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What Do You Want To Now About Real Fruit Bubble Tea

by Muhammad Nabeel
What Do You Want To Now About Real Fruit Bubble Tea

Real Fruit Bubble Tea, sound familiar right? If not then read this till the end you will become as familiar as you want to be.

Bubble tea sounds funny but it is right its name is because it has bubbles as the most used topping. This explains the name of bubble tea.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea or boba tea is a tea-based beverage that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. Served in a sealed plastic cup with an oversized straw with sweetened milk and chewy tapioca balls is well known. I always found it interesting.

There is some debate as to who actually invented boba tea. According to one story, the owner of Chun Shuitang Tea House, a tea house in Taichung City, central Taiwan, claimed that he came up with the idea to serve cold tea after noticing that coffee was served cold during a visit to Japan. did.

One day at a staff meeting, the product development manager poured tapioca into her drink, and the first boba tea was born. Another one of her stories is from another tea shop in Tainan, southern Taiwan, Handling Her Tea Shop. The owner says he was inspired by seeing white tapioca for sale at the local market.

He decided to mix it into his tea and created “pearl tea”.

Tapioca balls come in different sizes. The larger, darker ones are called boba, and the smaller, white, or amber ones are called pearls. These days you can swap names depending on who you ask and where you come from. In Taiwan, it’s a north-south thing.

In the US, it could be a West Coast versus East Coast conflict. The north and south have their own tastes, in California alone. It’s even rumored that the word “foam” in tapioca tea doesn’t actually refer to the topping, but to the foam that forms when the milk is shaken.

Tea to Use For Bubble Tea

Black tea is more common when making bubble tea but it isn’t necessary for black tea to be available. Other types of teas like light tea, green tea, jasmine tea, and oolong tea are good options

Milk to Use For Bubble Tea

Whole milk is best and that is not only for its taste but also because of its capability to make foam when it is shaken and the making of foam is somewhat the reason which gives bubble tea its name. Other options can be soy milk and almond milk because of non-dairy types of milk but I have tried these myself. For me, whole milk is at the top.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea

At Real Fruit Bubble Tea, we use only the freshest fruit, green tea infused with jasmine and tapioca. Delivering you a healthy and delicious treat that is made just the way you like, served hot or cold!
We have a freshness guarantee. Our green tea and tapioca is made fresh hourly. The fruit we use is handpicked, fresh and prepared on site, we never use preservatives and it’s never frozen – ensuring a tasty and healthy snack!

ReAl fruit bubble tea

Tips For Bubble Tea

For a frothy effect, add tea, syrup, milk, and ice to a shaker and shake for 6 seconds. Then put everything in a glass with syrup boba.

If you use milk instead of tea, it will have a creamy taste. You can substitute honey, caster sugar, cane sugar, or agave syrup for simple syrup.

It’s best to use quick-cook or pre-made boba to save time. Cooked boba has a shelf life of about 3 hours, so only cook enough boba for your serving.

Do not store cooked boba in the refrigerator. Drink fresh boba tea. The longer the boba is left in the cold, the faster it will harden.

The good thing about homemade soba tea is that you can adjust the sweetness, the amount of ice, the type of tea, etc. to your liking.

Common Misconceptions About Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a drink itself rather than a tea as many of us might have thought. It has a milk base but it can also be tea, ice, and juices.

Tapioca pearls or bubbles are used as toppings but are not the only topping choices. Other tasty topping options are mango chunks, fruit jellies, red beans, and aloe chunks.

Real fruit bubble teas are also a thing, not only from artificial flavors and syrups.

This real fruit bubble tea is not only famous among young people but also among other age groups too.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea Menu

If you take a look at the menu and options you will find a large variety of drinks

House Special

Mango Diamond Slush
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Original Milk Black Tea
Honey Lemon Tea

Fruit Slushes

Pineapple SlushMango Pineapple Slush
Honeydew SlushPassion Fruit Slush
Strawberry SlushOrange Slush
Blueberry SlushKiwi Slush
Papaya SlushWatermelon Slush

Fruit Smoothies

Pineapple SmoothieHoneydew Smoothie
Piña Colada SmoothieStrawberry Smoothie
Durian SmoothieBlueberry Smoothie
Banana SmoothiePapaya Smoothie
Avocado Smoothie

Fresh Juice

Apple Juice
Carrot Juice
Watermelon Juice
Orange Juice

Ice Crush

Lychee Ice Crush
Peach Ice Crush
Grape Ice Crush
Green Apple Ice Crush
Pomegranate Ice Crush


Taro SherbetAlmond Sherbet
Coconut SherbetChocolate Sherbet
Matcha Green Tea SherbetIced Cappuccino

Milk Tea

Original Milk TeaMilk Green Tea
Taro Milk TeaAlmond Milk Tea
Honey Milk TeaChocolate Milk Tea
Coconut Milk TeaCoffee Milk Tea
Milk Black Tea

Fresh Green Tea

Jasmine Green TeaLychee Green Tea
Honey Green TeaGrape Green Tea
Green Apple Green TeaPeach Green Tea
Passion Fruit Green TeaPomegranate Green Tea

Signature Speciality Drinks

Caramel MacchiatoOolong Dragon Milk Tea
Golden Roasted Milk TeaMatcha Jade Milk Tea
Honey Lemon Ginger TeaPassion Fruit Lemon Brew


Classic TapiocaMango Jelly
Homemade TapiocaGreen Apple Jelly
Whey ProteinLychee Jelly
Mango ChunksRainbow Jelly
Grass JellyStrawberry Boba


How much sugar does real fruit bubble tea has?

The drink isn’t too sweet, especially at 30% sugar. The tapioca was his favorite part because it wasn’t too soft nor was it too hard.

How many calories does real fruit bubble tea have?

The standard 500 ml bubble tea drink has 168 calories (excluding tapioca and extra toppings).


Real fruit green tea is quite famous because of the variety it provides on its menu and also the taste it has makes it very unique, you should give it a try.

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