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Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts

by Muhammad Nabeel
Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts

First of all, When you hear the name lemon what do you think? What are lemons? What are lemon juice nutrition facts? Lemon is a citric fruit. Lemon is small and round but it adds flavor to our foods.

Please read this article, to get all information about lemon juice nutrition facts.

I know lemon is a fruit that you guys often used in food to add flavor. But you never think that this small fruit has so many benefits for a human being.

Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is abundant in vitamin C. Lemon has half of the vitamin C that we should take in our daily diet and vitamin C is so important for our body. It reduces the chances of heart stroke.

Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts Preparation

Lemon juice is just a mixture of lemon, salt, sugar, and water.

1: First cut the lemon into two pieces.

2: Fill a glass with water.

3: Squash Lemon into water.

4: Add salt, and sugar and mix it.

Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts

 Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts Vitamin C

This small fruit is rich in vitamin C and it helps to heal wounds, and restore damaged skin.

Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is necessary for brain growth and for keeping the nervous system and immune systems healthy.

Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts Potassium

Lemons have a huge amount of potassium present in them and potassium keeps away our muscles to cramp and helps us to reduce high blood pressure.

Benefits of Lemon Juice Nutrition Facts

Reduces Risk of Cancer 

Do you guys know studies have shown that fruits that have more citric acid help humans prevent cancer? Yes, that’s true. further studies have found that a compound D-limonene present in lemon oil, has anticancer agents.

Prevents Kidney Stone

Due to the presence of citric acid in lemon. Citric acid reduces the chances of kidney stones. It also increases our absorption of iron which is a good thing.

Keeps away from Anemia

Lack of iron gives rise to anemia. I know lemon does not have a lot of amount of iron but it is rich in citric acid and vitamin c which increases the absorption of iron from different foods and in this way we can prevent anemia.

Advantages of Lemon Juice For Skin

As we all know, vitamin C is present in lemon, and vitamin C is beneficial for our skin. So, here I will tell you about lemon juice’s benefits for the skin.

Undoubtedly, It helps to lessen your under-eye dark circles. It hydrates our skin and makes our skin smooth, and healthy and it prevents hyperpigmentation and redness.

Moreover, If you take yogurt and squeeze one to two drops of lemon in it and after that, you apply it on your skin. You will notice a change in your skin tone. It will lighten your skin color.

Face Mask Using Lemon Juice

Extract Lemon Juice from the lemon and mix it with honey. Apply on your face and neck.

After 20 minutes, wash it off with hot water and then cool water.

It is the best thing for your skin if your skin is sunburned or your skin tone is uneven.

Advantages Lemon Juice For Hair

It can also help our hair in different ways.

This juice lightens our primary hair color. It is also helpful for those people who are having dandruff problems.

If you are bored with your dry and short hair. So, Don’t worry you must try this for your hair dryness. It will not sadden you.

In addition to this, If a person is suffering from a hair fall problem then it is so advantageous for this problem and also helpful in hair growth.

Hair Mask Using Lemon Juice, Honey, and Olive Oil 

This is a must-try hack for you if you are bearing hair loss and damage.

Firstly, Take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and merge it with 2 tablespoons of honey.

Secondly, Add oil that you are using and that suits your hair, and also add olive oil to this mixture.

Last but not the least, Apply this mixture to your scalp for 20 minutes, and after this time wash your hair.

Advantages for weight loss

Although lemon juice has so many benefits its also big advantage is it helps us in weight loss. Lemon is rich in vitamins it also has some other nutrients like pectins and if someone takes pectin. He or she will be feeling full for a long period and does not feel hungry for a prolonged time.

Health Hazards of Lemon Juice

Apart from the benefits of lemon and lemon juice, It also has some dangers for our health. Because I think you must have heard this quote that

“Too Much of everything is dangerous for our health”

So here I will tell you the dangers of taking too much lemon juice.

You guys have heard that lemon contains citric acid. So, Have this question arises in your mind that acid is acid it must have some dangers.

Drinking lemon water daily can cause tooth problems because of the citric acid. It can cause tooth decay.

It may give us a disease called migraine.

People who drink too much lemon juice can also face heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. So please if you are drinking lemon juice daily and experience any of these symptoms. You should seek advice from a doctor.

Is lemon juice helpful to burn belly fat?

No! the lemon juice did not burn your belly fat. It helps to reduce weight because of the presence of pectins. It also plays a vital role in reducing our calorie intake.

Is it beneficial for us to drink lemon juice to cure constipation?

Yes! lemon juice is so beneficial for a person who is suffering from constipation. It expels all the toxins from our bodies.

Does lemon juice help asthma patients to fight asthma?

Yes! Lemon juice helps asthma patients by making their respiratory system and cardiovascular system healthy.

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