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Hominy Grits vs. Cornmeal: Which is Better for Your Health?

by Asia Shaukat
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Hiya! Have you thought about trying hominy grits? Is that right? You may be familiar with hominy grits, which are dried corn that can be treated with an alkali solution to remove the outer cover. This is referred to as nixtamalization. But wait, there’s more on hominy grit now. First and foremost, are you familiar with hominy grit and cornmeal?

Although they are primarily associated with maiz cereal, you will find basic information here. So, are you curious about hominy grits and cornmeal? If you can only consume one of these at a time, do you start to worry about which one to choose?

I’ll explain the process and illustrate incredible information about these two. Then you will become confident about what is best to choose. Let’s come with me on this voyage and explore what’s on your mind.

What Is Exactly Hominy Grits?

Hominy grits are a particular kind of grit produced from hominy corn that has undergone nixtamalization, or treating it with an alkali, to remove the pericarp (ovary wall). Breakfast dishes like grits are frequently flavored. While savory seasonings are more frequently used, grits can also be sweet.

Grits are comparable to polenta and mielie pap, two other popular thick maize-based porridges from around the globe. Even though the dish is now served all over the country, its Southern American origins. In the South, grits are frequently included in the dinner entrée shrimp and grits.

The Old English word “grit,” which means “coarse meal,” is where the word “grits” originates. Until the 1980s, the term “hominy” was the most common for cooked hominy grits in the Charleston, South Carolina, region.

From Where Hominy Grit Originate? | Hominy Grits

The Muscogee tribe of Native Americans invented the dish using hominy-like corn. The dish quickly became a favorite among Americans after colonists learned how to prepare it from Native Americans.

Back then, a stone mill was used to grind the hominy for grits. Hominy flour was sifted through screens; the coarser material was used to make grits, and the finer material was used to make grit meal.

In the South, in what is sometimes called the “grits belt,” which stretches from Lower Texas to Washington, D.C., consumers purchase three-quarters of the grits sold in the country. Grits were designated as the sanctioned prepared food of Georgia in 2002. To make it the official state food, a similar bill was introduced in South Carolina,[10] but it was not passed.

The color of the corn used to make the grits can range from yellow to white. “Quick” grits, which have had the germ and hull removed, are the most popular variety found in supermarkets. It’s common to relate to whole-kernel grits as” freckled.

What Does Hominy Taste Like? | Hominy Grits

Since hominy comes from sludge, it has a mild, earthy-sweet taste like sludge. Still, the nixtamalization process brings out its essential nuttiness and gives it a distinctive ethereal- yet-leathery texture. Unheroic hominy tends to be sweeter than white hominy.

What Is Exactly Cornmeal?

Dried corn, known as maize, is used to make coarse flour cornmeal. It is processed into fine, medium, and coarse textures but is not as refined as wheat flour. In the U.S., cornmeal ground to a fine powder is known as cornflour. Moreover, maize is used to produce refined cornmeal.

Compared to other meals based on corn, cornmeal has more carbohydrates and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Along with polenta, bread, cakes, and other dishes, cornmeal can be used in cooking. Also, it is a substitute for the gluten-free diet that may be good for digestion and cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, if you like cornmeal, then you can try out its different versions like The Best Cornmeal Walmart Amazing Recipe, Precooked Cornmeal | Cooking Made Easy, and The Best Salmon Patties with Cornmeal For You

Cornmeal Discovery

Cornmeal is arguably the most traditional cuisine in America. Native Americans were the first people to use cornmeal. In 5000 BC, Native Americans domesticated it; ever since, it has played a significant role in their diet, religion, and ceremonial.

The oldest known archeological evidence of maize is from Puebla, Mexico, and dates back 5,500 years. Yet, there is a little physical similarity to its wild ancestor.

They made cornmeal from the ground-up maize kernels and combined it with salt and water. It was then cooked. The original colonists were given this formula, and after experimenting with it, they came up with their applications for cornmeal.

Hominy Grits And Cornmeal Product In Box | Hominy Grits

Hominy Grits


Hominy Grits and Cornmeal | Health Benefits

First and foremost, In this section, you will learn about the health benefits of hominy grits and cornmeal. Although they both benefit at their place nevertheless w will explain clearly by illustrating to yours.

Suitable for Gluten-Free Diets | Hominy Grit

Cornmeal — of course, made from sludge — is a popular gluten-free grain. Because it doesn’t contain gluten, it’s a good go- to diet addition for those who follow a gluten-free diet, or have celiac complaint or gluten perceptivity. Cornmeal product to ensure it wasn’t made in installations that process gluten foods.

While the Hominy Gits also has gluten free food stuff. It is good to know that canned hominy is naturally gluten-free. In addition, hominy is a great choice for celiac disease patients.

Helps Support Healthy Bowel Movements

One serving of cornmeal provides about 4.5 grams of fiber. A diet high in fiber helps to keep bowel movements regular, and produces comfortable and healthy coprolite. Icing your digestive system is duly recycling all foods.

In contrast with hominy, it has also great content of fiber. It contain 4 gram of fiber. Furthermore i become superfood if you add it with additional fiber dishes like Maxican posol.

May Help In Rotundity Prevention | Hominy Grit

Cornmeal’s fiber and sugar makeup makes it a helpful addition to any diet aiming to help rotundity and maintain a healthy; insight. One serving of cornmeal has well under 1 gram of sugar, while also furnishing fiber. Because of this, in temperance, it can be a useful grain volitIon for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet.

While hominy grit contain 3 gram of sugar in it, so, as compared to sugary product who contain artificial sugar that will harm your body, this hominy is a good option in this sense.

Boosts Heart Health | Hominy Grit

Cornmeal has been set up to ameliorate cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol situations. Cornmeal is fairly high in selenium — one mug has 18.9 mcg or 34 of your diurnal recommended value which has been set up to lower coronary heart complaint threat.

Former exploration analysis has set up that selenium may prop in perfecting cardiovascular conditions thanks to its antioxidant parcels.

Also, calorie intake has a great impact on heart health. One cup of hominy has 120 calories, which becomes a secure option compared to other high calorie products. Moreover, it also has the great amount of carbohydrate and no fat which also lead to the great heart health.

FAQ | Hominy Grit

How can we consume hominy Grits?

The hominy grits can be consume as a flavouring for breakfast. Also, it can be used as a savory and sweet seasoning.

Why they called grit?

Grits are the ground-dried haul corn. Grit is derived from grist, which means any ground cereal grain.

What is hominy?

Usually hominy is a kind of dried corn that initially treat with the alkline solution for taking off their hull.

How use cornmeal mainly?

Mostly cornmeal is used in cornbread. In addition it can also use as a replacement of breadcrumbs etc.

What is one main difference between hominy grit and cornmeal?

Although they both produce from the dried corn but the main difference that apart to these each other is for the grit the corn first treat with the alkaline solution to remove its hull.

Final Thought | Hominy Grits

The essence of this article is that, hominy grit and cornmel both are the great super food that everyone can consume easily without any confusion. But it is some how different, here are the few ways you can now find out in this article that is the cornmeal is more stable then the hominy grit in many aspects like in sugar that has great importance especially to those who are restricted to it.

Otherwise, these both hominy grit and cornmeal are greatest food you can consume easily. Further, if you want more content like this, you are most welcome to explore our more related articles.

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