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Bubble Tea Ice Cream – Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Bubble Tea Ice Cream - Recipe

Our bubble tea ice cream recipe is the precisely exact thing you really want on the off chance that you’d prefer to eat boba than drink it. Boba milk tea is the ideal virus drink on a hot day and is significantly more wonderful as a frozen sweet. Persistent flavor testing locally acquired frozen treats, making them ourselves, and heaps of tweaking, I, at last, nailed it.

Our recipe is scrumptious, straightforward, and has not had many fixings. So rather than spending a fortune at the supermarket, make boba bars in your home with this simple recipe.

What Does Bubble Tea Ice Cream Consist of? 

Our bubble tea ice cream recipe is made of milk tea, custard pearls, corn flour, twofold cream, sugar, and eggs. The excellence of our recipe is that a large number of the fixings are logical currently in your kitchen pantry.

The frenzy for this frozen boba treat began on TikTok. Thus, loads of individuals have recorded themselves attempting it, and some have even shot themselves making it.

What Does Bubble Tea Ice Cream Consist of? 

If you would rather not make a custom-made bubble tea ice cream recipe, you can likewise get it on the web. Large brands, for example, Walls and Settle have begun making their own renditions of this delectable frozen dessert.

Notwithstanding, except if you’re in the Asian district, if it’s not too much trouble, note that you might need to arrange it from a global store. The virus treatment is presently accessible in numerous Asian nations, however, it still can’t seem to stir things up around town retail locations in different areas of the planet.

Ideally, the pattern will arrive in your neighborhood, and you’ll get to get it from a close by store! Nonetheless, on the off chance that you can hardly sit tight for it any longer, then, at that point, read on and evaluate our simple home recipe!

What Does Bubble Tea Ice Cream Pose a Flavor Like?

Our bubble tea ice cream tastes sweet, smooth, and rich. It has the commonplace surface of a frozen yogurt bar with a touch of bite from the custard pearls.

Bubble Tea Ice Cream Types

Bubble Tea Ice Cream Types

There is a wide range of kinds of this clique’s most loved boba bar, and with our custom-made recipe, there is potential for almost any flavor you can imagine. Here are probably the most well-known types. 

This rendition is the norm for a bubble tea ice cream recipe. It’s a plain, basic milk tea with custard pearls however frozen. Individuals love its cool, delicate serve surface and exemplary get-back to bubble tea. 

Earthy-Colored Sugar Bubble Tea Ice Cream

This form of the sweet treat is basically exactly the same thing, however, incorporates earthy-colored sugar. Earthy-colored sugar is blended in with the custard pearls to give a previously unheard-of flavor.

It makes the bars much better and is tasty with the boba. In the event that you’re pondering where to purchase earthy-colored sugar bubble tea ice cream, you might have to visit your Asia supermarket and get it from that point.

I found that nations, for example, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore are now selling them in neighborhood supermarkets and frozen yogurt parlors. On the off chance that you’re in different pieces of the globe, for the present, you might need to arrange for it to be globally sent to your nearby country.

Espresso Bubble Tea Ice Cream

Espresso bubble tea ice cream is a precisely exact thing it seems like, the sweet treat with espresso. The espresso adds a dash to your day and makes the bars considerably more extravagant.

Our recipe will tell you the best way to make a standard boba frozen yogurt recipe, yet you can undoubtedly adjust it to make any of the assortments referenced above and investigate different flavors.

Bubble Tea Ice Cream Filling

Bubble Tea Ice Cream Filling

This bubble tea ice cream recipe can be loaded up with anything you like. These are a portion of our top picks.

Custard Balls

Most recipes for this treat will have custard balls, and understandably. It’s a tasty filling, and it’s generally straightforward. Note that it’s ideal to make your own custard balls, as handcrafted ones are better when frozen. Additionally, you need your custard pearls to be chewy when frozen, not rock hard.

Red Bean

Before you look down on red bean filling, listen to us. It is really awesome and delectable. Similarly, as its name proposes, it is produced using red beans, which are exceptionally normal in Japanese sweets. The expansion of sugar makes it so delicious, and the method involved with making it incorporates bubbling it and blending water, making for a smooth, glue-like surface.

New Organic Product

The new organic product is additionally heavenly in boba frozen yogurt bars. Also, pretty much any new natural product will do. So on the off chance that you’ve known about it in a frozen treat, you can remember it for this one. Strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, and even bananas are sweet and delicious in these bars.

Squashed Oreos

Anybody with a sweet tooth will cherish the treats and cream rendition of this boba frozen yogurt recipe. Pulverize up certain Oreos or any dim treat, and put them inside. For really fine treat scraps, squash them with a moving pin inside a plastic baggie.

For greater lumps, pulverizing the treats with your hands will be sufficient. To attempt the oreo filling, go on, yet note that this will make a thick and rich surface.

Caramel and Nuts

Attempt a filling of caramel and nuts in this bubble tea ice cream recipe. A delectable wind leaves space for loads of flexibility. You can utilize any nuts you like, yet we are inclined toward walnuts, pecans, and pistachios. Search for fragments or squashed pieces for the best surface and a more dental-accommodating filling. Utilize any caramel sauce you like.

Get Inventive

Assuming that none of the fillings sounds great to you, get imaginative in the kitchen and concocted a filling that suits your inclination. There are vast measures of food sources you can place in this bar. Notwithstanding, the main food varieties to stay away from are the ones that don’t freeze well. If not, anything will work.


A commonplace bubble tea ice cream recipe doesn’t call for garnishes, however, in the event that you like to have fixings on your bars, you can have them. Here are a few choices.


Any sweet ice dessert generally tastes better with syrup, and in light of the fact that you have it in a bar structure doesn’t mean you really want to pass up the good times. Shower your number one syrup over the bubble tea ice cream bar prior to serving it. Earthy-colored sugar syrup or honey are delectable choices.

Hard Shell

You can likewise make a hard shell by dunking your bar in something softened like dull, milk, white chocolate, or matcha. The plunge will freeze and make a very scrumptious shell. Also, plunging it in squashed almonds ahead of time will add some additional crunch.

This bubble tea ice cream recipe will tell you the best way to make bubble tea ice cream with dim chocolate and squashed almonds. In any case, the last step is discretionary. You can skip it in the event that you like.


  • Combine as one the egg yolks and sugar.
  • Plan 400ml milk tea. Add sugar to add pleasantness. On the off chance that you’re utilizing a milk tea powder, add milk rather than water to the boba frozen yogurt blend for a smoother surface.
  • Add the yolk combination and cornstarch with milk tea and mix over low intensity until it thickens. Put this to the side to cool for 30 minutes.
  • Add 400ml of twofold cream and custard pearls to the blend.
  • Fill your molds with the blend. Leave your boba frozen yogurt to set for the time being.
  • Plunge your air pocket tea frozen yogurt bar into a softened combination of dull chocolate and squashed almonds. Set this on material paper in the refrigerator to make a hard shell.

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