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Hot and Sour Soup Nutrition Facts

by Muhammad Nabeel
Hot and Sour Soup Nutrition

Firstly, the question arises in your mind what soup is? Soup is just a liquid dish that we make by mixing chicken broth, chicken stock, and other ingredients, and also soups are of different types. Read this full article, to get all information about hot and sour soup nutrition.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Broccoli and Cheddar Soup
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • Broccoli Chowder Soup
  • Beef Soup

What is Hot and Sour Soup Nutrition?

Hot and sour soup is a Chinese Cuisine and it is so simple and tasty. You can make it at your home and enjoy your meal.

Why is it Called Hot and Sour Soup?

Do you think why is it called hot and sour soup? It is called hot because we make it spicy by adding white pepper and sour because of the vinegar that we add to it.

Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

Ingredients That We Use

  • Six cups of Chicken Stock
  • Half teaspoon Red Chilli Powder
  • Two teaspoons of Red Chili Paste
  • Two tablespoons Soya Sauce
  • Three tablespoon Cornstarch
  • One-forth cup Vinegar
  • One tablespoon Sugar
  • One-forth cup of Tomato Ketchup
  • Shredded Chicken
  • One Carrot
  • Cabbage
  • Two Eggs
  • Salt (as per taste)
  • White Pepper (as per taste)

Directions to Make

  1. Firstly, we are making broth. Take chicken stock. Pour it into a pan and add salt white pepper, chili sauce, ketchup, and other sauces and wait until it boils on medium-high flame.
  2. After that, add chicken, carrots, and cabbage and cook until vegetables get tender and soft. It will take 5-8 minutes to get soft.
  3. Thirdly, check the soup consistency and add cornflour or cornstarch to get your desired consistency.
  4. Last but not the least, add whisked egg to your soup. When we add whisked egg to your soup, egg ribbons are created and it will make a better texture for your soup.

That’s it, guys! Your delicious hot and sour soup is ready. Serve it with your choice of seasoning and sauces and enjoy your meal.

Is Pakistani Hot and Sour Soup Different from Chinese Style Hot and Sour Soup?

Yes! they are different from each other in a way that if you order Chinese Hot and Sour Soup from any part of the world it is dark in color and the broth is sour. It also contains mushrooms and tofu.

On the other hand, Pakistani and Indian Hot and Sour Soups are red because we add tomato ketchup and chili sauce to them. Pakistani and Indian Hot and Sour Soups have main ingredients like carrots, chicken, and cabbage.

Hot and Sour Soup Nutrition

100 grams of soup contains these nutrients which are described below.

NutrientsAmountDaily Value
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat Regulation
1.2 gm
0.2 gm
0 gm
Cholesterol21 mg7%
Potassium55 mg1%
Total Carbohydrate
Dietary Fiber
4.4 gm
0.5 gm
0.4 gm
Sodium376 mg15%
Protein2.6 gm5%
Vitamin C 0%Calcium 1%
Iron 3%Vitamin D 1%
Vitamin B6 5%Cobalamin 1%
Magnesium 2%


For Upset Stomach

If your stomach is upset then this hot and sour soup will definitely help you and adding a piece of ginger will also help you because ginger is well-known for treating nausea.

Comfort Cold

One of the most well-known benefits of soup is it comforts us in cold. Moreover, the best advantage of this soup is it helps us in warming our bodies and throat. That’s why this is winter’s cuisine.

Boost Our Immune System

As you all have seen above, hot and sour soup has different types of vitamins present in it, and due to this it also helps to boost our immune system and fight against bacteria.

Bone Development

The major nutrient in hot and sour soup is magnesium which is necessary for our bone health, bone development, and metabolism.

Contains Pepper Which Functions as a Decongestants

Firstly, the question is what are decongestants? Decongestant is a medicine used for a stuffy nose and pepper is naturally a decongestant.

Therefore, pepper is present in Hot and Sour Soup so it acts as a natural decongestant and helps people who are suffering from a blocked or stuffy nose.

Low Calories

As you all have seen the nutritional information of Hot and Sour Soup. So, you have seen that 100 gms of soup contains 39 Calories and undoubtedly this is low-calorie content. So, if you are calorie conscious it may help you.

Health Hazards of Hot and Sour Soup

Cause of a High Blood Pressure

Although, Hot and Sour Soup have many health benefits it also has some health risk.

The main disadvantage of soup is that its sodium content is so high and it may lead to high blood pressure.

Allergic for Some People

People who are allergic to something shall avoid this soup cause this soup because of the ingredients present in it. It may cause you allergies like itchiness and redness of the skin and swelling on your body.

Stomach Irritation

We all know that white pepper is used in this soup. So, this soup is spicy as compared to other soups. Therefore, if you have any stomach problems so please use fewer spices. Otherwise, it may cause stomach irritation.

Is hot and sour soup healthy or not?

Yes! Chinese soups are quite healthy for us. You can take it in place of snacks and also you can take it as a meal.

Is hot and Sour Soup good for weight loss?

No! it is not the best option for weight loss. Because we use cornstarch in it for better consistency of soup and cornstarch is full of calories and carbs.

Which soup is the healthiest of all?

1) Vegetable Soup.
2)Tomato Soup.
3)Chicken and Vegetable Soup.

Which soup is best cold chicken noodle soup or hot and sour soup?

Chicken noodle soup is best for cold. hot and sour soup is also beneficial for cold but chicken noodle soup is best because it clears the throat of a person. Moreover, it has vegetables which help to boost your immune system and makes you healthy.

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