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Korean Rice Drink and How to Make it?

by Khadija Tahir
Korean Rice Drink and How to Make it?

I’m so amped up for the present recipe Sikhye Korean rice drink. It has been one of the most mentioned recipes by you folks also.

Sikhye is a Korean rice drink frequently drank during Korean bubbly occasions (for example New Year’s Day and Korean Collect Celebration).

As a kid, I never loved the rice that floats on my like drink. I also frequently thought that rice was my method for drinking this heavenly beverage quickly. In any case, presently I love having this drifting rice. I think it gives a truly pleasant surface!

Sikhye is with very straightforward elements of water, malted grain flour, sugar, and rice. Seems like a decent beginning!

I’ve been considering making Sikhye for quite a while, as for a couple of years. Yet, the conventional strategy I also know is extremely unwieldy and consumes most of the day. (That is the reason I have procrastinated for this long!) Likewise, that is the reason this drink is normally just made during Korean occasions as an exceptional beverage!

Yet, as of late, I discovered that it is so easy to make as long as you utilize the right fixings. So I was anxious to give it a shot!

The genuine recipe is very direct however I attempt to incorporate as much data as could expect underneath. So it is long, however, I want to believe that you think that it is valuable!

In a fast summary, the time it takes to make like relies upon the sorts of malted grain flour you use. I will also share more about it in the recipe underneath.

I want to believe that you partake in my like recipe and also let me in on your thought process of it!

What is Sikhye Korean Rice Drink?

Sikhye is a conventional beverage produced using rice and malt. It is a non-cocktail given basic fixings that require a few hours of readiness.

A rice cooker is vital to keep a steady temperature of 150 F (65˚C) during the maturation stage. You can likewise set up this beverage in a liner, however, a couple of stunts are fundamental with the goal that the compound answerable for the maturation (amylase) doesn’t denature.

To prevail with regards to making Sikhye, you need to ensure you effectively age the rice. To be sure, compounds change the starch in the rice into straightforward sugars. This maturation of rice is also liable for making the rice float on a superficial level.

Is Sikhye Korean Rice Drink Solid or Not?

Korean Rice Drink and How to Make it?

Wealthy in catalysts, Sikhye works with digestive travel. In South Korea, a few moms also give it to their newborn children to assist with gas torment. Regardless of whether there are no dependable sources that affirm the ideals of this beverage, a few logical sources approve of the way that matured food sources are to work with processing. Moreover, it contains no allergens.

Sikhye Korean Rice Drink Fixings

210 g malted grain flour (7.4 ounces)
15 cups water
1 cup steamed white rice (short grain)
1 cup sugar (or to taste)
Pine nuts (discretionary), to decorate
Pitted dried jujube (discretionary), daintily cut to decorate

Sikhye Korean Rice Drink Directions

Make Sikhye With Tea

Put the tea-stowed malted grain flour, water, and cooked rice into a rice cooker pot. (Ensure you don’t overfill as it can bubble over). Set the rice cooker to warm for 4 to 8 hours. (Try not to cook them. Simply keep them warm.) I typically put these in my rice cooker late around evening time before I fall asleep and it’s prepared for me in the first part of the day (normally 7 hours after the fact). The indication of availability is when around 20 or so grains of rice float to the top.

On the off chance that you don’t have a rice cooker, you can utilize your broiler. Save it at the most minimal temperature for 4 to 8 hours. The indication of availability is equivalent to the rice cooker technique above.

At the point when it’s prepared, eliminate the tea sacks then pour the fluid over to a huge pot. (If you have any desire to make the rice drift when you serve, ensure you strain some rice while you’re pouring over the fluid. Flush the rice in cool running water and move it to a different compartment.

Add some new water into the compartment.) Add the sugar into the enormous pot and bubble it on high intensity until the sugar breaks down (5 to 10 minutes). Cool down the beverage then move it to the refrigerator to chill.

To serve, empty the chilled like into a cup. Scoop out some held rice from stage 2. Add some pine nuts or potentially dried jujube to decorate.

Make Sikhye With Customary Malted Grain Flour

Empty the malted grain flour into an enormous bowl and add the (tepid) water. Allow it to sit for around 60 minutes. (You can utilize kitchen material fabric/cheddar fabric to hold the malted grain flour. Then, at that point, you should simply take off the fabric and grain following 60 minutes.)

The water will be smooth and you will also have depressed dregs in the bowl. Tenderly empty the water into a rice cooker pot and ensure you don’t add the dregs. Add the cooked rice then set the rice cooker on warm for 4 to 8 hours.

The indication of preparation is when around 3 or 4 grains of rice float to the top. (I don’t have the foggiest idea why yet less rice floats when I utilize standard mated grain flour than tea-sacked adaptation.)

The excess advances are equivalent to while you’re utilizing tea-sacked malted grain flour.

Make Sikhye With Coarse Malted Grain

Absorb the coarse malted grain tepid water for 60 minutes. Then, at that point, tenderly back-rub the malted grain a few times to get the smooth water. Strain and dispose of the structures/sprouts/husks.

Rest the smooth water for 1 hour to isolate the residue and the water. Empty the water into the rice cooker pot and also add the cooked rice. Set the rice cooker on warm for 4 to 8 hours. The indication of preparation is when around 3 or 4 grains of rice float to the top.

The excess advances are equivalent to while you’re utilizing tea-packed away malted grain flour.

To Serve Cold

Korean Rice Drink and How to Make it?

Pour the hot Sikhye through a colander over an enormous bowl to gather all the rice. Gather the water.

Flush the rice under running virus water and move it to a hermetically sealed holder with some virus water. Cover and refrigerate.

Cool the high temp water from the Sikhye and move it to a glass container. Refrigerate it.

While serving, pour around 1½ cups (375 ml) of cooled Sikhye water into a little bowl and delicately mix in around 2 tablespoons of rice.

Add pine nuts as well as bits of dried jujube. I have also written an article on Make Ground Turkey and Rice Recipes For You.

Sikhye Korean Rice Drink Nourishment Data

L-ascorbic acid0.1mg

More Korean Rice Drink

Espresso Milk Korean Rice Drink

‘Espresso milk’ is precisely that: espresso-imbued milk. In any case, being Korean, it’s sold in astute, fun little bundles, formed like pyramids (helpful moving). It’s additionally in ordinary milk containers (however we think the pyramids are more enjoyable).

For those who visit the enormous espresso chains for smooth espresso, these are also little pockets of paradise. They aren’t too sweet to even consider tasting and shockingly, for what resembles a milkshake, they’re with caffeine that caffeine hit you hunger for while you’re having a drawn-out day.

Ginseng Tea

On the off chance that you’re searching for an option in contrast to espresso, think about some Korean ginseng tea. In addition to the fact that it is warm and encouraging to drink, however, it’s a tonic with numerous medical advantages.

Koreans drink it to support their energy levels and resistant framework, keep their heart solid, and decrease pressure. Making ginseng tea at home without any preparation by heating the ginseng root in the oven is somewhat of a faff, so moment tea packs are presently accessible. These granules contain a lot of Korean ginseng separate for a striking, hearty flavor and great smell.

Yuzu Jam Tea Korean Rice Drink

In the UK we know lemon and honey is a mitigating drink in the colder time of year. However, we feel that can be raised to Korean yuzu jam tea. Not exclusively is this tea tart, consoling and reviving yet in Korea, freeing the side effects of colds and flu is accepted. The yuzu jam is sweet but tart and rather like a jelly (produced using yuzu and honey).

Simply pop several gooey teaspoonfuls in some heated water and let them break up. The smell will quickly hit you. Bring a second to plunk down and appreciate it: take in the perfumed fragrance and taste the citrusy warmth. Toward the end, you’ll detect the warm bits of yuzu strip at the base. We spoon the tart strip out to eat — flavorful!

Grain Tea Korean Rice Drink

Korean Rice Drink and How to Make it?

Grain tea is exceptionally famous in Korea and like countless Korean beverages, it’s not unexpected alcoholic for its medical advantages. Numerous Koreans drink this tea like water, accepting that it will scrub the body and work on the stomach-related framework. What’s more, it’s additionally caffeine free.

Grain tea can be ready with a tea sack and some heated water. Throughout the colder time of year, hot grain tea is sold in heat-safe PET containers and is accessible throughout the entire year in bottles from candy machines, grocery stores, and accommodation shops. In summer, grain tea is served cold over ice. read more about Why Turkey Fried Rice is Good For You?


Sujeonggwa is a famous customary treat drink otherwise called Korean cinnamon punch. Very much like like, Sujeonggwa is tanked over Korean celebrations and occasions.

Furthermore, in addition to the fact that it tastes delectable, however, it is known to help heartburn (amazing after eating heaps of food during festivities!)

Sujeonggwa is produced using water, cinnamon, ginger, and dried persimmon and can be served hot or cold. Be that as it may, while warming it up, the sweet and zesty fragrance will make your home smell superbly inviting for visitors.

If you want to see more then watch this video.

Dalgona Korean Rice Drink

Whipped espresso — is there much else grand? Dalgona is a foamy espresso that is effectively sat on top of the milk (and looks marvelous on Instagram and Tik Tok). The fixings are essential, nothing extravagant: moment espresso, water, and sugar. In any case, they’re prepared to a caramel tone and cushioned surface. Yum.

You can likewise purchase a green variant of Algona, Dalgona Matcha, which is comparably smooth and rich however with the additional cell reinforcement and detoxifying properties of the matcha tea.

They say that Algona was acquainted with South Korea by an entertainer Jung Il-charm who originally experienced it in Macau. It helped him to remember Algona, a conventional Korean tidbit. Another on 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Singapore Fried Rice.

Milkis Korean Rice Drink

Milk is a Korean soda that we don’t find in the UK: a milk and yogurt pop! Indeed — bubbly milk! It’s made by an organization called Lotte Chilsung utilizing carbonated water, milk, sugar, and corn syrup. There is a wide range of flavors accessible, for example, peach, strawberry, mango, apple, orange, and melon. I figure most inquisitive foodies will need to taste it to attempt it! The taste sensation has been portrayed as a ‘softening mousse’.

Aloe Vera Juice Korean Rice Drink

Aloe vera drinks are massively well known in South Korea since they’re hydrating and reviving, but at the same time, they’re pressed brimming with nutrients, minerals, and fundamental amino acids. Medical advantages incorporate evening out glucose and blood lipid levels, diminishing aggravation, supporting processing, helping your invulnerable framework, and further developing skin versatility.

Yet, the aloe vera juice must be top-notch to encounter these medical advantages and the best, most legitimate taste. Tragically not all aloe vera drinks available are great quality and many are not valid.

Kelly Loves sans sugar aloe vera drink stands apart from others available therefore and is brimming with genuine bits of aloe vera. Drinking aloe vera juice has a large number of medical advantages so adding it to your day-to-day routine is suggested.


Korean beverages are unquestionably an oddity as the flavors and surfaces are frequently unique to the beverages we’re utilized to. While there’s loads of tomfoolery in attempting sweet soft drinks and milkshakes, there are likewise various beverages that are useful for your well-being. With purchasers today looking for top-caliber, regular items that benefit your well-being, South Korea wins.

Is there a way you can re-utilize the malted grain flour (the silt) in other cooking?

I’ve never known about or seen different Koreans re-involving it for cooking. Kindly illuminate me if you know a way! I simply tip mine over to a fertilizer container for garden use.

Do I need to utilize Korean-marked malted grain flour?

By and by, I’ve just attempted Korean malted grain flour, so I don’t be aware without a doubt. Yet, I’ve perused that it is feasible to make like with non-Korean marked malted grain flour. At the point when you do, if it’s not too much trouble, let us in on how it ends up!

Might you at any point make like without a rice cooker?

I referenced it momentarily above. I read that it is feasible to make like in the broiler at the most minimal temperature setting. However, since I have the comfort of a rice cooker, I haven’t attempted it myself yet. Kindly let me know whether you utilize your stove!

How long does the like last?

Whenever refrigerated, it can keep going for an around multi-week. A few Koreans even freeze it for later use too.

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