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11 Watermelon Juice Cocktail to Try Right Now

by Khadija Tahir
11 Watermelon Juice Cocktail to Try Right Now

What’s pink, delicious, delightful, and best appreciated near the ocean throughout the late spring? Watermelon juice cocktail, obviously. There are not many organic products that can beat this refreshment once warm weather conditions hit, and the manner in which it sparkles in a mixed drink just makes it that greatly improved.

The watermelon juice cocktail’s lively salmon-red tint and fragile vegetal-fruity flavor add visual allure and newness to drinks, all things considered. Whether you need to barrage it in a blender and strain it for its juice, make a syrup with it, jumble it or simply spike the natural product by staying a container of tequila in it.

The organic product will undoubtedly leave you fulfilled and rejuvenated. These are watermelon-bound drinks to get your late spring moving.



Calling every rum-darling. This is the appealing zesty Daiquiri riff you’ll probably be drinking throughout the mid-year. The recipe requires a base of matured rum that gets added with orange alcohol, lime juice, straightforward syrup, tangled watermelon juice cocktail, and a touch of ground cayenne pepper, shaken and presented.

The ideal equilibrium of acid, pleasantness, and zestiness makes this drink more noteworthy than the number of its parts and ideal for any event.

Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon and tequila are a perfect pair. This Margarita riff, highlighting in excess of a dash of Mojito, includes a blend of tequila, lime juice, watermelon juice cocktail, agave nectar, and mint, shaken and served on the rocks. It’s a new and delightful mix.

Shimmering Rosé

Shimmering Rosé

Considerably more than the simple shining rosé wine that this drink’s name recommends, it’s really a painstakingly created mixture of tequila, lemon, and watermelon juice cocktail, straightforward syrup, and, indeed, shimmering rosé.

It’s fast and simple to prepare; you should seriously mull over increasing the recipe by 10 and making a pitcher’s worth since it will undoubtedly vanish speedier than you can say “rosé day in and day out.”

Watermelon Juice Cocktail Tequila Mockingbird

Watermelon Juice Cocktail Tequila Mockingbird

While this drink shares its punny name with numerous a recipe, this form by Greg Seider, a New York City barkeep and the creator of “Speculative chemistry in a Glass,” is the fruity and hot Margarita variety we like.

Watermelon juice cocktail lumps and jalapeño peppers are added to a shaker and obfuscated with agave syrup prior to being blended and shaken with tequila, lime squeeze, and ice. It’s easy to make and conveys new and complex flavors.



Made in the style of a Gin Harsh, this drink uses a base of London dry gin that gets matched with a lemon and watermelon juice cocktail and a dark pepper-and-honey syrup that improves the delicious flavors for an extraordinary kick.

Watermelon White Spritzer

Watermelon White Spritzer

While this maybe seems like a drink for the Boomer swarm, it’s really flavorful and prominently crushable. It’s made in the style of a Bellini (a blend of organic product purée and shining wine), however here the shimmering wine component appears as a mix of white wine and soft drink water.

To start with, agave nectar and watermelon juice cocktail tissue get handled in a blender and afterward stressed and added into a glass. Simply add white wine and top with soft drink water.



You might have seen at this point which fixings and flavors will also boost the watermelon juice cocktail well — mint, citrus juice, and agave nectar — each of the three of which is called for in this mixed drink also.

Mint and agave nectar get tangled in a shaker to deliver the spice’s fragile rejuvenating ointments before they’re joined by cucumber vodka, elderflower alcohol, and lime and watermelon juice cocktail to create a reviving and sweet-smelling blend.

Ascend Red Ocean

Ascend Red Ocean

Motivated by the NFL football crew the Arizona Cardinals (their fans call themselves the Red Ocean, alluding to the shade of their shirts), this raised tequila harsh extras no detail. A Blanco tequila is shaken with Campari, lime juice, watermelon juice cocktail syrup, and Peychaud’s sharp flavoring to make a mixed drink that adjusts harsh, prepared boost staggeringly well.

Watermelon Juice Cocktail La Estrella

Watermelon Juice Cocktail La Estrella

This recipe comes from popular New York City barkeep Phil Ward, who tangles watermelon lumps with cubed sugar and club soft drink prior to adding matured rum, lime juice, and cayenne pepper and fixing it with more club pop. A pineapple-and-strawberry embellish gives complete prosperity to the sweet-and-zesty beverage.

Shining Watermelon Punch

Shining Watermelon Punch

Bright-day drinks don’t get substantially happier than this. The tissue from a little watermelon juice cocktail gets thrown into a blender alongside some mint and handled until smooth.

The purée is then filled with the emptied-out watermelon alongside vodka, basic syrup, lime squeeze, and shimmering wine prior to being finished off with some ice. Toss several straws in there and taste.

Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon juice cocktail Mojito

You’re possibly currently acquainted with the customary Mojito. In any case, in this fruity riff, the exemplary Cuban mixed drink gets a summery contort with the build of some obfuscated watermelon juice cocktail 3D shapes and agave nectar replacing basic syrup.

It also leaves out the typical soft drink water (obviously you can add it back in the event that you like and serve the drink in a highball as opposed to a stones glass.) The subsequent drink is a fair blend of rum, lime, agave syrup, mint, and watermelon — ideal for late spring.

The Most Effective Method to Pick a Watermelon For a Watermelon Juice Cocktail

You need to utilize a ready, sweet, and firm watermelon juice cocktail for your watermelon mixed drink. Here are my #1 ways to select the best watermelon.

Find the field spot. Here the watermelon was laying on the ground. You need the field spot to be hazier yellow and not pale or white. Hazier field spots mean the watermelon is ready.

Do the thump test. Thump on the watermelon. Your knuckles ought to quickly return and the watermelon juice cocktail ought to be really firm when squeezed. This implies the tissue is firm. In the event that the skin has a touch of give this implies the watermelon is starting to ruin and turn soft

Search for fertilization focuses. These are minimal dark spots and show a better watermelon.

How can it look and smell? You believe your watermelon should look either round or oval. A watermelon with odd knots and lumps could imply that it didn’t get satisfactory sun or water, which will influence the flavor and surface. You also believe that the watermelon should seem a piece blunter and not glossy. Sparkling watermelons mean it’s not exactly ready.

Scratch it. Scratch a touch of green strip off and take a sniff. It ought to resemble a new watermelon. In the event that it smells a piece sharp or off, don’t buy it. An odd-tasting watermelon will make your watermelon mixed drink taste horrendous.


1 5 lb Seedless watermelon
3 cups pineapple juice
3 cups Shimmering white grape juice (One 25.4 oz container will work)
1 cup Vodka (can utilize pretty much as you would prefer)
¼-½ cup powdered sugar (or sugar of decision)
Discretionary toppings: Mint leaves, watermelon cuts, lemon or lime cuts

New Seedless Watermelon: A little 5lb watermelon will make it happen! You’ll require around 3 cups of watermelon juice for this recipe. Normally, a 5 lb watermelon will give you around 7-8 cups of new watermelon lumps and that will make 4-5 cups of juice. A few watermelons have more/less squeeze.

Pineapple juice: Pineapple juice goes astounding with juice about any organic product. mix. For this recipe, I used 100 percent unadulterated canned pineapple juice.

Shimmering White Grape Juice: Grape squeeze also praises the flavor of watermelon. You don’t need to utilize the shimmering kind however I love it! I used a container of Welchers Shimmering White Grape Juice.

Powdered sugar: To improve (This is discretionary and you could likewise utilize agave nectar, honey, or anything that sugar you like)

Vodka-You can unquestionably utilize any of your #1 alcohol here! Enhanced vodka works perfectly too or you can leave out the liquor through and through for a mocktail. This mixed drink can also be transformed into a watermelon margarita with tequila and rum!

Trims: Toppings are discretionary yet so decent, particularly on the off chance that you’re serving this drink for an informal breakfast or exceptional event! See my decorating thoughts beneath.

Instructions to Make a Watermelon Juice Cocktail

Cut the watermelon into blocks and spot the watermelon shapes in a blender.

Mix until the watermelon is fluid. This will just need a couple of heartbeats since watermelon separates so quickly.

Twofold strains the watermelon juice to limit the mash.

Add 3 cups of watermelon juice to your serving pitcher. (You’ll have an extra squeeze. You can either, drink it, disposed of it, or make watermelon ice solid shapes to toss into future mid-year drinks)

Then, mix in the shimmering white grape juice and pineapple juice.

Mix in the vodka.

Taste and add sufficient powdered sugar to improve the watermelon mixed drink however you would prefer. (The sugar truly draws out all of the juice flavors, yet you can surely skip it and utilize the normal pleasantness)

Serve over ice or chill until prepared to serve.

Watermelon juice isolates, so you’ll have to give it a mix prior to serving in the event that you permit it to sit.

Embellish with new mint, lime cuts, or extra watermelon whenever wanted.

Ways to Make The Best Watermelon Juice Cocktail

Watermelon mixed drinks look so invigorating and compelling when they are looking sharp! The following are a couple of my most loved decorating thoughts.

  • New Basil
  • Little watermelon cuts
  • Lime or lemon cuts
Could I at any point make this watermelon mixed drink liquor free?

It totally, basically, precludes the vodka. Don’t bother including club pop or a substitution. It’s a heavenly mocktail.

Might I at any point make this quite a bit early?

Indeed, you can set up the watermelon juice early and afterward stir everything up when you are prepared to serve it. That way the mixed drink actually keeps up with a portion of its unobtrusive shimmer from the shining white grape juice.
My beverage was isolated when I had it in the cooler, how would it be advisable for me to respond? Watermelon squeeze normally isolates. Ensuring that it’s stressed all around well will help, however, just give it a mix prior to serving.

Do I really want a straightforward syrup to make this mixed drink?

Since we just need a little sugar, powdered sugar attempts to improve it up. It’s likewise discretionary.

How would you make watermelon ice solid shapes?

You can make watermelon ice shapes by putting the extra new watermelon juice into the ice block plate and freezing it. To make watermelon organic product ice blocks, I like to utilize a melon hotshot to scoop out the tissue. Put them on a material paper-lined skillet and freeze.

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