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Low Carb Potato Substitute

by Khadija Tahir
Low Carb Potato Substitute

Whether you’re following a low carb diet or basically hoping to cut a few calories, I take care of you. In this aide, you’ll find low carb potato substitute with nourishment breakdowns and recipes for how to utilize them.

I am discussing low carb squashed and scalloped potatoes, fries and yam fries, toddlers and wastes, potato salad, soups, and pot cooks, hash tans, and that’s just the beginning.

Starting with one potato sweetheart then onto the next, I ensure you’ll find something you love here.

Low Carb Potato Substitute Root Vegetables

I’ll get to the commonplace suspects like cauliflower right away. In general, we ought to explore a part of my undisputed top decision low carb potato substitutes — root vegetables — and how to cook them.

All the sustenance information you’ll also find in this guide is for one pound of each and every decision. Since each keto potato substitute in this guide is near without fat, I’ve blocked that macronutrient. You rarely use just a cup of rough potato or sweet potato, so I felt a pound was a fair connection.


  • 353 calories
  • 10g protein
  • 81g carbs

Low Carb Potato Substitute Turnips

With a gentle flavor, particularly when cooked, turnips are one of my #1 low carb potato substitutes. You can also squash, cook, cut into fries or hash earthy colors, or do pretty much anything you’d involve potatoes for.

There are heaps of turnip assortments, however, you’ll find the purple top turnips in most supermarkets. In no way related to the more yellow rutabaga, which we’ll get to in a second. Different assortments to pay special attention to incorporate jicama (Mexican turnip), hakurei (Japanese child turnip), and kohlrabi (German turnip).

Turnips Sustenance Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 125 Calories
  • 4g of Protein
  • 29g of Carbs

Daikon Radish

Otherwise called a Chinese, Japanese, or super radish, this root vegetable is less peppery than a red radish and turns out to be somewhat sweet and delicate when cooked. Generally, daikon is utilized in loads of soups and curries. I believe it’s ideally suited for things like pot broil or any place you’d utilize more slow-cooked reddish brown potatoes.

Daikon Radish Sustenance Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 80 Calories
  • 3g of Protein
  • 18g of Carbs

Like a large portion of the vegetables on this rundown, daikon sneaks up suddenly of filling fiber. It additionally contains polyphenols and cell reinforcements that might lessen irritation and lift the resistant framework.

Low Carb Potato Substitute Red Radishes

Red radishes may be my number one vegetable on this rundown, and that is on the grounds that they’re the ideal low carb substitute for child gold potatoes. What’s more, I totally love child potatoes.

Red Radishes Nourishment Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 72 Calories
  • 3g of Protein
  • 15g of Carbs

Showing up as the least calorie choice in this aide, red radishes are additionally loaded with L-ascorbic acid, minerals like potassium and calcium, and past fiber.

Low Carb Potato Substitute Carrots

Something a touch more natural. I view carrots as to a greater extent a low-carb yam substitute rather than reddish brown or Yukon gold potatoes, because of their tone, flavor, and surface. You can likewise generalize parsnips with the likes of carrots, however, they have surprisingly carbs.

Carrots Sustenance Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 184 Calories
  • 4g of Protein
  • 43g of Carbs

Known for their visual perception improving (that is a fantasy, incidentally) levels of beta carotene, carrots are likewise an extraordinary wellspring of fiber, potassium, and different cell reinforcements.

Low Carb Potato Substitute Celeriac (Celery Root)

Try not to make also hasty judgments based solely on appearances. While this uneven turnip-look-a-like is sad around the edges, it’s basically the same as a potato once stripped (which you’ll maintain that should do with a blade rather than a vegetable peeler).

This root veggie can be a piece trickier to find in some supermarkets, however, I felt it could utilize a little consideration. So watch out and get some in the event that you at any point stumble into it at a rancher’s market.

Celery Root Nourishment Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 188 Calories
  • 7g of Protein
  • 41g of Carbs

Low Carb Potato Substitute Rutabaga 

In the case of nothing else, I say attempt this low carb potato also an elective dependent exclusively upon its name. That is to say, how tomfoolery is it to say rutabaga?

On a serious note, I referenced rutabaga above in the turnips segment, and that is on the grounds that they’re very comparable. What’s the contrast between a turnip and rutabaga?

A key contrast is the bigger size of rutabagas. Assuming that you want bigger cuts of veggie for something like fries or scalloped fauxtatoes, rutabaga might push out turnips.

Rutabaga Nourishment Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 166 Calories
  • 5g of Protein
  • 39g of Carbs

The Other Regular Suspects

My affection for root veggies runs profound (See what I did there?), yet they’re by all accounts not the only game around. We should investigate three recognizable food varieties that work as a low carb substitute for potatoes.

Butternut Squash

With regards to keto yam substitutes, it doesn’t also beat butternut squash. Crush, dish, or air fry, use in soups, or make your number one low carb potato nibble like children or fries. (However, I for one favor carrots for fries.)

And on account of its developing fame, you can find a lot of helpful choices like pre-cut butternut squash crisscrosses, shapes, noodles, and then some.

Butternut Squash Nourishment Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 202 Calories
  • 4g of Protein
  • 52g of Carbs

Low Carb Potato Substitute Cauliflower

This is the large one. We’ve all gotten comfortable (perhaps excessively acquainted) with cauliflower as a keto substitute for potatoes, rice, grains, and pretty much every other carb source.

Cauliflower Nourishment Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 112 Calories
  • 9g of Protein
  • 22g of Carbs

I figure we can all concur that cauliflower is a stinky kid, and that is expected to a limited extent to all its plant intensifies that do something amazing in something other than your olfactory framework. Sulforaphane, glucosinolates, flavonoids, choline — and so on, and cauliflower has it.


While it’s somewhat precarious to get zucchini fresh because of its high water content, it’s perfect in a hash, meal, or as a vessel like a potato skin.

Zucchini Sustenance Data (One Pound Crude)

  • 76 Calories
  • 5g of Protein
  • 14g of Carbs

Zucchini sneaks up suddenly, which is perfect for skin, bone, and cardiovascular wellbeing.

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