally treat stomach dysbiosis. It likewise helps support resistance to keep stomach diseases under control.

Korean Rice Cake Soup is Normally Recuperating

Korean Rice Cake Soup - A Complete Recipe For You

There is an explanation the specialist advises you to have a warm bowl of pumpkin or chicken soup while you’re battling influenza. Investigations have discovered that hot chicken soup is better than other hot or cold fluids in the administration of liquids in upper respiratory parcel contaminations.

The sustenance-filled stock lifts insusceptibility with fundamental nutrients and minerals and rehydrates your body. Likewise, it is not difficult to process which makes it ideal for when you have a sensitive throat or unfortunate craving.

Besides on the off chance that you have a terrible cool, the hot fumes warm you up and help in clearing nasal sections.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Forestall Malignant Growth

One of the potential advantages of this soup including to forestall malignant growth. Notwithstanding, it needs further exploration to help this advantage. This is a similar medical advantage of essiac tea that assists to forestall malignant growth as well.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Great Probiotic

The food contains a ton of good probiotics for the stomach-related framework. Consequently, it balances the great and awful microbes inside the digestive tract and stomach. This can assist with staying away from additional stomach hurt and further develop the digestive system’s well-being as well.

Korean Rice Cake Soup Weight Reduction

Since the soup is high in fiber, it leads to superior digestion and stomach-related framework as well. This cause the body to ingest more supplement and keep away from fat.

Consequently, soup is one of the great normal ways for people who need to deal with weight and lessen the weight quicker. Consequently, kimchi is additionally one of the eating routines menus that for the most part consumed in Korea.


Soup is by and large a simple to-make dish that might end up being useful to you pack a ton of supplements into your eating regimen.

With regards to picking the best one, everything descends to its fixings. When made with supplement-rich fixings, for example, vegetables and lean proteins, soup might give various medical advantages.

Notwithstanding, you might need to keep an eye out for cream-based, canned, and moment soups, as they will quite often have a more fatty and sodium content.

Should Korean rice cakes be splashed?

On the off chance that your rice cakes have been solidified because they were put away in the fridge, absorb them in water for 10 moments to mellow them. A few Korean or Asian stores convey newly made rice cakes. Since they are exceptionally delicate and prepared to utilize, you don’t have to absorb water before cooking.

What do Korean rice cakes consist of?

The rice cakes are produced using a mix of rice flour and custard starch. The custard starch gives the rice cakes a chewier quality. On the off chance that you just utilized rice flour, the rice cakes will be firmer and denser when you nibble into them.

For what reason do Koreans eat rice cake soup?

The dish comprises stock/soup (Guk) with daintily cut rice cakes (tteok). It is custom to eat Tteokguk on New Year’s Day since giving individuals the best of luck for the year and gaining an extended period of the age is accepted.

Is Korean soup sound?

Taking into account the fixings and cooking strategies for the customary Korean eating routine, it’s by and large thought to be solid. Since they’re many times high in vegetables and cooked absent a lot of oil, Korean dinners are much of the time lower in calories than conventional American feasts.

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