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Is Mexican Rice Healthy?

by Khadija Tahir
Mango Ginger Rice Bowl

A well-known feast in South America, Mexican rice is quickly winning the hearts of numerous in North America. What’s more, before you make this flavorful feast a staple in your eating routine, you should initially ask, is Mexican rice healthy?

Indeed, Mexican rice is a healthy, nutritious, and flavorful choice. Normally, entire grain rice is a low-calorie and without a fat wellspring of perplexing starches and a wellspring of nutrients, and minerals; it is likewise sans sodium.

In the event of a careful nutritional plan, you could find it trying to sort out your medical advantages.

A few healthy rice dishes are solace food varieties and waistline-accommodating, though others spill in fats and calories.

There are a lot of sound healthy Mexican rice recipes you can depend on for fiber, nutrients, minerals, and jolts of energy.

Yet, barely any have some familiarity with healthy Mexican or red rice’s wellbeing and sustenance esteem. Beginner eaters may not have the foggiest idea about the organization of Mexican rice.

Tomatoes, garlic, onions, white rice, and stock are the fundamental fixings that also give it a milder and soften-in-your-mouth taste.

In Mexico, the rice is tended to as Arroz(rice) or Arroz Rojo(red rice). This healthy Mexican rice dish can be a decent choice for well-being cognizant spirits.

Mexican Rice Healthy Affluent in Fiber

Disregarding the way that verdant food varieties are high in fiber, healthy Mexican rice is similarly a wellspring of dietary fiber.

One serving of Mexican Rice gets you 1.4 g of dietary fiber which expects a central part of staying aware of sound retention and strong releases and hinders outrageous burdens like coronary sickness, diabetes, and colon illness.

Because a fair confirmation of fiber-rich healthy Mexican rice propels extraordinary prosperity and thriving.

To cook an exuberant and scrumptious recipe for healthy Mexican rice, you also truly need long-grained rice, sauteed tomatoes, lots of veggies, flavors, salt, and water to make the rice fragile and comfortable.

Serve the home-cooked red rice without any other individual or with your main side dishes like another plate of leafy greens and quesadilla.

L-ascorbic Acid Source

A large portion of us normally partner lemons and oranges with L-ascorbic acid. Extending your viewpoint on healthy Mexican rice is a sound and amazing expansion to L-ascorbic acid-rich food varieties.

In one serving of healthy Mexican rice, you get around 26.7 mg of L-ascorbic acid. Splendid, right? The L-ascorbic acid in red rice assists you with accomplishing a better body. It additionally safeguards your body against contaminations and lifts your insusceptibility.

Incorporate healthy Mexican rice as a week-after-week staple eating routine and also for gatherings and festivities to assist your visitors with profiting from this work of art and simple-to-make recipe.

You might additionally add green peppers and pureed tomatoes to healthy Mexican rice cooking to get an additional advantage.

A Lot of Minerals

That healthy Mexican rice also has a steady wellspring of minerals might appear hard to accept. Truly, red rice has calcium, potassium, and iron in great amounts.

It has 28.5 mg of calcium and 239.3 mg of potassium.

These minerals assist with advancing body capability.

Calcium mineral also starts to lead the pack in empowering areas of strength for the development and optimal bone thickness. Potassium truly does its part in supporting cardiovascular well-being. Iron is rudimentary in advancing red platelets in the body. Isn’t this an important advantage of Mexican rice?

Put your fussy kids on a careful nutritional plan of red rice and perceive how their body’s mineral count and general well-being get to the next level.

Weight Reduction Help

White rice is a refined grain with starch and carbs that add to the waistline.

Healthy Mexican rice can be a promising choice for individuals who are on diet plans.

Red rice has no fat and cholesterol in it. Furthermore, it has fiber that helps control the craving and decreases cravings for food.

Along these lines, you can depend on this low-fat dish for ordinary utilization.

To eat a decent eating routine, think about eating equivalent segments of organic products, vegetables, and grains. Attempt to incorporate zero-calorie food sources like cucumber, watermelon, and green tea in your eating regimen to assist you with improving weight reduction.

You might snack on dry organic products like almonds before dinners to control your craving.

Mexican Rice Healthy Forestalls Sickliness

Aside from well-being advancing nutrients and minerals, healthy Mexican rice is wealthy in iron.

This adds to the body’s red platelet creation.

Accordingly, it can turn away weakness. Iron food varieties utilization is fundamental for individuals of any age as an absence of this supplement can cause weariness, shortcomings, and sickliness.

Besides regular healthy food sources accessible, you can likewise eat iron enhancements endorsed by your PCP at whatever point you experience the ill effects of lack of iron and pallor.

An overabundance of iron enhancements can cause incidental effects like a resentful stomach, dim stool, acid reflux, and blockage.

Assuming you have gentle pallor, your primary care physician will endorse creature-based iron food sources like red meat, poultry, and fish.

Ways to Consume Healthy Mexican Rice

Here are the fixings to consider to make light, cushy, and flavor-mixed healthy Mexican rice.

Healthy Mexican Basmati Rice 

Basmati grains generally accessible at supermarkets are long and slim and taste nutty. At the point when cooked, the singular grains stay a particular intuition of remaining together or getting clumpy. Basmati rice additionally warms well and stays cushy on Day 2.

Olive Oil 

The right cooking oil can improve the red rice flavor. Olive oil is best for this recipe.


Go no farther than a portion of an onion (medium-sized) in Mexican rice planning. You can likewise pick onion powder as a substitute.


Utilize 1-3 jalapenos, ideally minced, to get a hot hint. To make it spicier, add jalapeno seeds in the wake of tasting the completed Mexican rice. You can substitute new jalapenos with cayenne pepper.

Chicken Stock 

Utilize low-sodium chicken stock to control the salt in the recipe.

Pureed Tomatoes 

To get the mark tomato flavor, utilize one cup of sauce produced using ready tomatoes rather than tomato stock.

Garlic Cloves 

Three minced garlic cloves would be great. You might substitute new garlic cloves with one teaspoon of garlic powder.

Healthy Mexican Flavors

Balance the flavor profile with ground cumin, ground coriander, dried oregano, stew powder, smoked paprika, and salt.

Fire-Cooked Tomatoes 

They give a magnificent smoky flavor to the side dish and are better with less causticity than ordinary tomatoes.

Healthy Mexican Canned Green Chilies

You might investigate canned green chilies rather than crude ones to reduce the heat in the last dish.

Consider adding tomato bouillon accessible in shapes or powder structure for added taste.


Flush and channel healthy Mexican rice completely to eliminate the abundance of starch and tenacity. Toast the rice with onions and jalapenos to foster a nutty flavor. Tomato bouillon transforms the rice into a trademark orange tone so get it from a supermarket.

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