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White Tea vs Green Tea

by Muhammad Nabeel
White Tea vs Green Tea

As you have heard the name, what comes to your mind? Yes! You are thinking right. Today we are talking about white tea vs green tea.

First of all, you must know that all teas are differently processed but of the same plant that is Camellia Sinensis plant. So, keep in your mind that types of teas are due to the processing method that is used.

What Is White Tea?

White tea is a type of tea that is composed of leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Moreover, they are the slightest processed leaves.

White tea is lightly processed. When we prepare white tea, it gives a light and transparent color as we all have an idea because of its name.

What Is Green Tea?

Green Tea is a type of tea that is also composed of leaves and buds of Camellia Sinensis plants but these leaves are not gone through some processes like the oxidation process which is used to make black tea.

Green Tea goes through more processing than white tea. It is yellowish-green in color.

Green Tea is first dried and then it undergoes a process of stopping the oxidation then rolling, drying, and sorting.

White Tea vs Green Tea Harvesting Seasons

White TeaGreen Tea
White tea is mainly harvested in China. Some white teas come from India and Srilanka tooGreen Tea is harvested in almost every country
White tea is harvested in the spring season.Green tea can be harvested in the winter season too.

Which is Better Green Tea vs White Tea?

Green Tea and white tea both are leaves of the same tree which is camellia saneness plant but not too much processed.

They are different due to their processing method white tea is dried directly under the sun. On the other hand, green tea is dried under the shade and then undergoes a few more processes.

As we all know, white tea is less processed than green tea. So, obviously white tea has more antioxidants than green tea.

Green tea is also beneficial for us but if we compare both of them then white tea is more beneficial.

White Tea Benefits

Prevent Cells from Damage

White Tea contains Polyphenols, which act as an antioxidant in our body and prevent our cells from damage.

Decrease the Chances of Heart Disease

Polyphenols help bad cholesterol in our body to get oxidized, which decreases the chances of getting any kind of heart disease.

Improves Teeth Health 

White Tea provides antioxidants like tannins and polyphenols which helps to maintain our teeth’ health

Helps to Fight Cancer Cells

As everyone knows, that white tea is rich in antioxidants and antioxidants fight against cancer cells in our body.

Makes our Skin Look Healthy

Thanks to the antioxidants that are present in white tea help to maintain our skin. Antioxidants like EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) help to fight against bacteria that are not good for our skin.

Side Effects of White Tea

Feels Nausea

If you drink too much white tea so you feel nausea and vomiting because of the presence of tannins in white tea.

Creates Bone Issue

Almost, every type of tea is high in fluoride including white tea and green tea. So fluoride causes problems to our joints and bones.

Studies have shown that 2 cups of white tea is enough per day. If you drink more than 2 cups then you will face many problems. 

Green Tea Benefits

Helps to Prevent Cancer

Research has shown that the countries that have more use of green tea have less ratio of cancer than other countries. Mainly, it helps to prevent stomach, skin, and ovarian cancer.

Anti Inflammatory Properties

Green Tea main constitute is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which has anti-inflammatory properties and it is beneficial for people who are suffering from skin inflammation.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Drinking green tea regularly may help to reduce the risk of stroke.

Lower Cholesterol

To anyone who is trying to lower their cholesterol, so please try green tea instead of normal tea. You will feel much better and you will see a difference in your cholesterol.

Health Hazards of Green Tea

Liver Problems

Researchers have advised people, that if a person is experiencing any kind of liver problem then he or she should avoid green tea.

Sleeping Problem

Some people have problems with caffeine, if they can take more caffeine than they may face sleeping problems including anxiety and depression.

Instructions to Make White Tea

  • Add a teabag of white tea and hot water and wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add sugar or any other sweetener which you use and enjoy your white tea.

How to Make Green Tea

  • Heat water (not boil)
  • Add a green tea bag or leaves.
  • Add a sweetener of your choice and enjoy your green tea.
How much green tea should we consume per day?

If a person drinks three to five cups per day then it will be helpful for our health and it has many positive effects on our body.

How much white tea should we consume per day?

If we drink two cups of white tea daily then it will not affect our health. Don’t drink more than 2 cups per day it will not good for our health.

Which is healthier for us green tea or white tea?

Both are healthier in their own ways. Both have different benefits for our health. But if we compare both of these then white tea is healthier. Because it is less processed than green tea and has more antioxidants than green tea.
So in short, white tea is healthier for us.

Which tea is more beneficial for losing weight?

Green Tea is the most common tea when it comes to losing weight and it has many more health benefits but it is most popular for its weight-losing properties.

Who should stay away from green tea?

If a person has any type of liver disease, psychological problem, kidney disease, and diabetes then a person should avoid green tea. Otherwise, it will worsen your disease.

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