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Is Hominy Good For You? Learn About Hominy Nutrition Facts

by Asia Shaukat
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Are you looking for something nutritious and tasty ingredient in your diet? Check out hominy nutrition facts. From improving digestion and overall health, this corn product is must try for any health-conscious foodie. Hay! Do you know about the hominy? Do you ever listen to it?

Although it has not immense hype as any other cereal or particularly corn, this hominy has a particular place apart from corn. I know that you are still not convinced by this statement. Yipee! In this blog, I have a surprise for you; you will learn more about the hominy from scratch to advance.

Everyone judges any ingredient based on its nutrition facts, quality, and benefits. Do I forget something?? Hmm! the taste of the ingredient also matters a lot, don’t worry, we won’t forget it. So, if you are ready to learn about this amazing ingredient, then without any ado, let’s dive in.

Are You Familiar With Hominy?

Hominy is a sludge that can act as whole sludge or ground products, like polenta. You will probably be familiar with sludge on the cob or mimetic sludge, but hominy may be a type you are familiar with, though it’s ended in the colorful ground and complete forms.

This sludge is popular in Native American, Central American, and South American cuisine. It’s also frequently used as an element of beast feed and has the implicit of being used as a biofuel. Hominy is different from fresh sludge. It’s made by soaking dried, shelled sludge until you can remove the external coatings( the shells).

Hominy can be soaked in different results, from incinerating soda pop to lime juice or sodium hydroxide(lye) to remove this external sub caste. Once the housing is removed, hominy can be cooked, canned, dried, or ground. It can be coarsely ground, boiled, and served as porridge, also known as grits, or shaped into galettes and fried.

How To Incorporate In Diet?

Hey there, do you know how to incorporate it into your diet? Let me illustrate this to you. Usually, it can be finely based and used to make flour, cake stews, tortillas, and chips. While ground hominy may frequently confuse with other grains, whole hominy is identifiable. When served whole, hominy looks like ethereal, large kernels of sludge.

It’s fairly leathery and frequently retains the flavor of any liquid in which it’s been soaked. Furthermore, it’s constantly used in pozole, a Mexican haze, but can incorporate into numerous foods, from stews to ceviche.

Nutrition Facts | Hominy Nutrition Facts

Guyzz! It’s time to dive into the nutrition information of hominy.

Calories56 kcal
Net Carbs12 grams
Fat 0 grams
Protein0.8 grams
Sodium432 mg

The above table shows the superficial nutritional information. Furthermore,e do you want to know how much these nutrients are deep, low, and high? For this, keep staying here. Let’s dig more deeply into it.

High In Minerals And Vitamins | Hominy Nutrition Facts

Hominy is particularly high in B vitamins like folate, niacin, and riboflavin.

The vitamin folate aids in the formation of DNA as well as the breakdown and metabolization of proteins. also, it’s a pivotal emulsion for red blood cell product and is greatly demanded during gestation.

The Harvard School of Public Health claims

Niacin is a vitamin that maintains the health of your nervous system, digestion, and energy metabolism. And eventually, riboflavin is demanded to grow and develop cells in the body.

Low In Protein | Hominy Nutrition Facts

Unfortunately, hominy is fairly low in protein. For illustration, a 100-gram serving of hominy contains lower than a gram of protein. To bulk up the protein of your hominy dish, brace it with meat, fish, flesh, or eggs. You can eat it with a factory-grounded protein source, similar to tofu.

Low In Fats And Calories | Hominy Nutrition Facts

A 100-gram serving of unheroic or white hominy sludge kernels only has 56 calories. In addition, it has zero grams of fat, making hominy a great addition to any mess to get vitamins and minerals with minimum downsides.

You might see some hominy with a small quantum of fat, similar to as1.5 grams of fat, depending on the brand, canned versus dried, type of medication, form, and much further.

High In Sodium | Hominy Nutrition Facts

Still, hominy, especially the canned form, tends to have a high quantum of sodium. For instance, 100 grams of hominy contain 432 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Whole Hominy Versus Ground Hominy – Which Is Nutritionally Good?

Whether white or unheroic, the nutrition in hominy can affect by how it’s reused. Hominy is generally made using nixtamalization, a system of alkaline cuisine that frees nutrients like B-complex vitamins and makes this food easier to digest. Hominy can also make nixtamalized tamales, pupusas, and tortillas.

Not all hominy is made using this fashion, but ground hominy products generally are. This process is generally used to make the ground interpretation of this sludge product. Nixtamalization makes hominy more nutritional than other sludge products, whether whole, like sweetcorn, or ground, like polenta.

For instance, one mug (164 grams) of ground hominy contains

  • 32% of the RDA for fiber and 28% of the RDA for protein
  • Thiamin( vitamin B1) 64 percent of the RDA Riboflavin( vitamin B2)
  • Thirty-two percent of the RDA Niacin( vitamin B3)
  • 40 percent of the RDA Vitamin B6
  • 24 percent of the RDA Folate( vitamin B9)
  • 64 percent of the RDA Bobby,
  • 8 percent of the RDA Iron
  • 32 percent of the RDA Magnesium
  • 20 percent of the RDA Manganese
  • 24 percent of the RDA, Phosphorus
  • 28 percent of the RDA Potassium
  • 8 percent of the RDA Zinc
  • 12 percent of the RDA

Ground hominy also has small quantities( 4 percent of the RDA) of vitamin B5( pantothenic acid). As you can see, base hominy made through nixtamalization has different vitamins and minerals than hominy made through other styles or other sludge products. This method can also produce whole hominy, though it is less typical.

Whether you choose whole or ground hominy, always try to elect nixtamalized variants since they’ve more beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Is It Good For You?

Yay! So now we finally come to know about it is good or not. Are you excited to know? I am also… Let’s start to explore it. Before moving on to the health benefits of hominy, you can go through its different recipes. Collection of Different Hominy Recipes – Everyone Will Love It, Soul Food with a Twist: Innovative Southern Cuisine of Hominy Grill.

Great Energy Source | Hominy Nutrition Facts

Hominy, while veritably low in calories, is rich in carbohydrates. It has 12 grams per 100-gram serving, according to theU.S. Department of Agriculture food database.

Carbohydrates are the body’s first energy source. Thus, hominy is an excellent energy source.

Rich In Omega- 6 Adipose Acids | Hominy Nutrition Facts

White and unheroic hominy is high in nutritional value and rich in omega- 6 fatty acids.

Mount Sinai says omega- 6 fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fat that plays a significant part in brain functioning, bone health, reduplication, and more.

Naturally Gluten-Free | Hominy Nutrition Facts

Unlike rice, white hominy and unheroic hominy are naturally gluten-free sludge kernels made from sludge or field sludge.

Thus, it suits those with gluten mislike, dogmatism, or celiac complaint

Hominy In Your Reach | Hominy Nutrition Facts

FAQ | Hominy Nutrition Facts

Is hominy hard to digest?

It’s easy to digest since the corn kernel’s husk to remove.

Is hominy good for weight loss?

Yes, it is good for weight loss because it is low in calories and fat. However, it contains 12 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams of hominy.

Crux of this Article

So, it all adds up to this the hominy nutrition facts are more sustainable. You can easily consume it according to your condition. If you have any other serious disease, then first consult with your doctor. Otherwise, you can take it without any attention because it has low calories and fat.

If this is not enough, I have also mentioned the benefits of hominy. Now you have all in your hand what to do or what not.

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