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Types of Green Tea

by Muhammad Nabeel
Types of Green Tea

So guys! we are here again to tell you about the types of green tea. But first of all, you guys need to know about green tea.

I know you guys have heard the name green tea many times and obviously, you also have drunk green tea so many times. But you don’t have much information about green tea.

The first question that should arise in your mind after reading this topic is: What is green tea?

What is Green Tea?

Green Tea is a type of tea that is produced from a plant called Camellia Sinensis Plant. This plant also produces other types of teas like black tea, oolong tea, and white tea.

They all differ due to their harvesting time, processing, and their growing circumstances.

There are many different types of green tea which is due to the country in which they grow and their method of growing.

Types of Green Tea from China

Here first I am telling you about the types of green tea that are grown in China.


Its name gunpowder is called due to its specific shape which is like a rolled leaf. It is popular on the west side and is mostly used in the making of mint tea. Its taste is tangy and acidic. That some people like.


It is also called Dragon’s Wells. It is manufactured in China but in Zheijhang city. This city is China’s topmost tea city. It has a huge amount of antioxidants like catechins are present in it. Therefore it has many health benefits for us. It helps to remove toxins from our bodies. It is harvested in the spring season.


This type of green tea is an excellent type of green tea. It is largely produced in the Jiangxi province of China. But now it is also manufactured in different cities and provinces of China. Its taste is lightly sharp as compared to others.


Mao Feng is manufactured in the Jiangsu region. It gives a sugary flavor and herbal taste. It is called one of the highest-quality tea in China. Its taste is best for people who are trying green tea first time.

Types of Green Tea from Japan

Types of green teas that are manufactured in Japan.


The first type of tea is grown in Japan. Its meaning is brewed tea in Japanese. It is commonly manufactured tea in Japan. Its taste depends upon the region in which it grows. Sometimes its taste is sweet and sometimes its taste is sharp. It is a light tea that gets bigger directly under the sun. Whereas, other types of green teas grow in the sun shade.


This type of tea is used almost daily by Japanese people. It is the tea that Japanese people drink the most. That’s why people have given its name to “ordinary tea”. It is made from old leaves. It helps in digestion. Therefore, it is best for after mealtime. It has low caffeine than Gyokuro and Sencha.


It is also called “pearl of a dew” and ” precious dew”. One of the teas that are grown in the shade and the most purified tea in Japan. It gives a fresh taste. It is the first te of the season that is harvested. Moreover, it is grown on the island of Kyushu.


Matcha tea is Japan’s high-quality tea. Its leaves are pulverized and when it becomes powder it is mixed n hot water. Your tea is prepared with green color and its taste is vegetative and fruity. Day by day it is becoming a more necessary part of the life of Western people.


Its other names are “brown rice tea” and “popcorn tea”. The type of Sencha tea but the color is green mixed with pot-roasted rice grains. It contains little amount of caffeine, which makes it appropriate for people who are avoiding caffeine. It is not bad if you drink it at night because it is relatively low in caffeine.

Types of Green tea from India

Green Darjeeling

The only tea that is manufactured in India. People have given it the name “The champagne of teas”.Tea is the most well-known tea. It is harvested between the months of March and November. It is grown between sun and mist.

Types of Green Tea Flavors

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Its flavor is so healing and it lights up your day. It freshens up your mode and brings back your dropping energy. It also helps in digestion

Tulsi Flavor Green Tea

Tulsi is known for its sweet-smelling leaves. When it is mixed with green tea it gives a delightful taste and it improves our immune system.

Chamomile Green Tea 

Chamomile is a flower that is mixed with green tea to give guys new taste to people who love to drink green tea.

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine is also a flower that is flavored with green tea to give you many benefits like it helps to fight against arthritis.

Honey Lemon Green Tea

Honey and lemon are combined with green tea. In the mouth, it gives so an amusing taste that you want to drink it again and again.

Which type of green tea is best?

Matcha green tea is commonly called the best of all teas. Because it contains the whole leaf nutrients in it.

Which green tea is best for morning time and afternoon time?

Sencha green tea is best to start your day and also in the afternoon time because it contains almost 50 mg of caffeine in each cup. So in my opinion, you should drink Sencha green tea in the morning and afternoon time.

Green Tea that is best for the evening time?

If you are looking forward to getting a good sleep at night then you must have to take low-caffeine green tea in the evening time. I recommend you to take Hojicha green tea which is relatively low in caffeine.

What are the benefits of green tea?

It has many health benefits as it helps us to fight against cancer cells. Moreover, it helps to burn belly fat and prevents heart diseases like heart stroke.

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