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Ice Tea Lemonade Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Ice Tea Lemonade - Recipe

This delightful and quite reviving ice tea lemonade is the ideal beverage to ice you on a hot day! Made with newly prepared tea, lemon juice, and basic syrup you won’t ever return to the powdered stuff from this point onward!

A few things are better produced using scratch and you all, and this ice tea lemonade is one of them. While the powdered variant isn’t terribly often, it simply doesn’t come close to the delightfulness of newly crushed lemons better blended in with home-prepared tea. An ideal summer taste!


Pot (or Something to Bubble Water For The Tea)

I love this Electric Pot however you can utilize anything that bubbles water.


Citrus Juicer (Discretionary)

I love this Oxo Citrus Juicer however you can absolutely get the lemons manually. Simply make certain to limit any seeds.

Fixings For Ice Tea Lemonade

Fixings For Ice Tea Lemonade
2 tea bags
2 cups water
1 cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 cup simple syrup 1:1 sugar/water ratio
Lemon slices optional, for garnish
Fresh mint is optional, for garnish
TeaI suggest utilizing English Breakfast iced Tea or something almost identical for this recipe. I for one love Paromi Regal Breakfast Tea.
LemonsNewly crushed lemon juice is critical to this recipe!
Basic SyrupI utilize a natively constructed straightforward syrup with a 1:1 proportion of sugar and water. Assuming you purchase locally acquired you’ll need a similar proportion.
Be that as it may, I need to tell you, basic is ludicrously simple to make at home. Simply blend 1 section bubbling water with 1 section sugar and mix until broken up. That is all there is to it!
Lemon cuts and new mint (discretionary)For decorating.

Bit-by-Bit Guidelines

Bit-by-Bit Guidelines

Instructions to make natively built ice tea lemonade:

  • Steep the tea in 2 cups of bubbling water as per bundle guidelines. Eliminate tea packs and cool them in the ice chest.
  • In an enormous pitcher join 1 cup of new lemon juice, 1 cup of straightforward syrup, and 1.5 cups of water. Mix to join.
  • Add cooled tea to the lemonade and mix. Serve over ice and top with mint. Appreciate!

The Most Effective Method to Make Natively Constructed Straightforward Syrup

Basically, power or heat up the water then include a balance of sugar and blend until the sugar is totally broken up.

You can store 1:1 simple syrup in the ice chest for as long as multi-month.

Will You Twofold or Triple This Recipe For a Group?

You absolutely can!

For around 8-10 glasses also utilize 4 cups of tea, 2 cups of lemon juice, 2 cups of simple syrup, and 3 cups of water.

Sustenance Data For Ice Tea Lemonade

Calories: 10.3
Protein: 0.16 grams
Fat: 0.1 grams
Sugars: 3.2 grams
Fiber: 0.14 grams

Health Benefits of Ice Tea Lemonade

Health Benefits of Ice Tea Lemonade

The Following Are 5 Medical advantages Of Consuming Lemon 

Invulnerability Sponsor

Lemon is an extraordinary root of boosts like L-ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, as well as potassium, and magnesium. This large number of items assume a significant part in fortifying the safe framework and shielding you from sensitivities and disease.

The tea leaves also contain flavonoids and cancer-prevention agents that assist in making your safe shell more grounded.

Ice Tea Lemonade Skin Wellbeing

Lemon is wealthy in astringent properties, which makes it a superfood for the skin. The mitigating properties of the organic product also make the drink a decent choice to remember for your eating routine.

Lemon tea assists with controlling skin sicknesses like pimples, skin break out, and dermatitis and further develops your general skin health.

Controlling Weight

Lemon tea is a decent drink to taste in the event that you are hoping to lose a couple of kilograms. It helps in detoxing the body and helps in processing. It also has a few mitigating properties that keep the body fit.

Ice Tea Lemonade Diminishes Pressure

This tea holds more than adequate measures of flavonoids, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and cell increases that assist to help brain health. A warm cup of lemon tea can assist with lifting your mindset, dropping pressure, and leaving you loose.

Ice Tea Lemonade Battles Corrosiveness

One of the most well-known stomach-related sicknesses is causticity and lemon tea is extremely successful in controlling its side effects. As a matter of fact, lemon can be added to any tea that doesn’t have milk to relieve the sharpness. It also holds more than adequate dietary filaments that improve stomach health and manages digestion.

Possible Dangers For Ice Tea Lemonade

Lemon tea can assist with forestalling sicknesses and work on your health, yet lemons have a high-acid item. In abundance, lemons can cause uneasiness or deteriorate side effects of specific ailments.

Think about the array prior to drinking lemon tea:

Bother Indigestion

Lemons can drop acid reflux side effects in individuals with gastroesophageal reflux illness (GERD). In high sums, lemon juice can also aggravate your stomach and cause queasiness.

Tooth Rot

In high focuses, the acid in lemon juice can wear out your tooth lacquer and cause depression. Make a point to add sufficient water to lemon tea to weaken this causticity.


Lemons might set off ulcers or bother existing ones, which can cause distress and make them take more time to recuperate.

Medicine Communications

While research well-defined for lemons is uncertain, some citrus juices communicate with specific cholesterol and pulse prescriptions.

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