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Nutrition Info Brown Sugar

by Muhammad Nabeel
Nutritional Info Brown Sugar

Who isn’t have a sweet tooth? Who doesn’t like sweet food? As they say, after a heavy meal there is always space for dessert. And what is dessert has? Many things but most importantly it has Sugar. So before going all the way about sugar one thing that we must know is the nutrition info brown sugar.

We all have seen sugar, used sugar, and also tasted sugar whether it’s white or brown sugar. Sugar is a major part of our daily life, so we must know nutrition info on brown sugar. If you don’t know or have little knowledge of what it is or what it has then keep reading.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a kind of sugar that has sucrose and is of brown color as suggested by its name.
It is a refined form of white sugar.

Sugar is an important thing in every household whether it’s yours or mine so don’t you want to know about anything that is so much involved in our life?

Let me tell you the nutrition info on brown sugar.

Types of Brown Sugar

Light Brown Sugar

It has molasses included, it is more of a simple white sugar with an extra addition of molasses. Molasses is a brown-colored liquid that gives brown sugar its characteristic brown color.

It is mostly used in baking.

Dark Brown Sugar

However, it is also just like light brown sugar but it has more amount of molasses that’s why it is dark brown sugar.

It is mostly used in the making of dark chocolates.

These two are the most widely used brown sugars and also are the most interchangeably used brown sugars.

Along with these commonly used and spoken brown sugars, it also has more different types

Muscovado sugar

It is unrefined cane sugar but it still has a good amount of molasses. It also has a moist texture and is mostly used in drinks and confectionaries.

Turbinado sugar

This brown sugar has large golden brown colored crystals with a slight caramel taste. It is less refined but still has an amount of molasses.

Nutrition Info Brown Sugar

If we take 100 gm of brown sugar it will have 380 calories.
Along with that, it has

  • 98 gm of carbohydrates, obviously and for those of you who don’t know, carbohydrates mean sugar.

Apart from that it also has

  • 28 mg of (1%)Sodium
  • 133 mg of (3%) Potassium
  • 0.1 g of Protein
  • 3% Iron
  • 2% Magnesium
  • 8% Calcium

Nutrition Info Brown Sugar Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates being the main ingredient gives the majority of the calories to brown sugar.

Nutrition Info Brown Sugar Fats

It has no fats.

Nutrition Info Brown Sugar Proteins

Brown Sugar has almost zero amount of proteins.

Nutrition Info Brown Sugar Vitamins and minerals

If consumed in a small amount it doesn’t provide any vitamins and minerals but in a significant amount, it gives you vitamins and minerals like sodium potassium calcium and etc.

Gains And Losses of Nutrition Info Brown Sugar

Everything has its benefits but also some drawbacks too. Here are some

Nutrition Info Brown Sugar Gains

No More Low blood sugar

Brown sugar has carbohydrates, what else it will have is sugar. Brown sugar helps to keep your low blood sugar level in control.

Who Doesn’t Want Energy

Brown sugars have a huge amount of simple carbohydrates that break down easily and give you a sudden burst of energy.

Weight loss

For all of you who might be having a difficult time getting in shape and also like sweet food brown sugar has fewer calories than white sugar. It also improves and boosts your metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Efficient Brain function

We all know what the brain does. Almost all of its abilities are somewhat dependent on glucose. It is fuel for the brain. The brain requires a regular supply of glucose. So sugar in controlled amounts can let your brain work efficiently.

Mood Elevation

Sugar is a mood lifter. It helps the brain to release dopamine by activating pleasure points in the brain.


Brown sugar is an excellent exfoliant. It removes dirt and bumps on your skin.

Nutrition Info Brown Sugar Drawbacks

Heart diseases

Sugar increases the amount of LDL cholesterol which you may know as bad cholesterol. LDL blocks arteries causing stroke and other heart problems.

Hormonal problem

Excessive intake of sugar causes the pancreas to release an increased amount of insulin. Insulin causes ovaries to release androgen. So believe me it can disturb your hormonal balance.


Sugar reduces sleep quality. On average, a person is recommended to have 7-8 hours of sleep to function properly. If you sleep less you will be less mentally present and I know that’s not what you want.

Weak bones

You may not know this but brown sugar increases the chance of osteoporosis and weakens your bones.

Nutrition Info Brown Sugars in Different Food Items

As well as brown sugars are a major part of our food industry it is involved in more things than we know or care to know.

Baking Industry

It is used in baking because of its sugar and molasses components which give an extra taste.


Having its characteristic texture it is a very good source to use for toppings cakes, puddings, cookies, and many more.

Barbeque Sauce

Furthermore, In barbeque sauce manages its smoky taste, it is also used.

Caramel Sauce

If you want a more richer and unique caramel sauce, then brown sugar is a must-have.

The reason behind providing you nutrition info on brown sugar was that in today’s busy lifestyle full of hustle it is very important for us to know what you and your loved ones are consuming, is it even healthy? Is it even safe?

Now that you have your fair share of knowledge it is up to you what you want to do. Either is about whether you continue to use brown sugar, or if you want to start using it, or even if you want to stop.

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