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Healthy Crackers That Are Actually Healthy For You

by Khadija Tahir
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Healthy Crackers That Are Actually Healthy For You

While there are incalculable assortments of healthy crackers on grocery store racks, the vast majority of them don’t precisely fulfill my guidelines as a well-being manager.

I’m unendingly looking for healthy crackers choices that are sensibly sound and contain fixings I can really get behind. Fortunately, I’m here to report, they do exist.

What to Search For in Healthy Crackers?

Healthy Crackers That Are Actually Healthy For You

I should rewind briefly: What really qualifies as a “healthy cracker” in any case? Love that vibe like genuine food. I realize that might sound undefined, yet you know it when you see it and when you taste it. They feel significant. You know there’s great stuff inside. You could try and envision making some yourself.

What to Keep Away From in a Cracker?

Moon suggests avoiding excessively handled grains and extremely added sugars. I also attempt to avoid items that contain undesirable vegetable oils whenever the situation allows.

Wafers are basic food, and the fixing rundown ought to mirror that. There’s no great explanation for locally acquired to have fake fixings. Truth be, there are a lot of choices accessible today that are with basic fixings you’d track down in a very much-supplied storeroom.

In the wake of testing out many brands myself and getting proposals from nutritionists. I’ve reduced a couple of reliable most loved solids that really also have all the necessary qualities.

Simple Mills Original Organic Seed Flour Healthy Crackers

They impressively also most dietary needs and food sensitivities (think gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, and vegan). While many alt-crackers contain a laundry list of processed additives. These feature a clear, simple fixing list—with a seed flour blend and cassava flour as the star items. The only aspect I don’t love is the sunflower oil, but every other ingredient is on point.

Hippie Snacks Almond Crisps

Another great gluten-free option. These tasty almond crisps are a recent find from Largeman-Roth—and I’m a big fan of the simple, also processed fixing list. Beyond almonds, they contain nutrient-rich cassava flour, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, rosemary, and psyllium husk—all standouts in my book. These are perfect if you prefer a light, ultra-crispy cracker on your charcuterie board or an easy snack.

Mary’s Gone Super Seed Healthy Crackers

These simple seed crackers have been one of my go-to’s for years. The classic flavor is a staple in my pantry—but I also love the newer rosemary, basil & garlic, and everything cracker changes.

These are certainly one of the more crackers on this list. Which isn’t for everyone—but I’m a fan of the taste, along with their standout fixings like whole grain brown rice, whole grain quinoa, brown flaxseeds, and even seaweed.

Orga Foods Super Crisps

Another seed-forward cracker, these nutritious crisps contain just seven simple ingredients. I love that they contain 6 grams of fiber and protein per serving, along with a dose of omega-3s.

If you want to see more then watch this video.

Bob’s Red Mill Oat Healthy Crackers

I’m a big proponent of so many Bob’s Red Mill products. I was also to learn about these brand-new oat crackers. Largeman-Roth agrees: “I think the new Bob’s oat crackers are really tasty, and I love that the first fixing is whole grain oat flour,” adding they have a lovely crunchy texture, similar to her favorite childhood crackers.

Plus, a serving has 3 grams of plant protein, which is a bonus.” Again, we could do without the sunflower oil, but otherwise, we’re excited about these healthy crackers.

Hu Kitchen Grain-Free Healthy Crackers

Healthy Crackers That Are Actually Healthy For You

I’m a big fan of the tastiness and also of so many Hu Kitchen foods—and these everything crackers are no exception. These sturdy crackers are great with a number of dips, but for a fun “everything bagel” experience, I love pairing them with Monty’s plant-based cream cheese.

Ak-Mak Sesame Healthy Crackers

When it comes to a simple, reliable healthy cracker, Moon says her favorite is from Ak-Mak.

Annie’s Homegrown White Cheddar Squares

Again these little crackers do include sunflower oil, but we appreciate that it’s expeller and organic like every other fixing on the list.

Top Seedz Cumin Healthy Crackers

These crispy crackers are perfect as a savory addition to any charcuterie board, also guacamole, or in harmony with hummus. They feature cumin seeds for an extra tasty punch—along with a nutrient-dense seed blend.

I have also written an article on the Top 7 Healthy Alternatives to Mayo For Cutting Unwanted Calories

Wasa Multi-Grain Crispbread

These are perhaps one of the most classic “healthy crackers” around, and I’m all for these simple crispbreads. They feature an array of whole grain flours and a pretty neutral flavor—making them the perfect vehicle for any tasty topping.

Are crackers healthier than bread?

Daily need coverage for Vitamin K from Cracker is 53% higher. Bread contains 5 times more Selenium than Crackers. Bread contains 33.4µg of Selenium, while Cracker contains 6.7µg. Bread contains less Saturated Fat.

Benefits of Crackers

Healthy Crackers and Weight Gain

Despite speculations that saltine crackers may contribute to weight gain, there’s no research to date that directly links their consumption to increasing body weight.

However, regularly consuming highly processed foods and foods high in sodium also with higher body weight.

Furthermore, a study that included 7,629 participants found that a high salt intake also with higher body weight.

No single food in moderation will directly affect your weight, including crackers. However, because saltines are small, it’s easy to eat a lot of them at once. That could lead to over-consuming calories and sodium, which may also to weight gain.

Crackers and Weight Loss

Healthy Crackers That Are Actually Healthy For You

A small, three-week study observed favorable weight gain or loss in participants who ate saltine crackers once per day. However, the project was about whether the placebo effect influenced weight, not whether the crackers themselves influenced weight.

The study also whether people who believed in superstitions that saltine crackers cause weight loss or gain were more likely to see those effects when eating the crackers.

The study was small, and the overall diets and lifestyles of the participants were not documented. That means we can’t be sure whether or how the crackers themselves played a role in any of the study participants’ weight loss.

Overall, saltine crackers can fit into a balanced, well-rounded diet. If weight loss is your goal, it’s more important to focus on overall eating and activity patterns rather than the potential effects of individual foods.

May Improve Symptoms of an Upset Stomach

The bland, salty, and low-fiber nature of saltine crackers makes them an appropriate food for some stomach conditions.

For instance, a study of 45 patients with gastroparesis show that saltine crackers moderately improved symptoms.

Nutritional therapy for gastroparesis includes smaller meals and losing your intake of fiber and fat. Bland, starchy, and salty foods like saltine crackers were shown to be in people with gastroparesis.

In addition, bland foods low in fat are also shown to improve symptoms in people experiencing pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting, including the more severe hyperemesis gravidarum (an extreme form of morning sickness).

Although research remains space, healthcare professionals may recommend eating bland foods, including saltine crackers, to help alleviate pregnancy-related nausea.

Similar may be made to help people undergoing chemotherapy manage nausea.

Thus, saltine crackers may help manage an upset stomach caused by a number of conditions.

Crackers Are High in Sodium

One serving (15 grams) of regular, low sodium, and whole wheat saltine crackers provide 6–7% of the DV of sodium. This is the equivalent of 5 regular crackers or 3 low sodium or whole wheat crackers.

These may seem like small amounts of sodium, but your sodium intake can quickly increase with portion size. For example, 2 servings (or 10 regular saltine crackers) will provide 12% of the DV of sodium.

Research also shows that often high salt intake may alter taste perception by losing the number of tiny blood vessels under the tongue, often leading to the desire to consume more salt — which can increase your risk of high blood pressure.

Therefore, it may be best to eat saltine crackers in moderation to help avoid excess salt intake.

Healthy Crackers Nutrition


One of the major benefits of choosing multi-grain crackers is their fiber content. Crackers made with white flour also contain little fiber because the refining process removes the parts of the grain that contain fiber, leaving just the starchy endosperm.

Multi-grain crackers made with whole grains contain all three parts of the grain, including the fiber-rich bran. Fiber fights constipation by softening your stool to make it easier to pass, and swell a diet rich in fiber reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Multi-grain crackers’ fiber content varies from brand to brand, so check the nutrition label to find a cracker to help you reach your target fiber intake.

Are crackers worse than sugar?

It may surprise many to learn that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has decided that starchy foods are worse for our children’s mouths than sugary foods. The reason is because of the length of time that starchy food lingers on our teeth.

B Vitamins

Multi-grain crackers also boost your intake of B vitamins. Collectively, B vitamins help you derive energy from your diet, converting nutrients from food into useable fuel to keep you going throughout the day.

Multi-grain crackers also contain vitamin B6, a nutrient your body needs to produce healthy red blood cells.


Consume multi-grain crackers as a source of iron. Consuming enough iron allows you to produce functional red blood cells, the cells your body relies on for oxygen transport.

Get more from your multi-grain crackers by serving them with fruits and vegetables the vitamin C found in produce helps you absorb the iron in the crackers.

Conclusion – Healthy Crackers

Crackers are a popular snack noted for their dry texture, crispiness, and salty flavor.

Crackers do not offer much nutrition, but pairing them with nut butter, dairy, legumes, meat, fish, or poultry can create nutritious snacks.

Are crackers healthy for weight loss?

Healthy Crackers and chips are often high in calories and may also contain added fats, salts, and sugar. Crackers and chips are types of processed food. A study in Brazil found a positive correlation between the consumption of “ultra-processed foods” and obesity.

What are the benefits of crackers?

Many crackers now have a higher-fiber option, using wholemeal flour, and wheatgerm, or add nuts and seeds to boost flavor and provide some extra nutrition.

What cracker is good for diet?

It’s what led to many dietitians recommending Triscuit as one of the healthiest crackers you can buy. I recommend Triscuit crackers because they offer lots of different bold flavors.

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