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Asian Yogurt Drink – Best Options For You

by Muhammad Nabeel
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Asian Yogurt Drink

Asian yogurt drink are a tasty and cool way to consume yogurt. They come in a variety of tastes and may be eaten hot or cold. Mango, strawberry, and blueberry are a few of the most well-liked tastes.

Asian yogurt drink are an additional excellent source of calcium and protein.

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Best 8 Asian Yogurt Drink


When discussing Korean yogurt drinks, Yakult is likely one of the first names that come to mind. This company is well-known worldwide and has a sizable consumer base.


Vast numbers of people have benefited from the Yakult Probiotic Drink, which has roughly 6.5 billion Lcs and it has helped with stomach issues and improved gut health. This 60 ml container has just the right quantity of probiotic nutrients for a single person.

You may easily consume this and maintain intestinal health. It boosts your immunity and has no other tastes.

Mango Lassi

One of the most generally known lassi types is mango lassi, which is made with yogurt (dahi) and fresh mango. It frequently contains cardamom, water, and occasionally sugar.

Mango Lassi

The combination is kept going until the beverage becomes frothy and creamy. Mango lassi should always be served cool.

One of the various lassi varieties, this sweet mango kind is the one that may be most often seen on the menu of Indian restaurants even outside of India.

Lotte Milkis Soft Soda – Asian Yogurt Drink

The strawberry-flavored Lotte Milkis Soft soda is a great yogurt-based beverage. Additional types offered by the company include orange, muskmelon, mango, peach, pineapple, banana, and apple.

Lotte Milkis Soft Soda

It’s the perfect option for a yogurt drink because of the taste combination of plain yogurt and the punch of carbonation. It is extremely cooling and works as a decent replacement in locations where you cannot find genuine Korean yogurt.

On hot days, the tingling feeling that the soda base produces in the tongue may be rather pleasant. This is a good option if you want a yogurt-based beverage.

Ayran – Asian Yogurt Drink

Ayran, also known as doogh, is a savory yogurt-based drink that is most typically associated with Iran and Turkey but is also popular throughout the Middle East. India and the Balkans also have similar drinks.


The beverage has a long history, and while it is hard to pinpoint its precise origin, it is probable that it originated concurrently in many regions of the globe.

Salt, yogurt, and cold (or ice) water are merged to create dough. It is often paired with a variety of herbs and spices, including pepper or mint, although sometimes fruit or vegetables can also be used.

It is also occasionally transformed into a carbonated drink.

Korean Soju Yogurt – Asian Yogurt Drink

If you’re unknown with soju, a yogurt cocktail may seem absurd, yet yogurt soju is common in Korea and throughout Asia. The fact that it just needs three elements to make is the greatest part.

Korean Soju Yogurt - Asian Yogurt Drink

Private homes may include it, and bar menus frequently include it.

This Korean yogurt cocktail recipe blends a fruit-flavored or plain Asian yogurt drink that is similar to kefir or lassi with a bubbly soda and soju, a clear distilled liquor derived from rice that many people compare to vodka and can be replaced for Soju.

 Thai Iced Tea Yogurt – Asian Yogurt Drink

Thai iced tea pairs well with everything salty, including curries and all the spicy food you can get at Thai restaurants. It is sweet, creamy, and fragrant.

 Thai Iced Tea Yogurt - Asian Yogurt Drink

Since you may have it with your meal and it practically has the flavor of the dessert, how could we as kids say no? Boba Guys often allow clients to customize the sweetness of their drinks to their preferences, but for this drink, you definitely want it sweet.

Japanese Uji Matcha Green Tea Yogurt – Asian Yogurt Drink

Antioxidants and vital elements are great in matcha. Yogurt is a fantastic protein source that is also great for your microbiota. Recently, there has been a lot of focus on the microbiome, and for good reason!

Japanese Uji Matcha Green Tea Yogurt - Asian Yogurt Drink

Matcha is an affordable way to improve your everyday health and fitness. The preparation of matcha merely takes a few seconds, and you’ll like it.

Woongjin Nature’s Coco Yogurt – Asian Yogurt Drink

The ideal thing is when you can get a yogurt drink in a bottle with a strong taste and light consistency. Woongjin Nature’s Coco Yogurt is furthermore available in a range of flavors, including peach, apple, and sour pineapple.

Woongjin Nature’s Coco Yogurt - Asian Yogurt Drink

It is energizing and rich in beneficial microbial components. It is the ideal option for days when it’s sunny and you want to eat light.

With the Woongjin line of yogurt drinks, which both children and adults like drinking, the company has established itself firmly in the market.

Health Benefits of Asian Yogurt Drink

Probiotics – Asian Yogurt Drink

Probiotics are a variety of beneficial microorganisms for the gut. They aid in digestive system regulation and lessen bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation.

Yogurt as well as other probiotic meals may improve the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Whereas, probiotics may strengthen the immune system, assist with weight control, and lower the risk of cancer, according to some studies.

Calcium – Asian Yogurt Drink

Regarding bioavailability, dairy products are among the top dietary sources of calcium.

For the growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth, calcium is crucial. Additionally, it is necessary for blood clotting, wound recovery, and preserving normal blood pressure.

The optimum combination for calcium-rich meals is one that also includes vitamin D, as vitamin D aids in calcium absorption in the small intestine.

It’s Rich in Protein – Asian Yogurt Drink

A whopping 12 grams of protein are included in 8 ounces (227 grams) of yogurt.

By raising your energy expenditure, or the number of calories you burn during the day, protein has been found to support metabolism.

Getting adequate protein is essential for controlling hunger because it boosts the release of hormones that indicate fullness. It could assist you in consuming fewer calories overall, which is advantageous for managing your weight.

Digestive Repair – Asian Yogurt Drink

The Yakult probiotics’ first big advantage is that they help your body digest food. Your body digests and absorbs a large portion of the food you consume thanks to all the beneficial bacteria that live in your intestines.

Your whole digestive tract functions somewhat better when you consume meals high in probiotic microorganisms. Two servings of Yakult should be consumed each day if you struggle with regularity.

Immune System Aid

Including the Shirota strain in your diet can help to maintain a strong immune system. Since a large portion of your immune system protection is located inside your gut, the bacteria in your gut not only assist in breaking down your food for you but also contribute to your overall health.

These bacteria can locate and destroy some harmful bacteria that enter the digestive system. Therefore, you can assist your body’s capacity to defend itself by delivering that your gut has good LCS.

It Could Strengthen the Heart

One of the factors contributing to the ongoing debate about yogurt’s healthfulness is its high-fat level. With only a minor percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids, it primarily consists of saturated fat.

Prior to a recent study, it was thought that saturated fat was the main factor in heart disease. However, low-fat and fat-free yogurt varieties are still popular in the US.


Does Yakult help with diabetes?

When included in a healthy diet, Yakult is appropriate for diabetics. The amount of sugar in each container of Yakult Original (red top) and Yakult Light (blue top) is 8.8g and 2.9g, respectively.
This should be taken into account when calculating your overall calorie consumption.

Can I consume Yakult when I’m hungry?

Oh, come on! even if you feel in good health and are trouble-free. Prevention is always preferable to treatment! Second, while probiotics may be used at any time of the day, taking them on an empty stomach may maximise their advantages.

Conclusion – Asian Yogurt Drink

Here I have described the best Asian yogurt drink that you should try. These all are not only tasty and delicious but also healthy for the human body.

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