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Royal Tea – Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Royal Tea - Recipe

Royal tea is so natural to make at home and you don’t need to look excessively far on the grounds that you likely have all that you really want. I have the most delectable recipe for this Japanese beverage to make your mouth water.

It’s basic, and in the wake of scouring our local area for different recipes, we can certainly say it’s the best one you’ll at any point find.

What is Royal Tea? 

What is Royal Tea? 

Royal tea is a Japanese beverage that is made of Assam or Darjeeling tea, milk, and sugar. A beautiful Japanese beverage is likewise frequently called Japanese milk tea.


Japanese milk tea might sound old, yet it really hasn’t been around for that long, particularly taking into account the time of other tea recipes. The beverage was first made by the tea organization Lipton in Japan in 1965. Lipton made a progression of tea recipes, and this one was especially generally welcomed.

Royal Milk Tea Versus Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea Versus Milk Tea

Royal milk tea is made by soaking the tea leaves in both water and milk, while milk tea ordinarily adds milk to prepared tea after you eliminate the tea leaves. Be that as it may, milk tea can allude to a tea with milk inside it.

On the off chance that you are longing for a particular sort of milk tea or requesting one at a bistro, ensure you indicate what you need. Just requesting milk tea probably won’t get you what you’re searching for, and it will not get you Japanese milk tea.

Royal Tea Taste

Japanese milk tea tastes sweet with various notes relying upon what leaves you use. On the off chance that you use Darjeeling, it holds a portion of its pleasantness but is somewhat hearty. In the event that you use Assam tea leaves, the taste changes marginally and becomes more full and a little malty.

The taste will likewise change contingent on the sort of sugar you use. For instance, honey can add some extravagance, while unadulterated sugar will keep it extremely sweet.

Royal Milk Tea Fixings

Royal Milk Tea Fixings

You can make this heavenly Japanese beverage with three explicit fixings, milk, tea leaves, and sugar. This is the thing you want to be familiar with every fixing! Ordinarily, you will involve entire milk for this recipe.

Entire milk gives the beverage an exceptionally rich and full flavor. In any case, you can utilize your number one kind of milk. As indicated previously, Japanese milk tea is generally made with Darjeeling or Assam tea leaves. Both are kinds of teas named for the locale in India they come from. You can get them at any nearby supermarket or tea and zest shop.

Or on the other hand, you could think that they are on the web. I recommend utilizing dried, free leaves. This Japanese milk tea normally utilizes white or earthy-colored sugar, however, you can utilize any sort of sugar you have at home.

Utilizing Powder

You can likewise utilize royal milk tea powder. The powder is a moment blend that is like moment espresso. Rather than soaking your leaves, you simply empty bubbling water in with the general mish-mash. It’s straightforward and a gigantic efficient device, however, the flavor isn’t as new.

You can find this powder on the web, yet you may likewise have the option to find it at a close-by specialty store.

Utilizing Tea Leaves

This recipe calls for utilizing tea leaves. As noticed, the tea leaves ought to be dry and free, and they will soak uninhibitedly in the water and milk. If conceivable, utilize a thermometer to know the water’s precise temperature while heating up your water. In the event that you steep your tea leaves at too high a temperature, you risk destroying the flavor.

Different Flavors

To utilize the powder blend, you can get different tea flavors. For instance, you can have royal milk tea peach, strawberry, or even cherry bloom. Something somewhat unique to a straightforward sweet tea. These flavors make the beverage a piece like a latte.

You could likewise utilize syrup to season your tea, similarly as you would with espresso. You can utilize pre-made syrups or make your own with sugar, water, and your ideal natural product or different flavors.


  • Bubble water in a little pot. Add tea leaves. Diminish the intensity and stew for two minutes.
  • Add milk and stew until all around is consolidated.
  • Eliminate the pot from heat and empty the tea into a cup utilizing a fine-network strainer to get the tea leaves.
  • Add sugar to taste.


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Vitamin A198IU

Dishes to Present With Royal Tea

Each casual get-together requires a few wanton nibbles to be thought of as good. Also, assuming you serve these yummy treats with your illustrious milk tea, have confidence that you will have one amazing evening casual get-together.

Matcha Crepes

Take your standard crepe recipe up an indent by adding matcha powder to the hitter. Matcha is a flat-out staple in Japan, so serving your green-hued crepes with the regal milk tea will be a remarkable hit.

Matcha Mousse

Not precisely a crepe fan? Try not to worry! You have a delicate, smooth, soften-in-the-mouth treat for you – mousse. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be anything muddled all things considered. Track down the most straightforward mousse recipe and simply add a couple of teaspoons of matcha powder to it to totally change your casual get-together.

Almond Scones

Alright, we’re not adding matcha here, however genuinely, who can oppose flushing down superb almond nibbles with velvety milk tea? It’s a combo made in paradise and an outright must-pursue for your tea get-together.

How solid is the Royal Tea?

Royal tea is a reviving and moderately gentle blended drink. As the recipe peruses, its liquor content is 14% ABV (28 proof), or like a glass of wine. Obviously, you can hose that piece without forfeiting flavor by adding more tea.

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