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Crumbl Cookies Nutrition Facts

by Khadija Tahir
Sound Treats

If you’re interested in crumbl cookies nutrition facts, you should know them before you endeavor them. Crumbl Treat Healthy Real factors consolidate carbs, fat, and protein. In this blog post, you look at what makes these delightful treats so fantastic.

Crumbl Cookies Nutrition Facts

  • Complete Fat 15g
  • Saturated Fat 10g
  • Trans Fat 0.5g
  • Cholesterol 50mg
  • Sodium 65mg
  • Total Carb 21g
  • Dietary Fiber 0g
  • Complete Sugars 21g
  • Includes 15g Added Sugars
  • Protein 3g 

Crumbl Cookies Nutrition

The delicate cookies shop, Crumbl Cookies, is a reasonable choice with sound fixings. A couple of individuals can appreciate them, and they’re a brilliant decision for couples hoping to try different things with various flavors.

You can browse four heavenly flavors – lemon, chocolate, peanut butter, and oats raisin. 

Regarding nourishment, Crumbl Cookies are generally low in calories, however, their high sugar content can make your well-being endure. Be that as it may, they are not a solid choice assuming that you go for the gold sugar diet.

Try not to make Crumbl Cookies your essential concentration assuming that you’re attempting to get more fit. These treats are high in starches and ought to simply be restricted to periodic extravagances.

Well-known Crumbl Cookies Nutrition

Crumbl Cookies are probably recognizable to each and every individual who has been involved on the web in any capacity starting around 2020. As the weeks pass, the flavors seem to turn out to be increasingly wanton. Be that as it may, everything from Crumble is heavenly, and here are the absolute most delicious treat flavors.

Chocolate Oreo

The best Crumbl Cookies is one that will likely not shock you, essentially not assuming you’re a treating expert. The Chocolate Oreo Treat is a heated variety of the universally adored locally acquired treat. Just normal Crumbl’s interpretation of the Oreo would be their best treatment.

Peppermint Bark

Tune in, assuming there’s one thing you’ve gained from Crumbl, it’s that any treat finished off with dissolved chocolate will be special. It’s the same with their Peppermint Bark treat. As per the Sovereign Brook Sun-Times, the delicacy is “a peppermint-implanted chocolate cookie beat in a pool of melty white chocolate with a sprinkle of squashed sweets stick.”


In the event that you’ve never considered cornbread as a pastry, let Crumbl Treats convince you in any case with its cornbread treat, which is finished off with honey margarine and finished off with honey buttercream.

It’s basically as captivating and tasty as it sounds. Crumbl faced a major challenge with this treat, yet it paid off liberally. Individuals love the remarkable contort on an exemplary dish.

Reese’s Cup

Chocolate and peanut butter have forever been among the most work of art and well-known flavor combos. The two have a place together in a flavor that has been created during that time by little shops and significant ones like Reese’s confections. Crumb’s interpretation of the sweet is additionally rather great.

Bazaar Creature

This Crumbl bread roll is for you on the off chance that you recall your folks bringing back carnival creature treats from the supermarket when you were a youngster.

With a sugar treat establishment, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate, and a little treat looking like a creature, Crumbl’s Carnival Creature treat are a bread kitchen contorted on a well-known locally acquired #1.

Chocolate Chip

Since a chocolate chip cookie is so famous, a treat chain like Crumbl owes it to its clients to remember one for their menu — and it would do well to be fabulous.

In any case, the Crumbl adaptation varies from customary chocolate chip cookies in that it utilizes milk chocolate chips to some degree somewhat harsh semi-sweet chips are utilized in most different cookies. That could be the reason countless individuals revere and commend it.

Crumbl Cookies Nutrition Walnut pie

One more of Crumbl’s spectacular manifestations is a minor departure from a traditional pie. Crumb’s Walnut Pie treat is an endeavor by the pastry kitchen to catch the enchantment of pie in great shape, and it’s darn delicious.

The treat is portrayed as a “rich warm sugar cookie with earthy colored sugar and toasted walnut pie filling,” as per Crumble.

It’s basically a small walnut pie with a treat outside instead of a standard pie hull. Furthermore, to come clean with you, it destroys standard walnut pie.

12 PM Mint

Crumb’s 12 PM Mint treat comes following up. In any case, be cautioned: this won’t be your numero uno in the event that you could do without chocolate or mint — or the two consolidated.

This treat is likewise fundamental, yet it packs truly a flavor punch. Crumbl portrays the delicacy as “a brittle chocolate bread roll loaded up with a reviving mix of melty semi-sweet chocolate and mint chips.” ‘It’s an Andes mint patty in great shape, and it’s really darn delicious.’

Crumbl Cookies Nutrition Pumpkin Pie

In November, the Pumpkin Pie treat is another occasional treat accessible at numerous Crumble outlets. The treat was as close to genuine pumpkin pie as you could get while as yet getting a sample of the treat.

Maybe you’re requesting a little pie. Crumb’s Pumpkin Pie treat is a solitary serving of pumpkin pie encased in a vanilla treat with a spot of whipped cream on top.

Thus, in the event that you like pumpkin and a lot of pumpkin zest, this is an ideal treat for you. The filling is very scrumptious, and the treat outside adds much more pleasantness and flavor than a conventional pumpkin pie.

How Healthy Sound Are Crumbl Cookies Nutrition?

Here are a few sound marks of crumble treats:

The most ideal way to get healthful data for Crumbl cookies is to really take a look at the organization’s site. The site includes the dietary data of their most famous items.

You can really take a look at the nourishment realities of Crumbl’s cookies whenever to see whether they’re ideal for you. They additionally have a convenient recipe guide for those who might want to attempt these delightful treats. While picking your #1 flavors, remember the calorie content and other nourishing data.

Piece’s treats are low in fat and calories, with just 50g of sugar per treat. They likewise have no additives, and that implies that they’re a sound decision for individuals on a tight eating routine.

A sound treat will assist you with getting thinner, so Crumbl cookies are a superb choice for weight reduction. And keeping in mind that they’re low in fat, they’re high in fiber.

Scrap cookies are low in sugar and contain around 600 calories. You can eat a couple of treats a day or offer them with a companion, and the typical treat has recently 50g of sugar and is reasonable for you.


Crumbl offers dietary data about its popular cookies. There’s nothing remarkable about these delicate treats, yet they’re a phenomenal method for going overboard on a sweet treat.

And keeping in mind that it very well may be difficult to oppose them, they’re worth each penny. Simply recollect: crumbl is the ideal spot to eat your number one treat. You’ll be cheerful if you did! You will love it!

What number of Calories are in Crumbl Cookies?

However each Crumbl Cookie has an alternate carbohydrate content, you can, for the most part, expect to be that assuming that you consume a whole treat you will be consuming around 600 calories.

Does Crumbl have any low carb, well-being cognizant, or sensitivity amicable choices?

No. All Crumbl cookies contain wheat, dairy, soy, egg, and sugar. There are as of now no gluten, sans sugar, or dairy choices. Crumble Fixing records can be tracked down on their site. However, prepare yourself cuz it’s a mile long.

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