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Almond Milk Tea: Dairy-Free Bubble Tea

by Khadija Tahir
Almond Milk Tea: Dairy-Free Bubble Tea

Velvety, smooth, and light almond milk tea with boba pearls. This bubble tea is sans dairy, simple to make, and tastes astounding. Made with earthy-colored sugar custard pearls and almond pieces.

As an enormous enthusiast of everything bubble tea, I could in a real sense drink one each and every day. However, in some cases milk can be somewhat weighty, so I wind up searching for a lighter other option. Almond milk is a splendid substitute for cow’s milk, as it’s delicious, light, and ideal for milk tea.

Almond Milk Tea: Dairy-Free Bubble Tea

Increasingly more air pocket coffeehouses all around the globe have begun utilizing plant-based milk as a choice to cow’s milk. Almond milk is typically a top decision since it has next to no flavor and doesn’t modify the flavor of air pocket tea.

This Almond Milk Tea recipe is basically the sans-dairy adaptation of plain Taiwanese air pocket tea made with Dark tea and boba pearls. I’ll let you in on confidentiality! You can utilize almond milk in any of my other air pocket tea recipes like Jasmine Green Tea, Bubble Tea Ice Cream, Vivi Bubble Tea, or Ginger Green Tea.

Does This Recipe Have Dairy?

The way to almond milk tea is by utilizing almond milk, which is completely sans dairy. This implies that the beverage is likewise 100 percent vegetarian, as no other kind of dairy is utilized.

Since this almond bubble tea is completely sans dairy, it’s more straightforward in absorption and ideal for those with lactose prejudice. Almond milk has little flavor, so it won’t change the kind of bubble tea. Nonetheless, it’s smoother and less velvety in surface, making for a lot lighter beverage.

What Does it Possess a Flavor Like?

What Does it Possess a Flavor Like?

Almond milk tea has an extremely gentle and smooth flavor, with simply the littlest sprinkle of nutty taste. In spite of the fact that almond milk is produced using almonds, it doesn’t really have major areas of strength for a taste. All things considered, it has a little smidgen of nuttiness and is extremely light on the surface.

Contrasted with cow’s milk, almond milk makes bubble teas a lot lighter and less smooth. This goes with almond bubble tea an ideal decision when you need a scrumptious, yet light beverage.

The fundamental flavor in almond bubble tea comes from the tea used to get ready and earthy colored sugar syrup. Any sort of tea can be utilized, however the most well-known is Assam, Oolong, or Green tea.

Why Use Almond Milk Rather Than Ordinary Milk?

Most bubble teas are ready with either normal cow’s milk or purified milk powder. Normal milk gives milk teas a bright smooth and smooth surface. Albeit rich air pocket teas are astonishing, now and then a lighter option can be more fitting.

Almond milk is an extraordinary substitute for ordinary milk in bubble teas since it has little flavor, so it will not modify the taste. It’s additionally a lot lighter and less rich, so it’s perfect in summer.

Almond bubble tea is additionally an extraordinary decision for individuals on exceptional eating regimens, similar to without dairy or vegetarian. Since dairy can in some cases be hard to process, almond milk is an extraordinary other option.

Why This is Perfect?

Why This is Perfect?

Without dairy and veggie lovers: Who could do without drinks that are tasty, yet in addition better? This recipe is totally without dairy and veggie lovers, reasonable for most weight control plans.

Lighter than ordinary milk tea: Almond milk is lighter in surface than customary milk, making this drink ideal for summer. It will likewise leave you feeling less full than ordinary milk tea.

Simple to make: This almond bubble tea recipe requires just minutes to get ready and requires no exceptional abilities or gear.

Less expensive than purchasing available: At the cost of one locally acquired almond bubble tea, you could likely have 10-fold the number at home! What’s more, they will taste shockingly better.


There are not very many fixings expected to make this recipe, a large portion of which can be tracked down in customary shops or on the web.

Almond Milk

This is the vital fix in this recipe. I suggest utilizing unsweetened almond milk, so the beverage isn’t excessively sweet.


Any sort of tea can be utilized, despite the fact that I for one like dark tea. See the part beneath on the most proficient method to choose the best tea for this recipe.

Boba Pearls

Utilize speedy cook custard pearls for fast and simple outcomes. I like to utilize Wu Fu Yuan earthy-colored sugar custard pearls since they require just 5 minutes to cook.

Earthy-Colored Sugar

Used to make earthy-colored sugar syrup. Any kind of earthy-colored sugar works, however, I suggest utilizing muscovado sugar for a more profound, caramelized flavor.

Weighty Cream

This fixing is altogether discretionary, to return some richness to the beverage. I suggest utilizing plant-based weighty or whipping cream, similar to almond, soy, or oat cream.

Which Tea Goes Best With Almond Milk?

Which Tea Goes Best With Almond Milk?

Almond milk functions admirably with basically every sort of tea, and it very well may be involved the same way as customary milk. Here are the absolute most ideal choices:

Dark Tea

Dark tea is rich, profound flavors with traces of chocolate. This sort of tea has higher oxidation levels, giving it a malty taste. Here are the best sorts of dark tea to use with almond milk:

Assam tea – the most well-known kind of dark tea, Assam tea works perfectly with almond milk. It has a rich, malted flavor that matches well with the inconspicuous nuttiness of almond milk.

English breakfast tea – contains a mix of various composed of dark tea, similar to Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan dark tea. I suggest involving English breakfast tea toward the beginning of the day, alongside a sound serving of Rich tea bread rolls.

Duke Dim – has an unobtrusive citrus flavor from the bergamot oil used to make it. Duke Dim tea functions admirably with almond milk, as it’s light and fragrant.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is the center ground between dark tea and green tea, Oolong is perfect with almond milk. The kinds of Oolong can run from flower and light to more extravagant and smokier. Here are my number one sorts of Oolong tea to use with almond milk:

Ti Kuan Yi – has an extremely botanical and fruity flavor, with traces of berries. Ti Kuan Yi tea coordinates very well with the delicacy of almond milk.

High Mountain Oolong – has a smooth and sweet flavor with traces of apricots. The smoothness of High Mountain Oolong pairs very well with almond milk.

Oriental Magnificence Tea – has a more profound and more extravagant flavor, with traces of honey. Oriental Magnificence Tea is an extraordinary decision for a more grounded brew.

Green Tea

Green tea is an extremely light kind of tea, as tea is left untreated. It’s an extraordinary choice to use with almond milk when you need a light, breezy beverage. Here are my #1 sorts of green tea to use for almond milk tea:

Jasmine Green Tea – an extremely flower and light tea, that impeccably matches the daintiness of almond milk. See my aide on Jasmine Milk Tea and supplant ordinary milk with almond milk.

Sencha – is the most famous kind of green tea that delivers an extremely crisp-tasting tea. Sencha green tea is perfect to use with almond milk on warm mid-year days for an invigorating air pocket tea.

Matcha – is a sort of green tea that is ground into a fine powder. It has a bright green, lush flavor that in a split second leaves you feeling revived. Matcha can likewise be exceptionally foamy whenever arranged accurately, so there’s no requirement for additional cream. Guarantee you pick a stylized grade matcha tea for the best character.

Instructions to Make Almond Milk Tea

Instructions to Make Almond Milk Tea

Planning Almond Milk Tea is extremely fast and simple, and just requires a couple of moments. The most tedious part is cooking the sugar syrup. In the event that you’re in a hurry, you can basically supplant it with honey.

Cook the sugar and water together until the fluid transforms into a thick, yet runny syrup.

Independently, cook the custard pearls. Place them in an ice shower subsequent to cooking.

Blend the boba pearls into the hot sugar syrup and cook for a couple of moments.

Set up the tea as indicated by the bundle guidelines.

Collecting the almond bubble tea is truly fun, this is the way to make it happen:

Place the cooked boba and sugar syrup in a huge glass.

Pour tea on top, about ¾ of the way.

Top with almond milk and add ice 3D shapes whenever wanted.

Discretionary: top with cream and almond chips for enrichment.

Achievement Tips and Deceives

Unsweetened almond milk: it’s ideal to utilize unsweetened almond milk to keep the air pocket tea from turning out to be excessively sweet. Likewise, this way you have some control over the degree of pleasantness in the beverage.

Set up the tea accurately: tea is a significant fix in this boba recipe, so it’s vital to set it upright. Soaking tea for a really long time can make it taste harsh, so adhere to the directions on the bundle.

Top with cream: almond milk is exceptionally light on the surface, so adding a couple of teaspoons of cream on top will bring back some smoothness.

Serve right away: bubble teas should be served new when they’re made. This will guarantee the best flavor and surface for boba pearls.

Use bubble straws: at whatever point custard pearls are added, utilizing unique straws is fundamental.

The Most Effective Method to Store

Almond Milk Tea should be filled in when it’s ready for the best flavor and surface. You can brew the tea ahead of time and store it in the cooler for a couple of days.

Cooked boba pearls should be consumed within a limit of 2 hours for the best surface. On the off chance that left for longer, they can turn out to be hard and disagreeable.

Is this recipe veggie lover?

Indeed, this recipe is totally vegetarian and sans dairy. On the off chance that utilizing cream on top, guarantee it is likewise plant-based, for example, oat or soy cream.

Does almond bubble tea have caffeine?

Almond bubble tea is commonly ready with a tea base. Despite which sort of tea you use (green, Oolong, or dark), they generally contain caffeine. For sans caffeine, pick a decaffeinated tea assortment.

What number of calories are in almond milk tea with boba?

Almond milk tea with boba can contain between 400-600 calories. The specific calories really rely on how much sugar syrup is utilized. This recipe contains 400 calories, including boba pearls and 3 tablespoons of sugar syrup.

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