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Yukga Korean BBQ | A Place To Visit

by Muhammad Nabeel
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Yukga Korean BBQ | A Place To Visit

Yukga Korean BBQ is a Korean bbq restaurant as it is pretty obvious by its name but if you want to know a bit more about it then keep reading.

There are other Korean BBQ restaurants Jin Korean BBQ, Quarters Korean BBQ, 10 Butchers Korean BBQ, and many more that provide a lot of options on their menus.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is a unique experience of grilling meat and vegetables at your table. Its versatility makes it perfect for meat lovers, pescetarians, and vegetarians. You can also enjoy it indoors! But for the best experience, knowing how to cook Korean-style barbecue is important. That’s why we’ve created this definitive guide to guide you through your next delicious adventure. We’ll show you everything you need to know about this customizable feast, so get ready to take notes!

Korean barbecue or gogigui (고기구이) is a method of grilling marinated meat at the dinner table. Korean BBQ restaurants usually have gas or charcoal grills built into the table. Meat is traditionally served to customers raw for grilling. However, the grilled meat can also be marinated and delivered. You can enjoy Korean barbecue in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a portable stovetop for grilling. For example, I often see people enjoying Korean in Korean parks.

Korean BBQ vs. American BBQ

Korean BBQ usually uses small cuts of meat. Today, most Western grills use large cuts such as pork ribs or whole chicken. Also, while Western barbecues usually require the meat to be smoked beforehand, Koreans start with raw marinated meat. Both are very similar to western barbecue in that they both grill the meat. However, both are different in the parts of meat that are mainly used.

Recently, the popularity of Korean BBQ has skyrocketed due to the growing interest in Korean pop culture. I am attracted to barbecue. For example, you can now enjoy Korean BBQ in London! Moreover, this Korean dish easily attracts many people due to its delicious combination of flavors. Part of its popularity is due to the unique experience Korean restaurants offer their customers. Certainly, it is rare to cook and eat as much as you like at a restaurant. However, since there are few opportunities for communal dining, it is a pleasure to enjoy Korean barbecue on the weekends.

Calories in K-BBQ

A Korean grilled dish is about 1200 calories, depending on the grilled meat and side dishes. However, it’s not entirely unhealthy, as it’s high in protein and has plenty of healthy side dishes – it’s the ultimate cheat meal you won’t regret!

Korean BBQ Meat

Here are some of the most common Korean barbecue meat dishes on menus. Beef is one of the standard proteins used in Korean BBQ. However, pork is usually the star when it comes to Korean food. If you don’t like beef or pork, you can also choose chicken.

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu Lunch Ayce

Beef brisket

Beef bulgogi

Pork belly

Spicy pork

Pork jowl

Soy chicken

Spicy octopus

Beef belly

Sliced pork belly

Spicy pork jowl

Spicy Chicken

Garlic butter shrimp

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu Gold Ayce

Rib eye

LA galbi

Thin galbi

Beef tar tar

Small intestine


Cajun seafood

NY steak

Seasoned rib finger

Hanging tender

Ddeok galbi

Large intestine


Yukga Korean BBQ Menu Gold Ayce

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu Platinum Ayce

Rib eye

LA galbi

Thin galbi

Beef tar tar

Short rib

Spicy short rib

Beef tongue

NY steak

Seasoned rib finger

Hanging tender

Ddeok galbi

Original galbi

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu Side Dishes

Jap Chae

Spicy rice cake

Kimchi pancake

Scallion pancake

Fish cake

Corn cheese

Soft tofu

Korean Fried soy chicken

Korean Fried spicy chicken

Truffle french fry

Fried dumpling

Rice cake skewer

Egg soup

Cream shrimp

Radish wrap

Lettuce wrap


Steam rice

Sushi rice


Bean sprout

Onion salad

Green onion salad

Potato salad


Al sauce

Sweet chili sauce

Truffle oil


Sliced potato




Garlic with sesame oil

Garlic with butter

Asparagus Lemon Jalapeno

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu Soup

(1 order/person)

Bean soup

Kimchi soup

Tofu soup

Small Dish

(1 order/person)


Cold Noodle

Spicy cold noodle

Soft Drink


Diet coke



Orange juice

Apple juice

Korean Soft Drink

Demi apple

Demi orange

Korean sprite


Ginger Ale

Ginger ale

  • Original
  • Blood orange
  • Passion fruit


Chamisul original

Chamisul Fresh

Jinro is back

Premium soju

Flavored Soju

Green apple

Green grape


Raspberry wine

Rice wine

Flavored Soju




Bud light

Blue moon

Stella Artois

Yukga Korean BBQ Menu Lunch Combo

LA – Galbi Combo

Bulgogi Combo

Spicy pork combo

Beef tartar bi bim bap combo

Hot stone bi bim bap combo

Small intestine casserole

(Choose any one from)

Cold noodle

Spicy cold noodle

Bean soup

Kimchi soup

Tofu soup


What you should not do at Korean bbq?

Immediately grilling the meat once the grill is hot is a big no-no.
Do not over-flip your meat but make sure it is sufficiently cooked!
Please don’t overload your lettuce wrap.
Don’t slather your lettuce wrap with sauce either!
Do not pile banchan on your plate.
Or ignore the side dishes at your table.

What makes Korean bbq special?

One of the key things that separate Korean barbecue from many American barbecue traditions is the meat itself. I use it as a centerpiece, but Korean BBQ is more focused. Generally on skewers or grills of beef, pork, or chicken.

What kind of meat is used in Korean bbq?

Beef and pork are the most commonly used proteins for grilling. Depending on the cut, the meat can be easily seasoned and grilled or marinated before cooking.


Reading this you will find yourself in a place where you just want to visit them and believe me they won’t disappoint.

All it will take is a little bit of your time to read the following related article.

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