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Want to Know About Red Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
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Want to Know About Red Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe

This red dragon sushi roll is a heavenly and light hors d’oeuvre or supper planning. This red dragon sushi roll recipe makes sushi at home simpler than you naturally suspect!

The red dragon sushi roll is one of my extremely most loved sushi recipes. Loaded with all the great stuff: crab blend, shrimp tempura, cucumber, and finished off with hot mayo, meagerly cut scallions, and more hot mayo – most definitely!

Assuming you love sushi, certainly look at this Fiery Kani Roll, Tobiko Sushi, Frozen North Roll Sushi, Yam Sushi Roll, and Vegetable Sushi!

Red dragon sushi roll has likewise filled in as motivation for other mythical beast roll sushi varieties, for example, the red dragon sushi, red dragon sushi, brilliant mythical beast roll, fire mythical beast roll, and insane mythical serpent roll. Golly! That is a ton of winged serpents!

Why Does This Recipe Work?

Why Does This Recipe Work?

This red dragon sushi roll packs all of your #1 sushi components, for example, crab blend, shrimp tempura, and fiery fish!

This is a further developed sushi recipe that is totally gorgeous for an evening gathering and will make certain to intrigue your loved ones.

You can make this red dragon sushi roll recipe can be made with Moment Pot Sushi Rice which speeds up the interaction!

Fixings to Make Red Dragon Sushi Roll

Sushi Rice

Rice: You will need to utilize short-grain (Japanese rice) or medium-grain (California) rice. Some superb sushi rice brands are Lundberg Natural California Sushi Rice, Botan Calrose Rice, and Nishiki Premium Grade Rice.

Prepared Rice Vinegar: I suggest preparing rice wine vinegar. Marukan Prepared Rice Vinegar and Nakano Prepared Rice Vinegar are both great decisions and are much of the time tracked down in the Asian or vinegar/salad dressing segment of most supermarkets. Numerous supermarkets likewise convey a store-brand form of rice vinegar (ex: target).

  • Water
  • Salt

Red Dragon Sushi Roll

Nori Kelp Paper: You can purchase nori sheets all things considered supermarkets in the Asian area. You can likewise track down an enormous assortment of cooked nori ocean growth sheets on Amazon.

Sushi-Grade Ahi Fish: You will need to make certain to buy sushi-grade ahi fish to make your red mythical serpent roll. This can be bought straightforwardly from numerous sushi cafés.

You can likewise check with your neighborhood supermarket. Here in Arizona, I buy my sushi-grade fish from AJ’s Fine Food varieties at the sushi counter.

Impersonation Crab Meat (Sticks): Likewise called kanikama, surimi fish, krab, crab sticks, or kamaboko.

Mayonnaise: You can utilize any brand of mayo at the supermarket. You can likewise purchase specialty Kewpie Mayo assuming that you like it.

Sriracha: You can purchase sriracha on the web or in the Asian part of most supermarkets. Huy Fong Sriracha is one of the more normal brands.

Cucumber: Standard or English cucumber cut into matchsticks.

Shrimp Tempura: I suggest Kikkoman Blend Tempura Player and utilize the recipe on the case to make my shrimp tempura. It is simple and turns out delectable!

Scallions (meagerly cut)

Salted ginger (discretionary): On the off chance that you might want to make your own, you can go to my Speedy Cured vegetable recipe which works perfectly to make salted ginger.

You can likewise purchase pink salted ginger or white cured ginger on Amazon or at most neighborhood general stores in the Asian segment.

Wasabi (discretionary): While can purchase pre-made wasabi glue and numerous supermarkets or on the web, if you need to know how to make wasabi, I would suggest that you purchase wasabi powder.

By and by, I feel that wasabi made with wasabi powder tastes fresher and more powerful. Wasabi is really simple to make!

Discretionary Sauces and Fixings

Discretionary Sauces and Fixings

Zesty Sriracha Mayo

Bang Sauce: Simple recipe. Who could do without sweet and zesty?

Eel Sauce: My custom-made recipe for eel sauce is really simple!

White or dark sesame seeds

The Most Effective Method to Make Sushi Rice

Flush the rice in a fine cross-section sifter to eliminate the overabundance of starch (water ought to run clean). Shake off an abundance of water.

Add washed rice and salt to the moment pot. Add water. Put 1 teaspoon salt.

Cook on moment pot high tension setting for 6 minutes (with full normal delivery).

Move rice to bowl. Add rice vinegar equally over the rice.

Tenderly overlap rice to consolidate rice vinegar, be mindful so as not to crush the rice.

Make Zesty Mayonnaise (Hot Mayo)

Blend mayonnaise and sriracha. Separate into two equivalent segments.

Make Hot Fish Blend

Finely dice your sushi-grade ahi fish.

Blend ahi fish with a second piece of zesty mayo.

Dragon Sushi Roll Make Crab Blend

Shred impersonation crab meat (additionally called, surimi fish, krab, crab sticks, or kamaboko).

Blend impersonation crab meat in with the second part of zesty mayo.

insane mythical serpent roll on a plate with soy sauce and chopsticks behind the scenes

The Most Effective Method to Make Red Dragon Sushi Roll

The Most Effective Method to Make Red Dragon Sushi Roll

Cover a bamboo sushi moving mat with saran wrap.

Put a sheet of nori on the mat.

Dunk hands in water and applaud to eliminate the overabundance of water. It assists with keeping a little bowl of water close to you and a towel.

Spread a layer of rice across the nori. You will use around 1 cup of cooked rice for each full nori sheet.

Spread rice over the entire surface of the nori (no hole). Lay cuts of salmon uniformly over half.

Flip nori over (rice/salmon side down, nori up).

Place 2 tablespoons of crab blend, 2-3 pieces of Japanese shrimp tempura, and 3-4 slim cucumber strips the long way in a strip across the rice. The situation ought to be around 1 inch or so from the lower part of the rice paper. Be mindful so as not to put an excessive number of or the sushi rolls won’t close well.

Use a bamboo mat to lift the edges over the top filling. Use your fingers to fold the roll.

Fold mat firmly into roll shape so just nori with no rice is uncovered, pull back and fix.

Move mat and shape roll, rehash crush and shape.

Cut and wipe with a wet towel after each cut to keep the blade from getting excessively tacky.

Slice down the middle and afterward every half into 3 fragments.

Top red dragon sushi roll (at times called pink mythical beast roll) with fiery fish, meagerly cut scallions, and extremely zesty mayo shower or seared onions (discretionary). You can serve these sushi rolls with avocado as an afterthought whenever wanted.

Food Handling

Eating crude or half-cooked meats, poultry, high protein fish, shellfish, or eggs might build your gamble of foodborne disease.

Check with Food and Medication Organization (FDA) or potentially proper administrative office in regards to food handling suggestions.

Extras and Capacity: Eat right away. Try not to store. The shrimp tempura roll will get spongy.


You will partake in the extraordinary blend of crunch and flavor with this Japanese dish. The dish is somewhat simple to make, particularly on the off chance that you are as of now acclimated to making sushi. The fixings are not difficult to utilize. Truly, the hardest piece of making this dish will cook the shrimp tempura.

Both of these recipes will be totally astonishing. You can change the recipes to suit your inclinations. Exchange out the fixings or add fixings to the sushi rolls. Both of these recipes will hand out flavorful over under thirty minutes. Given you have the fixings arranged quite a bit early.

Burn through no time, leap to making this red dragon sushi roll recipe. Trust me, the dish is mind-boggling, and you will have the additional fulfillment of realizing that you made the roll yourself. In this way, stand by no more extended, race to the store to assemble your fixings, then, at that point, get arranged in your kitchen. You have a red dragon sushi roll to make!

More Sushi Choices to Know

What does a red dragon sushi roll suggest a flavor like?

Their dragon sushi roll has a pleasant fruit juice taste. Not too sweet. The huge distinction in this is the capsicum in the fixings.

Is the red dragon sushi roll cooked?

The filling of a red dragon sushi roll is crab blend (cooked), shrimp tempura (cooked), and cucumber. The red dragon sushi roll is finished off with hot fish which isn’t cooked (sushi-grade crude ahi fish and hot mayo).

Is red dragon sushi rolls solid?

There are heaps of sushi out there, and with just the right amount of training, you can make your own solid works of art, as well. The red dragon sushi roll likely ought not to be in the blend.

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