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Roasted Rhino Coffee – Visit If you Haven’t Already

by Muhammad Nabeel
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Roasted Rhino Coffee - Visit If you Haven't Already

Want a coffee in Shreveport? Roasted Rhino Coffee operates two coffee shops that you can visit. These community hubs are great places to eat, meet friends, relax and read a good book.

It’s always a topic of discussion among two groups of people who identify themselves as tea lovers and coffee lover, while there is something called coffee milk tea, ironic isn’t it?

Good Coffee And Good People

We want our café to be a place for fun conversations, coffee, and experiences therefore our baristas are trained in SCA best practices for tea, coffee, and espresso-based beverages. Let’s brew something delicious!

Roasted Rhino Coffee

Rhino Coffee House is a welcome addition to Langford’s ever-expanding coffee scene. The light-filled space on Pete Avenue, which just opened this year, has already evolved into a community center of sorts. Tasting Victoria visited the city on Wednesday morning and found it surprisingly busy. Filled with locals enjoying their meals, sipping coffee, and typing on their laptops. Clearly filled a missing niche for West Shore residents.

As Langford grows, it becomes clear that specific industries are missing. It takes a little ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit to tap into these gaps. For Kourtney and her husband, the moment of inspiration came when they drove from Langford to Sydney to buy donuts. At one point on the approximately 90-minute round trip, Courtney said:

‘I wish someone would open a donut shop in Langford.’ Did.

What an Idea

They sent an impromptu email to Duane Bell, owner of Rhino Coffee House in Tofino. Furthermore, they introduced themselves and said they wanted to grow their brand. That was it, Courtney says. “After many business trips to Tofino, long days and nights of hard work, and a vision he didn’t want to let go, he nearly fast-forwarded a year, and Rhino Langford was born!”

Pairing it with Tofino’s Rhino Coffee is a smart idea. By partnering with an established brand, they benefited not only from existing customer loyalty and recognition but also from menu and design elements. Rhino Coffee Langford uses only Rhino coffee beans hand roasted by Duane at Tofino.

In Duane, Courtney has found the ideal partner – willing to share his expertise in the coffee industry as well as embrace complete creative freedom. This is not a franchise. At Rhino Coffee House Langford, we have the freedom to dream big and pursue them.

What makes Rhino Coffee House unique in Rumford, and frankly anywhere in Greater Victoria, is its pedigree as a coffee house and lounge. While traveling in Europe, Courtney and her husband were surprised by the popularity of coffee bars that were open day and night. These trendy spots serve coffee and baked goods in the morning and cocktails and dinner in the evening. They wondered why the concept wasn’t popular in Canada, theorizing that it was a great way to serve a wide variety of customers.

What an Idea

The Connection of Coffee And Rhino Coffee

Courtney explains that what’s more the Rhino Langford was designed with that concept in mind. “When we decided to open Rhino Coffee House Langford, we wanted to incorporate a lounge feel with late-night options. can have an after-work cocktail or catch up with friends!”

Rhino’s coffee and food have been a hit since day one. Tofino delivers freshly roasted coffee on a regular basis, and all food and donuts are made in-store daily. So you really can’t go wrong there.

But Courtney has some suggestions for her first-time visitors. About coffee she says: If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, we recommend trying the matcha chai latte. And when it comes to food, “maple bacon or apple fritter donuts, the famous ‘donut’ breakfast sandwich, or Philly cheesesteak for lunch. ”

Four Types of Roasted Coffee.

There are four types of coffee roasting: light roast, medium roast, medium dark roast, and dark roast. Each of these roast levels is equally important and has a different aroma, appearance, and taste. Therefore more about roasting four types of coffee.

Lightly Roasted Coffee

Light roast is the least roasted. Lightly roasted beans generally reach internal temperatures of 356°F to 401°F shortly after the first cracks appear. These beans have not been roasted at a high enough temperature, so they tend to have no oil on them.
The longer the beans are roasted, the more heat brings out the caffeine and acidity. This means that light roasts contain the most caffeine (by volume) and acidity. By shortening the roasting process, chemical changes inside the bean are prevented, so light roasts can have a different flavor profile. Aromas of bean origin are more recognizable in light roasts, as the aromas coming from the roasting process are often not in the foreground. Some people find it good.

Medium Roast Coffee

Medium roast coffee reaches an internal temperature of 410°F to 428°F. This is after the first crack and just before the second crack occurs. It is slightly richer and less sour than light roast. A medium roasted rhino coffee is what the average American coffee lover is used to. These roasts are considered to be well-balanced in taste. Medium roasts vary in acidity and body but are usually somewhere in between. Examples of medium roasts are house blends, breakfast roasts, and American roasts.

Medium Dark Coffee Roast

Medium-roasted beans reach an internal temperature of 437°F to 446°F. This is during or just after the second crack. In this roast, the temperature is high enough that oil will also start to appear on the beans’ surface. These roasts have a fuller, richer flavor, more body, and less acidity. Vienna roasts and Full City roasts are examples of medium-dark roast coffee blends.

Dark Roasted Coffee

Dark roasts have a roasting temperature between 464°F and 482°F. These dark roasted beans have visible oil. Dark roasting usually allows you to taste only the effects of the roasting process on this type of coffee bean, not the original flavors.
Darker roasted rhino coffee has a sweeter flavor because the sugar in the coffee beans has time to caramelize. A longer roasting process helps develop a richer flavor and fuller body, often resulting in a buttery finish. It also has the lowest acidity of any roasted coffee.

Dark roasts are roasted the longest and therefore have the lowest caffeine content. French roast is considered the darkest roast and has a distinctive smoky flavor. Roasting coffee beans longer than the French roast (482°F) burns off the oils and sugars in the beans. Due to its popularity in Europe, dark roast is often given a European name. B. Italian roast.

Dark Roasted Coffee

Roasted Rhino Coffee

There are a few options provided by Rhino Coffee which are:

Organic Dark Roast Beans

The best of the coast. On one hand, this hearty and creamy cup profile is made by roasting Peruvian and Sumatran beans separately, only mixing the two together after cooling. Hints of caramel and chocolate give this bold coffee its unique character. 

Organic Medium Roast Beans

Our most popular roast!

With a distinctive crisp finish and a hint of spice, this unique blend firstly of Sumatran and Ethiopian beans creates a delicious and complex medium-bodied coffee. Expect only good mornings. 


Is rhino coffee a chain?

This is not a franchise. At Rhino Coffee House Langford, we have the freedom to dream big and pursue them.

Is roasted coffee healthy?

Dark roast coffee is one of the best sources of antioxidants in most American diets. Coffee’s dark, rich brown color is a result of these antioxidants, which may help fight free radicals that cause cell damage and are linked to cancer.

What is the best-roasted coffee?

The best roast for coffee is Gold Roast, which has high caffeine content, smooth flavor, and antioxidant properties. Moreover, if you’re looking for a healthier way to drink your coffee, Gold Roast may be the perfect choice for you.


After today it is almost necessary for you to visit Roasted Rhino Coffee at least once so you get to know that all the things stated above are true.

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