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Amazing Tips to Make Korean Purple Rice

by Khadija Tahir
Amazing Tips to Make Korean Purple Rice

Figure out how to make Korean purple rice at home! I will tell you the best way to make it utilizing a rice cooker, moment pot, and on the burner. Korean purple rice isn’t simply lovely to check out, yet it additionally accompanies some medical advantages!

What is Korean Purple Rice?

Korean purple rice is cooked Korean rice that has a purple tint. We call it Heukmi bap in Korean and it implies dark rice. However, for what reason in all actuality do certain individuals allude to it as purple rice rather than dark rice?

Basically, the two of them mean exactly the same thing. The main genuine contrast would be the shades of rice contingent upon how much dark rice you add to your base rice (for example white rice) while cooking. The various shades of purple can be light to most unimaginable purple.

However, it’s very uncommon to see Koreans cooking with dark rice as it were. Rather, we mix dark rice with short-grain (or medium-grain) white rice.

Generally, I follow the underneath proportion for my purple rice.

1 cup short grain white rice + 1 1/2 tsp dark sweet rice – 2 to 3 serves

2 cups short grain white rice + 1 Tbsp dark sweet rice – 4 to 5 serves

Definitely, you can change the proportion per your love. Simply do a few tests until you figure out your perfect balance. Remember that changing the proportion will influence the general surface, taste, and cooking season of the purple rice.

I have additionally had a go at making the purple rice with (long grain) Jasmin rice and I don’t think the outcome is basically as great as when I utilized short grain white rice.

Is Korean Purple Rice Solid?

Amazing Tips to Make Korean Purple Rice

Dark rice is most popular for its high satisfaction of anthocyanin. A strong cell reinforcement’s likewise tracked down in purple eggplant and blueberries.

Likewise, dark rice is a wellspring of iron, fiber, and vitamin E. On the off chance that you might want to find more about the medical advantages of dark rice, you ought to peruse this article.

However, as you can find in my recipe, genuine dark rice isn’t involved a lot in this recipe. So I would think the medical advantages will reduce essentially. Assuming that you might want to make it better, you could build the dark rice. Also, indeed, this will change the shade of the rice, its taste, and its surface. Additionally, the cooking time might shift as well.

Korean Purple Rice Fixings

2 cups short-grain white rice
1 Tbsp dark glutinous rice
375 ml water

Korean Purple Rice Guidelines

Utilizing in Korean Rice Cooker

Put the rice into the rice cooker’s inward pot and flush the rice until the water is clear. Channel the water well.

Cover the rice with water and close the top. Set the rice cooker to the “Baekmi” setting. In the event that your Cuckoo has an English model.

Hold on until the rice cooks and change to the keep-warm setting. It takes 23-26 mins to finish. Cushion the rice with the rice paddle. Serve or store it for some other time. 

Utilizing Moment Pot

Put the rice into the inward pot of the moment pot and flush the rice until the water is clear. Channel the water well.

Cover the rice with the water and set the moment pot to “pressure cook” at high strain. Switch off the “keep warm” capability. Set the clock to 3 mins and hold on until the rice cooks.

Normal delivery of the steam for 10 minutes then speedy delivery of the remaining strain. (There ought not to be a lot of strain left by then.) FYI, the entire cooking cycle takes around 24 mins to finish.

Open the top and cushion the rice rapidly with the rice paddle. Serve or store it for some other time. (Allude beneath for capacity guide) Assuming you leave the rice in the pot for a really long time, it will begin to adhere to the lower part of the pot.

Utilizing Burner

Put the rice into the blending bowl and wash the rice until the water is clear. (You should do 3 to 4 rounds of washing.) Channel the water well.

Move the rice into a pot and add the water. (Add 1.21 times more water contrasted with the rice weight.

Carry the pot to bubble over medium-high intensity until the water is bubbling. (It will take 8-9 mins). Diminish the intensity to medium then bubble for a further 6-7 mins. Then slowly lessen the intensity to low and stew for another 5 mins. While you might be extremely enticed, don’t open the top during bubbling at any stage as it will lose the water dissipation rate.

Eliminate the pot from the oven and rest it for 15 mins (with the cover still on). The rice is as yet cooking!

Open the top and cushion the rice with the rice paddle. Serve or store it for some other time.

How to Store Cooked Korean Purple Rice?

On the off chance that you cooked an excessive amount of rice for your necessities, the most effective way to store it is in the cooler.

Segment/Separation the rice into more modest serving segments (to suit your future requirements) then put it in impenetrable, cooler, and microwave-safe compartments. Do this when the rice is cooked while limiting the steam getting away.

This is so that when you warm this rice, the steam will assist with keeping the rice clammy while microwaving. Also, this rice is on par with newly cooked rice!

You can keep the rice put away in the cooler for as long as one month. (While some exploration demonstrates the way that you can keep it endlessly for however long it is kept underneath – 18 C/0 F.)

If you have any desire to involve the rice for sautéing, I would suggest putting away it in the cooler (for up to 3 to 4 days) as it normally dries out a piece in there. This will make sautéing more straightforward. I have also written an article on Rice Vinegar Recipes to Make.

What to Present With Korean Purple Rice?

Clearly, the best dishes to present with Korean purple rice are Korean side dishes. See the image beneath for instance. Assuming you’d like some Korean side dish motivations.

Benefits of Korean Purple Rice

Amazing Tips to Make Korean Purple Rice

Cell Reinforcements

Purple rice’s tone is made by a flavonoid called anthocyanin shade. This equivalent shade gives blueberries, eggplants, and other solid leafy foods their profound variety. Anthocyanins are phytochemicals tracked down in plants.

They may likewise have mitigating and against cancer-causing properties. A strong cell reinforcement, anthocyanin has been connected to lessening instances of diabetes, corpulence, and coronary illness. One studyTrusted Source connected purple rice to malignant growth avoidance in rodents.


Tacky purple rice is an entire grain, meaning the external wheat layer is flawless. This makes it high in fiber, as well as marginally nutty in flavor. Fiber is significant for ordinary solid discharges and generally speaking gut well-being. Fiber may likewise assist with getting thinner and bringing down cholesterol and circulatory strain.


Purple rice is a decent wellspring of protein, making it a brilliant expansion to a veggie-lover diet. Protein lessens muscle misfortune by assisting the body to construct and fix with muscling tissue. It likewise assists with cell development and keeps areas of strength for bones.


Purple rice is a critical wellspring of iron. Iron is a mineral that is fundamental for assisting with making red platelets and transporting oxygen. It likewise upholds the transmission of nerve-driving forces, which control body development. Without enough iron, sickliness can result. Read more about The Best Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken and Rice.

Heart Well-being and Cholesterol

Purple rice might assist with expanding the degrees of good cholesterol.

As per a concentrate in the Diary of Farming and Food Science, purple rice contains more cell reinforcement compounds than white rice.

There is evidence that cell reinforcements can advance heart well-being and lower the gamble of certain diseases. These mixtures assist with wiping out unsafe free extremists.

The body delivers free revolutionaries normally, yet assuming that too many developments, oxidative pressure can happen. Oxidative pressure builds the gamble of numerous medical conditions, including coronary illness.

The creators of a 2016 study noted past creature research in which purple rice diminished the degrees of “terrible” low-thickness lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the body and expanded the degrees of “good” high-thickness lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

A sound cholesterol balance is essential for a solid cardiovascular framework. Specialists accept that it assists decline of the atherosclerotic plaque arrangement in the veins that with canning lead to a cardiovascular breakdown. It might do this because of its dietary fiber content, which has benefitsTrusted Hotspot for heart wellbeing.

Korean Purple Rice For Absorption

As a rich wellspring of dietary fiber, purple rice can assist with keeping the stomach-related framework working appropriately, forestalling stoppage and other stomach-related issues.

If you want to see more then watch this video.

Korean Purple Rice For Liver Capability

Oxidative pressure can prompt liver harm. Food sources that contain cell reinforcements assist with decreasing oxidative pressure. The cell reinforcements in purple rice may, accordingly, assist with keeping the liver solid.

The cholesterol bringing the down the movement of purple rice may likewise help the liver. A recent report found that mice that ate a high-fat eating regimen with purple rice extricate had decreased markers of liver sickness contrasted and those that didn’t consume the concentrate. Another on Is Fried Rice Gluten-Free, Details | And How to Make it.

How Really Does Korean Purple Rice Contrast With Different Kinds of Rice?

Amazing Tips to Make Korean Purple Rice

There are around 200 calories for every 1/3 cup of tacky purple rice. Notwithstanding, the carbohydrate level might change by brand. Earthy-colored rice has around 82 calories for each 1/3 cup. Like any remaining type of rice, purple rice is without gluten.

Like earthy-colored rice, purple rice is an entire grain. The greater part of the fiber and supplements are contained in the grain and microorganisms. White rice is a refined grain, meaning the wheat and microorganism are taken out. This makes it less nutritious.

From a dietary viewpoint, brown and purple rice are both desirable over white rice. Notwithstanding, improved white rice has a portion of the supplements set back in that were taken out during handling.

A wide range of rice is wealthy in starches. Individuals worried about diabetes ought to pick higher fiber choices, which might decrease the effect carbs have on glucose.

Purple and brown rice have comparable measures of fiber, however, ought to just make up a piece of the everyday fiber necessities. The day-to-day fiber proposal is somewhere in the range of 20 and 25 grams for ladies and somewhere in the range of 30 and 40 grams for men. You ought to likewise remember different kinds of fiber for your eating routine.

Purple rice normally has a higher iron substance than earthy-colored rice. Notwithstanding, it can shift between brands, so make certain to peruse nourishment marks.

Neither brown nor white rice contains anthocyanin colors, the substance that gives purple rice its high cell reinforcement content. Earthy-colored rice contains cell reinforcements, yet it might not have similar undeniable levels as purple rice.

Both purple and earthy-colored rice might contain follow measures of arsenic, a poison that is consumed from the soil. Arsenic sums are not entirely settled by where rice is developed. White rice has less arsenic tainting in light of the fact that its external layer is taken out. Assuming that you have worries about arsenic in your rice, washing it a few times preceding cooking might assist with eliminating it.


Up until this point, there are no known symptoms of consuming purple rice. It is supplement thick, low in fat, and a decent wellspring of enduring carbs. Besides, it is delectable and flexible.

Nonetheless, likewise, with some other kinds of rice, moderate utilization of purple rice as a staple food is constantly encouraged. More proof is expected to rate the viability of purple rice for its medical advantages.

What does Korean purple rice have an aftertaste like?

In Korea, it is cooked close by white rice grains for a paler lilac tint. There are two distinct kinds of purple rice, long-grained jasmine rice, and tacky, or glutinous rice. It is marginally chewy, with a charming, nutty flavor, and is normally eaten as a natural, wholegrain rice.

For what reason do Koreans eat purple rice?

Korean Purple Rice for the most part alludes to Korean rice that is cooked with dark rice which gives it a purple tone. Other than giving the rice this delightful purple tone, dark rice adds an extra nutty flavor and has incredible medical advantages.

Is Korean purple rice more grounded than white rice?

As per a concentrate in the Diary of Farming and Food Science, purple rice contains more cell reinforcement compounds than white rice. There is proof that cell reinforcements can advance heart well-being and lower the gamble of certain tumors.

Is Korean purple rice solid?

Korean purple rice has added benefits since it’s blended in with dark rice. A portion of these dietary advantages is mitigating cell reinforcements and more fiber and protein. Since dark rice has more health benefits than plain white rice, Korean purple rice is a better choice.

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