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How to Make Korean Rice Cake Dessert?

by Khadija Tahir
How to Make Korean Rice Cake Dessert?

Injeolmi is a famous Korean rice cake dessert that is totally delicate, chewy, nutty, and somewhat sweet. Make this magnificent sans gluten and vegetarian treat at home (with simply the microwave) in under 10 minutes!

What is Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert?

Injeolmi is a kind of Korean rice cake dessert with glutinous rice. Customarily, sweet tacky rice is steamed, then beat until it turns into a decent mass with a chewy surface which we call Tteok. This strategy for making tteok typically requires hours when you incorporate long periods of splashing the sweet rice, then steaming and afterward beating.

The tteok is then cut into more modest pieces and frequently covered with either simmered soybean powder Bokkeun Kongaru ground dark sesame seeds, or cooked (unsweetened) Azuki red beans. This rice cake is likewise with next to no covering except for just without anyone else, in honey or sugar.

So one thing about this tteok — I grew up hearing the grown-ups discuss how Injeolmi was not difficult to process and was truly really great for the stomach. I half accepted it when I was little since I was thinking in my mind – this mass of a thing’s even sort of difficult to bite and at times it might stall out on the way down to your stomach. How could this be not difficult to process?

However, as it generally ends up, the insight of our progenitors is never to be overlooked. My sister generally with an acidic stomach and her father by marriage (who is a family doctor) simply eats Injeolmi each day as opposed to taking stomach-settling agent meds. So she ate it for a year for breakfast each day and she swears that it assisted her with recuperating completely from it.

How Could Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert be Made? 

How to Make Korean Rice Cake Dessert?

These cakes are by cooking the tteok mixture and afterward beating it to accomplish the right consistency. Generally, the lady of the house would make the mixture and pound it in a pestle and mortar for quite a while. It represents her expectation that her little girl would manage everything well with her new spouse’s loved ones.

Stories frequently relate that the beating took such a long time that many individuals would alternate accomplishing the work. Frequently, men would assist in the kitchen with beating the batter thanks to them for the most part being areas of strength for very.

The tteok mixture is cooked before being beaten. In this way, when it’s at the right consistency, cooks will just throw the batter in soybean powder before hacking it into segment-estimated pieces and serving. I have also written an article on Rice Bread Recipe – All to Know About.

Is Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert Beneficial to Eat?

Injeolmi is as a solid customary nibble as it is healthfully thick. Be that as it may, glutinous rice has a lot of carbs in it, which convert to sugars in your stomach-related framework without any problem. Consequently, you ought to be mindful to control the amount of this sweet you consume as it is thick in calories!

Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert Tips

Adhere to directions altogether and intently – Injeolmi evaporates before long it’s just quite stretchy when it’s as yet hot so you have just a tight window of time to spread it out, coat, and cut.

Entire sweet rice grain versus flour – customarily, sweet rice is doused, steamed then beat. I’ve taken a stab at crushing the sweet rice at home and afterward had a go at making it. But since I can’t pound it completely, it simply didn’t give as great outcomes as utilizing flour. The best outcomes are with business finely ground sweet rice flour or Mochiko flour.

Different flavors/covering – ground dark sesame seeds (Heukmija) or cooked azuki red beans (Paat) can likewise be utilized. Note, cooked azuki red beans (not sweet bean glue yet the genuine beans just cooked in water and ground) ruin effectively in summer so make this main in cool seasons.

Capacity – Store at cool room temperature, firmly concealed for 12 hrs or less. Best to freeze in a hermetically sealed holder or sack to keep up with newness.

Warming/Defrosting – Frozen Injeomi is best defrosted at room temperature. On the other hand, warm in a non-stick skillet at medium-low intensity for two or three minutes on each side. For milder and clammy outcomes, sprinkle some water when the skillet is hot (with rice cake in it) and cover with a top for two or three minutes.

You can likewise leave it in a warm rice cooker for a couple of moments. My most un-most loved choice is to warm it in the microwave – a ton of times, it will warm unevenly and tteok will turn out to be truly hard once it cools so utilize the microwave on the off chance that you realize that you will eat across the board sitting.

Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert Fixings

How to Make Korean Rice Cake Dessert?
2 cups sweet rice flour (Mochiko Flour) 2 cups
2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1.25 cup water (310 ml)
Soybean powder covering
1/2 cup boiled soybean powder 1/2 cup
1/2 tsp sugar
1/8 tsp salt

Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert Directions

On a sheet dish or a brownie container, coat the lower part of the skillet by fanning out the cooked soybean flour with your hands. For the 2-cup rice flour recipe, I spread around a 9×8 inch region of my 9×13 brownie skillet. So I surmise an 8×8 dish will work as well. Sprinkle around 1 tsp of sugar and a light sprinkle of salt on top of the soybean flour. Put away.

In a microwavable bowl, add sweet rice flour (otherwise known as mochiko flour), salt, and sugar. Blend in with a whisk.

Add water to flour combination and blend in with a spatula until everything is very much mixed and no dry flour exists. Make certain to scratch the lower part of the bowl to blend in all the flour. Indeed, even out the top with a spatula and cover it with a cling wrap.

Put the shrouded bowl in the microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes. Take out the bowl, and eliminate the wrap (watch out for the hot steam as you reveal). You will see that main the top inch layer or so is cooked. Utilizing a spatula, blend it so the top layer goes to the base and the uncooked combination comes to the top. Cover with a wrap by and.


Microwave high for 2 minutes once more. Reveal, blend, and cover with wrap one final time.

Presently, microwave high for only 1 moment. Uncover and this time, plunge the spatula in cool water and blend two or multiple times. Rehash 2-3 times. This assists the rice with solidifying not adhering to the spatula to an extreme and chills off the tteok a tad while adding extra dampness.

On the other hand, you can utilize a stand blender to sort of manipulate the mixture. Do it for 1-2 minutes and sprinkle around 1/2 to 1 Tbs of water while you work it.

Have the soybean flour sheet dish and bowl of cold water prepared? Put expendable latex gloves on. Synthetic gloves are not an unquestionable requirement yet it simply makes things more straightforward (not have your hand all canvassed in tteok). Structure the Injeolmi rice cake into one ball utilizing a spatula (since it will in any case be excessively hot for your hands) and move it over to the focal point of the sheet skillet.

Presently, wet your synthetic gloves with cold water and immediately push down the rice cake to spread it out. Rehash wetting your gloves on the off chance that you feel it’s excessively hot or it’s staying. Press and spread until it covers the vast majority of the soybean powder region or until you get your ideal thickness.

Cover the top with more soybean powder. Utilizing scissors, cut it into long strips and afterward each strip into more modest squares or square shapes. For each cut piece, cover the cut sides with soybean flour so it’s completely all over. The soybean powder keeps Injeolmi from drying out.

Appreciate some beautiful tea and honey for plunging!


  • Microwave
  • Microwavable Bowl (Glass Bowl)
  • Spatula
  • Sheet dish or Brownie Container
  • Scissors

How to Store Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert?

You can store the nibble in the cooler, in a sealed shut compartment to expand its life a bit. You can save it for utilization for 3-5 days. At the point when you eliminate them from the refrigerator, microwave the treats for a couple of moments to warm them up. Read more about Is Rice a Roni Recipe Good For You?

Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert Substitutes

How to Make Korean Rice Cake Dessert?

The main fixings in this recipe that you could have to substitute are soybean powder and sweet rice flour. You can supplant the soybean powder with another nutty covering. For instance, dark sesame or red bean powder is a normal goal coating that you can use to make Injeolmi.

Finding a substitute for glutinous rice flour is somewhat trickier. The smooth yet chewy consistency is novel to glutinous rice flour. Notwithstanding, you might be to utilize custard flour in its stead to repeat that chewy surface. I would suggest subbing in custard flour, in a balanced proportion by weight.

Well-Known Uses of Injeolmi Korean Rice Cake Dessert

Due to how straightforward and scrumptious this Korean bite is, numerous recipes out there have adjusted Injeolmi into awesome renditions of the first. Another on How do You Make Cabbage Fried Rice?


Waffles are one more well-known variation of the work of art. They squeeze parts of the cake in a waffle creator, which cooks the treat until it’s fresh and wonderful. Furthermore, it normally has fixings, for example, honey, a new natural product, or even frozen yogurt to taste!

If you want to see more then watch this video.


Injeolmi Toast is a sweet that is rice cake sandwich between cuts of delightfully milk bread toast. There is regular honey inside, and the mix of firm and delicate surfaces is awesome!


At last, I come to Injeolmi doughnuts – a sweet treat that coordinates the surface of a donut with the kind of sweet rice cakes. These doughnuts are ordinarily essential doughnuts that cook flawlessly prior in soybean powder to give them that exemplary taste imbuement.


Injeolmi is an exemplary Korean sweet tidbit that you can make at home in only 10 minutes! Chewy, nutty, and sweet – I love having this tteok treat as a noontime nibble with tea or espresso! Our recipe involves a microwave for simplicity and speed.

Is Korean rice cake solid?

It’s likewise low in calories (around 100 calories for each serving) so you don’t feel swelled in the wake of eating it! Notwithstanding all that decency, rice cakes are additionally high in protein — one serving will give you around 2 grams of protein.

What does Korean rice cake consist of?

The rice cakes are produced using a blend of rice flour and custard starch. The custard starch gives the rice cakes a chewier quality. Assuming you just utilized rice flour, the rice cakes will be firmer and denser when you chomp into them.

Could I at any point get thinner eating rice cakes?

Rice cakes are great for weight reduction assuming they address your issues. Yet, they could not generally address your issues.
For instance, if you’re following a low-carb diet, rice cakes could not be effectively squeezed into that. A serving of rice cakes (counting our chocolate-showered rice cakes) for the most part offers ~15g of carbs.

For what reason do I hunger for rice cakes?

If you end up continually desiring broiled rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, pasta, cake, or doughnuts, it very well may be an indication that your body is depleted. Sugars are our body’s most significant wellspring of fuel, and when we’re worn out, our body flags that it’s the ideal opportunity for a jolt of energy.

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