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The Way to Make Purple Daikon Radish Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
The Way to Make Purple Daikon Radish Recipe

Have you at any point tasted purple daikon radish? You’ll be astounded by how delectable it is and how rapidly this dish meets up. It just requires a little ways from prep to table! The toasted dark sesame seeds add a nutty flavor that impeccably praises this daikon assortment’s regular pleasantness.

Purple daikon tastes gentle and crunchy surface. It very well may be eaten crudely, cooked, cured, or pan-seared. I enthusiastically suggest attempting it crudely and meagerly cut in an essentially dressed salad like this as your most memorable presentation.

This dish is particularly really great for warm mid-year days and any day when you don’t want to turn on the oven or stove. It makes an invigorating side dish or can be the ideal base for a generous serving of mixed greens.

Purple Daikon Radish Fixings

Purple Daikon Radish Fixings

Purple Daikon Radish

You can find it at neighborhood ranchers’ markets or Asian supermarkets. See this post for subtleties on what to search for on the lookout. You can involve stripped and meagerly cut watermelon radishes as another option.


I utilize the Jewel Gem brand genuine salt (offshoot connect: it’s generally less expensive at supermarkets, for example, Entire Food varieties as opposed to purchasing on the web). Note: utilize around 50% of the sum on the off chance that you’re utilizing table salt.

Dark Sesame Seeds

I like to toast them depending on the situation. Yet you can likewise find previously toasted dark sesame seeds in some Taiwanese, Chinese food, or Korean supermarkets.

Purple Daikon Radish Guidelines

  • Blend cut radish, minced garlic, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, and ¼ teaspoon of fit salt in a medium blending bowl and permit to marinate while you set up the sesame seeds.
  • 1 enormous purple daikon radish,1 clove garlic,2 teaspoons sesame oil,½ teaspoon salt
  • Toast 1 teaspoon of dark sesame seeds in a little skillet over low intensity (an 8-to 11-inch container would work).
  • 1 teaspoon dark sesame seeds
  • Add the toasted dark sesame seeds to your daikon combination and throw until very much consolidated.
  • Top with discretionary flaky salt and appreciate immediately or chill in the fridge for as long as 2 hours (see capacity tips beneath).
  • ⅛ teaspoon flaky ocean salt




Rather than purple daikon radish, you can utilize stripped and daintily cut watermelon radish or kohlrabi.

Sesame Seeds

You can utilize normal sesame seeds rather than dark sesame seeds, yet remember to toast them also for the additional nutty flavor delicately.

Sesame Oil

In the event that you don’t have sesame oil, I suggest overlooking it by and large.

Purple Daikon Radish Varieties

Update from side dish to a plate of mixed greens – add destroyed simmered chicken to make this into a scrumptious serving of mixed greens with protein

Kid-accommodating – as well as adding cooked chicken, you can ask the youngsters to assist with stripping the radish and plating the dish

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Simmered radish – assuming you incline toward a significantly milder flavor, you can cook thicker cuts of purple daikon and blend in with other broiled foods grown from the ground. This cooked persimmon and brussels sprouts dish likewise incorporates simmered radish and purple daikon for various surfaces, flavors, and varieties.


As referenced above, I utilize this 8-inch GreenPan skillet (member connect) for toasting seeds and nuts. The white nonstick inside permits me to check whether my fixings are getting too hot without consuming them.

Other than that, you simply need a sharp kitchen blade and slicing board to make this recipe. A mandoline slicer (subsidiary connection of my #1 one) would assist with getting predictable meager cuts quicker, particularly while making bigger bits – simply be cautious and consistently utilize the hand watch.



You can begin this dish early on by cutting up the daikon radish in advance and putting away it in chilly water. At the point when prepared, channel the daikon cuts and dry them with a kitchen towel prior to dressing.

At the point when dressed, this recipe will save in the fridge for as long as 2 days in a covered compartment, however, the daikon will be less crunchy.

These fixings don’t stand up well to freezing since the surface of the daikon will change.


Wash the radish under running water prior to stripping

Clean up completely with cleanser and warm water

As an additional insurance, you can wear gloves while setting up the radish since it will be delighted in crude

In the event that abhorring immediately, store it in the cooler for as long as two hours.

To keep away from cross-pollution (particularly on the off chance that you’re serving this dish at a social occasion), put your dish on a different platter from different food varieties and give your own serving utensil.

What is purple daikon radish?

Purple daikon is an assortment of daikon radishes that is described by a long root. It is regularly utilized in East and South Asian food. In Chinese, it’s classified as, a significant white radish, however, in the U.S. it’s all the more generally known as [daikon] in Kanji characters in Japanese, signifying “enormous root.”

What does it suggest a flavor like?

It’s less fiery than different radishes, with an inconspicuous pleasantness that becomes gentle when broiled.

Where could I at any point track down it?

You can find them at your nearby rancher’s markets (Weiser Family Ranches’ radishes are one of my top picks) or supermarkets like 99 Farm Market, H Shop, Japanese supermarkets like Mitsuwa, Marukai, or Uwajimaya, Entire Food varieties Market, among others.

How might I let know if the daikon radish is new?

Search for firm, smooth skin. New purple daikon radishes will be dazzling purple and feel weighty for their size. I composed an entire post (with photographs and a graph) on picking the best quality purple daikon.

For what reason do you need to toast the sesame seeds?

Cooking sesame seeds assists with drawing out the nutty flavor and gives the seeds a crunchier surface than crude ones. It’s particularly vital to toast dark sesame seeds prior to utilizing them since they are more severe than white or tan sesame seeds.

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