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Adding Milk in Green Tea is Good or Bad?

by Amna Munir

Milk in Green Tea is very beneficial for your health. Green tea is regular use all over the world. Also, it is very famous. Because of its ability to fast healing. The majority of healthcare practitioners recognized the benefits for you of this pure green tea. However, green tea along with milk can provide you with some additional special advantages for your body.

Green tea is an amazing fat burner for you. Its main component EGCG can improve the speed at which the body burns fat. Furthermore, the aim of green tea at the fat of the belly. When the fat-burning genetic material of abandonment activates. Also, it can result in a weight loss of your body about seventy-seven percent.

Impacts of Milk in Green Tea

When separately use of milk in green tea has been shown to increase weight loss by improving your metabolism, calorie burning, as well as fat burning.

However, when the two are consumed together, the protein in the milk decreases the favorable effects of green tea. Such as diet induced fat burning as well as the amount of energy used by your body to digest food.

Researchers have found that drinking milk in green tea at the same time does not result in weight loss or weight maintenance.

Advantages of Drinking Milk in Green Tea

There are many strong reasons to add milk or cream to your green tea.

While there are different viewpoints on the benefits of adding milk to green tea, understanding the pros and cons is very important for any conscience tea lover.

Here are some ideas for combining milk in green tea:

  • With a splash of milk, serve matcha tea.
  • With milk, Iced green tea, or matcha tea
  • Green tea-infused bubble tea

Also, you can make your milk in green tea rather than just water. Next, let’s see why so many people are switching things up after many years of going “pure green.”


Green tea is also enhanced heartier by the addition of milk or cream, which provides your body with calories and vitamins. Also, if you like to skip breakfast, milk in green tea or cream could be an excellent choice in the morning because of vitamins as well as calories.

This is because of adding milk or cream to green tea. Also, it provides you calcium, protein, phosphorus, potassium, B vitamins, as well as vitamin D.

All of these important vitamins and minerals have associated with better health. Along with, higher bone strength, a healthy metabolism, a strong immune system, as well as improved mental health.

Bubble teas combine green tea, dairy, as well as tapioca pearls. The pearls are manufactured from cassava root starch and are high in carbohydrates and calories. This is breakfast in a cup. Also, if you want to try some high-quality boba tea, look for stores like Kung Fu Tea and Gong Cha.

Texture and Taste

Unlike some herbal tea combinations, green tea does not contain citrus as well as fruit oils that make your diary spoil. Instead, a diary “helps you in balancing out” green tea to give a creamy, velvety sensation similar to how a dairy cuts through coffee.

Many people still believe that the richness and creaminess of dairy enhance the creamy, dessert-like flavors of green tea.

Different forms of iced green tea drinks are one of the most popular ways to blend green tea with the diary. They are famous all over the world as well as provide you with a refreshing and inspiring pleasure on a hot and sunny day.

Health Benefits

There is another reason to use dairy or cream with green tea that goes beyond nutrition. Milk in green tea appears to enhance the digestibility of phenolic chemicals known as catechins, which are present in green tea.

Catechins, which have strong antioxidant activity, help you to prevent cell damage by lowering the generation of free radicals throughout the body. Much research suggests that catechins are responsible for green tea’s benefits. Also, it is very beneficial in relieving pain, managing IBD symptoms, preventing type 2 diabetes as well as preventing cancer. Along with it is improving your heart health, reducing the risk of blood clots, as well as increasing brain health.

There are some claims that casein in dairy could reduce the advantages of catechins in green tea. However, recent and modern quick research findings provide information that casein helps to boost the advantages of catechins.

One research study that looked at the cancer-fighting efficacy of tea catechins in combination with casein discovered that casein may work as a protective carrier rather than reducing the effect of catechins. Green tea catechin intake is enhanced by dairy.

Another study looked at the interaction of green tea polyphenols with dairy helps in a simulated body system. Discovered that drinking green tea and dairy products at the same time helps to maintain the integrity as well as antioxidant capacity of polyphenols throughout digestion.

According to a study, drinking dairy or cream with green tea is not dangerous for you. While additional human research is still needed, it indicates that dairy increases the antioxidant and protective properties of green tea catechins.

Disadvantages of Milk in Green Tea

The truth is that milky green tea is a variety of traditional green tea. Most high-quality Chinese and Japanese green teas mean to consume alone. Adding dairy to green tea does not suggest for you if you have allergic to dairy.

Green tea’s catechins and antioxidants will not interfere with the effects of lactose in dairy products. Sensitivity to dairy is truly drinking at your own risk when mixing green tea with dairy or cream.

Many plant-based milk replacements, on the other hand, do a fantastic job of reproducing the rich, thick texture that actual dairy provides to green tea. Oat and soy milk are popular options, but almond, coconut, as well as cashew milk also work well.

Finally, adding dairy or cream to your green tea increases the number of calories. While green tea is suitable for your calorie counting, green tea with dairy breaks the fast. Also, if you are on a specific diet for heart health, weight loss, or diabetes control, it is important to keep in mind that both milk and cream include fat, cholesterol, carbs, as well as natural sugars.

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