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Costco Chicken Bake Nutrition – Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Costco Chicken Bake Nutrition - Recipe

Have you attempted the Costco chicken bake nutrition? Assuming that you’re fixated on this food court legend, you need to attempt this recipe. Made at home in only 30 minutes!

Costco Chicken Bake is loaded down with bacon, chicken, and a smooth dressing. While this combo has been dearest by Costco customers for quite a long time, you can change around the fixings to track down a mix that accommodates your remarkable tastebuds.

Make a major group of Costco Chicken Bake with new and natural elements for better “frozen food”. While a desire hits or you lack the opportunity and willpower to make a natively constructed supper, you’ll be cheerful you have a couple hanging out in the refrigerator.

Costco Chicken Bake Nutrition Fixings

1 1/2 lb pizza mixture
2 cups cooked chicken
1 cup bacon crisps
3 cups mozzarella cheddar
1/2 cup Parmesan
1 cup farm dressing

Tips For The Costco Chicken Bake Nutrition

Costco Chicken Bake Nutrition - Recipe

Pizza Mixture

You can make pizza batter without any preparation or get a pre-made mixture from the store

Hot tip: Broker Joe’s has an extraordinary mixture in the refrigerated segment. You can catch a plain batter or one that is loaded with Italian spices. Both will work perfectly.


Assuming that you have extra rotisserie chicken hanging out, this recipe is the ideal method for ensuring it doesn’t go to squander. In the event that you don’t, plain barbecued chicken or moment pot chicken will do.

Bacon Crisps

To sear bacon, get some pre-made bacon bits from the store. I love involving air fryer bacon in this recipe.


Mozzarella cheddar is our top pick, however, you can utilize any destroyed cheddar that you like. Ensure you remember to add a sprinkle of parmesan cheddar for that mark taste.


Farm or caesar dressing works perfectly.


An excellent regular baking flour will work perfectly.

Instructions to Make Costco Chicken Bake

  • Carry out your pizza mixture and cut it into even pieces.
  • Spread the dressing over the mixture.
  • Finish it off with chicken and bacon.
  • Then, add a modest mozzarella cheddar, roll it up and sprinkle on some parmesan.
  • Prepare at 415°F until brilliant brown and the cheddar is gooey.

Nutrition Facts

Fat 26g
Immersed Fat
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 110mg
Sodium 2470mg
All out Carbohydrates 81g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 4g
Protein 46g

Serving Chicken Bake

The Chicken Prepare alone will top you off. These things are weighty! However, if you need to balance your supper a smidgen more, have a go at matching your Chicken Bake with:

Caesar Salad – Hand-crafted caesar salad is way better compared to the stowed assortment you’ve been eating. This one meets up lightning speedy!

Garden Salad – A straightforward nursery salad is dependably wanted during supper.

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad – Broccoli and cauliflower slaw is loaded with crunchy veggies and prepared with a rich dressing.

Could You at Any Point Freeze Custom Make Costco Chicken Bake?

You can freeze the Chicken Bake crude or after it has been prepared. One way or the other, line a baking sheet with material paper and spread the Chicken Bake across it. Pop the whole baking sheet in the cooler to permit the singular parts to freeze altogether. Once frozen, eliminate and put in a cooler safe sack.

To warm your Chicken Prepares, adhere to the guidelines:

Frozen Crude: Defrost on the counter and prepare as per the recipe guidelines.

Frozen Prepared: Defrost on the counter and afterward warm in the stove for around 5 minutes.

How Long is Costco Chicken Bakes Really Great For?

With regard to cooked meat. I generally decide in favor of alert. So I for one think that these ought to remain great and new (if firmly covered and kept cold) in a fridge for as long as five days. I would likewise make it an additional stride and ensure that you warm them appropriately to get the best experience with regard to extras.

Could you at any point cook chicken bake in an air fryer?

Indeed, you sure can. Chicken Bakes in an air fryer are tasty. Just add some egg wash, load them very high fryer and you have completely brilliant chicken Bakes.
The air fryer is incredible with any frozen or new pale and is one of my number one food sources to air fry.

Might you at any point warm Costco chicken bake?

Indeed, you can warm your Costco chicken Bake in either the stove or the air fryer, and I have done it a greater number of times than I can recall. While I have a microwave, I find that it doesn’t function admirably for warming chicken heats. This is on the grounds that they become soaked and taste oily.
All things considered, the air fryer will warm your Costco Chicken Bake with the goal that it feels spic and span.

Might you at any point eat Costco chicken bake the following day?

Indeed, the following day, Costco Chicken Bake is completely protected to eat. Assuming you do this, I suggest just leaving it for one day prior to consuming it. On the off chance that you anticipate leaving your Costco until the following day, ensure it is completely warmed.

What number of calories is Costco chicken bake?

The solution to that is 770 calories and an incredible 26 grams of fat. Mine lessens the calories significantly and definitely decreases the fat to just 8.8 grams.

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