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The Best Panko Shrimp Air Fryer Amazing For You

by Amna Munir
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The Best Panko Shrimp Air Fryer Amazing For You

Do you like the Panko shrimp air fryer? Do you prefer the crunchy, crisp texture of panko breadcrumbs? In that case, you will enjoy this air fryer recipe for panko shrimp. In comparison to traditional fried shrimp, it is quicker, simpler, as well as healthier.

You will need some peeled shrimp as well as prepared shrimp to get started. Any size of shrimp will do but suggest you found that medium-sized shrimp works best in this recipe.

Also, you will need an egg, some spices, as well as some panko breadcrumbs. You can use any spices you like, but I like to add salt, paprika, as well as garlic powder.

Your air fryer should first be preheated to 400 Fahrenheit. Prepare your shrimp by simply wiping them dry with a paper towel while it is still heating up. The breadcrumbs will stick better as a result. The egg should next whisk in a small bowl.

Mix the seasonings as well as panko breadcrumbs in a separate shallow bowl. Make sure each shrimp completely coat inside the egg mixture before dipping it in.

After that, roll the shrimp inside the panko mixture while pressing the breadcrumbs firmly onto the shrimp to ensure they stick. Once all of the shrimp have been coated, put them in the air fryer container in a single layer.

To ensure consistent cooking, make sure they are not touching. Air frying is now in order. The shrimp should cook for 8 to 10 minutes, until crispy as well as golden.

Along with this, it is not necessary, you can turn them halfway through if you want to. After cooking, take the shrimp away from the basket of the air fryer as well as lay them on a paper towel to absorb any extra oil.

Serve it hot with the dipping sauce of your choice. And that is all, then. You can now enjoy fried shrimp without feeling guilty. This dish works well as a dinner, a snack, as well as an appetizer. Try it out.

Panko Shrimp Air Fryer Health Benefits

Without the use of deep frying, air frying produces crunchy as well as crispy textures on food by heating the air around it. You can enjoy the very same crunchy texture of deep-fried shrimp with far less oil by making panko shrimp in an air fryer.

The fact that using an air fryer is just a healthy cooking method is one of its great benefits. Air frying uses a quarter of the oil needed for deep frying, which equals fewer calories and much less fat. This is excellent for people who are aiming to consume fewer calories as well as eat healthier food.

The reality that utilizing the air fryer is significantly easier and more rapid than deep frying is another benefit. You would not face dealing with hot oil, which can dangerous as well as dirty if you use an air fryer. Moreover, air frying only just a few minutes, allowing you to enjoy crispy panko shrimp in no time.

Furthermore, air frying is less harmful to the environment than deep frying. You’re creating less waste because you’re using less oil. Moreover, air fryers consume less electricity than conventional ovens as well as deep fryers because they are energy efficient.


In conclusion, making panko shrimp in an air fryer is a tasty, quicker, simpler, and much more environmentally responsible cooking technique. Try it out to acquire the benefits for yourself.

Moreover, making panko shrimp in an air fryer is a fantastic opportunity to wow your loved ones with your culinary prowess. You may serve the shrimp as a snack and perhaps a main dish, as well as they turn up crispy and tasty. Also, you can focus on other parts of meal preparation because the air fryer handles all the work.

What are breadcrumbs in the panko style?

Traditionally employed as a topping for deep-fried meals like tonkatsu as well as chicken katsu, panko is a type of Japanese breadcrumbs. To give them extra “crunch,” they are produced by slightly baking small breadcrumbs.

Check out the other recipes I have on my blog if you love these recipes.

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