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Cherry Mango Popsicle and Its Health Benefits

by Muhammad Nabeel
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Cherry Mango Popsicle and Its Health Benefits

There is no additional sugar, artificial sweetener, or coloring used in the making of this cherry mango popsicle.

They are composed entirely of fruit and a small amount of fruit juice. Cherry mango popsicles are so nutritious, in my opinion, that they can be eaten at any time of day.

However, before I discuss cherry mango popsicles and other types of popsicles, I will first explain what a popsicle is.

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What is a Popsicle?

What we in Britain refer to as an ice pop or ice lolly is known in America as a popsicle.

According to legend, a little kid by the name of Frank Epperson unintentionally developed the frozen lollipop when he overnight left a glass filled with a sweet beverage and a wooden stirring stick outside on his doorstep.

What is a Popsicle?

When Frank discovered the glass in the morning, the beverage had frozen solid due to the frost. He used the stick as a handle to pry the ice pop out of the glass after running it under hot water.

As he grew older, he routinely cooked this dessert for friends and subsequently for his own children since he was so happy with his accidental invention.

Cherry Mango Popsicle Recipe

These handmade cherry mango popsicles are luscious, flavorful, and fresh. They just have five ingredients, yet they are really flavorful. Ideal for cooling off on a hot day.


  • Cherries (For this dish, I used delicious, fresh cherries that were in season. Outside of the cherry season, you can try using frozen pitted cherries, but you’d need to let them soften before making popsicles)
  • Mangoes (For this dish, I used delicious, fresh, in-season mangoes)
  • Lime juice (a little bit of freshly squeezed lime juice gives these vivid summer popsicles a delightful zing and taste. The best is new)
  • Sugar (these fresh fruit popsicles’ taste is enhanced with a small amount of sugar. You may get away with using less or no sugar if your cherries and mangoes are really ripe)
  • Vanilla essence (optional)

Directions to Make

  • To avoid tearing, first, make sure your freezer has enough for your popsicle molds with the stick sticking out.
  • Cut the cherries in half after pitting them. In a food processor, gently blitz them. Use a flexible spatula to press as much pulp through the sieve as you can (a plastic cup also works great for this!)
  • The strained cherry pulp should be combined with one tbsp of sugar as well as some vanilla. Fill the popsicle mold only halfway, then freeze it for one hour. Start working on the mango layer whereas the cherry layer is cooling
  • Slice the flesh of the mango by first popping out each cheek, then slicing off the flesh after scoring it into cubes. Juice the limes after slicing them in half
  • Mango flesh should be added to a blender and blended until smooth. Mix thoroughly after adding the fresh lemon juice and one-half spoonful of sugar
  • On top of the cherry layer, pour the mango layer. Leave them alone for unique taste separation
  • More mango cherry swirl popsicles may be made by leaving the cherry layer on for 35 to 45 minutes, gently combining, and slightly poking into the partially frozen cherry layer
  • Add the sticks and popsicle cover, then freeze for at least four hours, or until completely solid

Cherry Mango Popsicle Nutrition Facts

Nutrients NameAmount per Serving
Carbohydrates17 gm
Protein1 gm
Fat0.2 gm
Saturated Fat0.03 gm
Polyunsaturated Fat0.05 gm
Monounsaturated Fat0.04 gm
Sodium0.1 mg
Potassium203 mg
Fiber2 gm
Sugar14 gm
Vitamin A61 IU
Vitamin C7 mg
Calcium12 mg
Iron0.3 mg

How to Store These Cherry Mango Popsicles?

If they are kept that long, these cherry mango pops will keep nicely for up to two months in an air-tight container with just some baking paper between them in order to prevent them from sticking together!

Why Most The People Love Cherry Mango Popsicles?

Popsicles with cherry and mango are the ideal summertime treat! We believe you will adore them for the following reasons:

  • They are tasty, energizing, and simple to create. Furthermore, they are fat-free and healthful
  • You may simply change this recipe by using your preferred fruits or sweets
  • For dessert or a snack, they’re fantastic for both youngsters and adults. Popsicles prepared at home are a success every time!
  • These cherry mango popsicles are indeed a perfect swap for ice cream or other decadent sweets since they are made completely of fruit
  • They are also vegan and gluten-free

Health Benefits of Cherry Mango Popsicle

Good Sources of Vitamin C

Cherry Mango Popsicle | Cherries and mangos are two fruits that are well-recognized for being loaded with vitamin C. Every one of these fruits has roughly 20% of your daily required vitamin C consumption.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that may neutralize dangerous free radicals and aid in the healing of wounds and illnesses.

It is required for the production of collagen, a fibrous protein found in connective tissue and woven throughout the neurological, immunological, bone, cartilage, blood, and other systems in the body.

The vitamin aids in the production of various hormonal and chemical messengers that are employed in the brain and central nervous system.

Full of Electrolytes

Cherry Mango Popsicle |This popsicle recipe is great for the summer since it is very hydrating and full of electrolytes. Nature’s Gatorade is just coconut water. It has a low sugar/carb content and is electrolyte-rich.

The mix of mango, cherries, and coconut water makes for the ideal summertime treat!

Muscle Recovery

Cherry Mango Popsicle |Recent research indicates that eating cherries may speed up muscle recovery. Anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants may reduce discomfort and damage to the muscles.

Even if you do not even exercise, the summertime is definitely a lot busier for you. On a hot day, these popsicles are ideal for anybody who wants to unwind and cool down.

Improves Heart Health

Cherry Mango Popsicle |It has recently been demonstrated that both cherries and mangos support a healthy heart. Both potassium and magnesium support normal blood flow, which lowers blood pressure.

Contains Nutrients that Support the Immune System

Cherry Mango Popsicle |Nutrients that support the immune system are abundant in mango.

10% of your daily vitamin A requirements are met by one cup (165 g) of mangoes 

An immune system that is healthy requires vitamin A. A higher risk of infection is associated with not obtaining enough of this vitamin.

Other nutrients included in mangoes may also help to promote immunity, such as 

  • copper
  • folic acid
  • vitamin E
  • several B vitamins


Are these popsicles actually healthy?

They are, indeed. The components are naturally occurring and healthy. The fruit’s natural sugar content is the only sugar present. There are no unpleasant surprises in this place.

How long can I keep them in storage?

For 1-2 weeks, these mango cherry popsicles can really be kept in the freezer. Since they don’t have any additional preservatives, the texture and flavor may start to degrade beyond this period of time.

Conclusion – Cherry Mango Popsicle

These cherry mango popsicles taste good and are nutritious. if you have not already tried it. you must give it a try. Trying cherry mango popsicles will not disappoint you.

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