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Low Carb Ramen Soup – Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Top Tips For This Daikon Soup

A low-carb ramen soup recipe that preferences you practically indistinguishable from Top Ramen, however, has far fewer carbs! These ramen soups are certainly truly outstanding – on the off chance that not exactly ideal – soup recipes you can make for the keto diet.

For the most part in light of the fact that each cup just has 1.5g of net carbs. Which is only incomprehensible for ramen. This low-carb ramen recipe is nearly pretty much as simple as making Top Ramen from a bundle. Nearly being the watchword there!

In any case, this low-carb ramen is genuinely simple to make. It requires around 15 minutes. Furthermore, ya know, for making ramen without any preparation, I believe that is really noteworthy.

Particularly when you consider that each serving has recently 1.5g of net carbs! Each serving of this keto ramen has Under 2g of net carbs. Thus, you could eat this stuff consistently. As a matter of fact, you could eat it 2 or 3 times each day on the off chance that you needed to.

Furthermore, truly, I wouldn’t pass judgment on you on the off chance that you did. Since, indeed, when it’s chilly outside, what’s superior to a warm bowl of soup?! Particularly when it’s low carb and keto well disposed.

Low Carb Ramen Stock Zest Blend

Thus, we should discuss the flavors you’ll require for this ramen…

  • Onion powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Garlic salt
  • Wholesome yeast pieces
  • Ground ginger
  • & Squashed dark pepper

So a standard rundown of flavors. That is obviously, other than the nourishing yeast drops. I’m speculating a significant number of you have never known about these. Fundamentally, they’re somewhat of a superfood.

Wholesome yeast pieces are loaded with lots of micronutrients, and they’re stacked with fiber and protein. Furthermore, they have a superbly messy-ish taste to them that gives the ideal profundity of flavor to this keto ramen noodle soup recipe.

In this way, don’t skirt the nourishing yeast chips for a definitive low-carb Top Ramen experience! Presently, your ramen will in any case be great without them, however, it won’t be Perfect.

Low Carb Ramen Noodles to Utilize

As I said previously, the other significant fix in making keto ramen is noodles. Clearly, ordinary low-carb ramen noodles won’t work. They’re fundamentally only straight-up carbs.

In this way, all things considered, you’ll need to utilize shirataki noodles like these. Furthermore, these really turn out incredible for ramen explicitly.

As I would like to think, they have similar consistency and surface as the noodles you get in the bundle. But they don’t arrive in a dry, hard, block of noodles as bundled ramen noodles do.

All things considered, they are not perfect for spaghetti. Thus, don’t involve them in anything aside from ramen. They radiate brilliantly in a bowl of keto ramen noodles, however, there’s nothing else to it.

The Most Effective Method to Make Low Carb Ramen

There are 2 vital fixings to keto ramen. Low-carb noodles, and the right ramen flavor blend. The base is simply chicken stock, so there’s not really exceptional about that. What makes the stock exceptional is the previously mentioned zest blend.

So I did broad testing to get the perfect blend of flavors for the stock. Since, obviously, I maintained that it should pose a flavor like Top Ramen from the bundle.

Furthermore, I assume I prevailed with regard to doing that. In this way, uh, I truly want to believe that you suspect as much as well! Presently we should make some ramen low-carb!


  • 1 bundle of tofu shirataki noodles (stressed and washed)
  • 2 cups No Sugar Chicken Stock
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • ½ teaspoon onion powder
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic salt
  • ¼tsp garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon Dietary Yeast Pieces
  • Touch of ground ginger
  • Touch of ground pepper

Stage 1: Preparing The Noodles

To begin with, wash the noodles in a sifter under warm water.

Then sprinkle around 1 tablespoon of salt on top and wash. Put the noodles away for later and how about we get everything rolling on the soup segment?

Stage 2: Making The Soup

Presently add the chicken stock to a pot and put it over medium intensity.

Then, add the noodles to the pot and heat it to the point of boiling. And keeping in mind that you’re hanging tight for it to bubble, put all of the zest fixings in a little dish and blend them to join.

Then once the stock is bubbling, add the zest blend to the pot and let it keep on bubbling for around 3 minutes, mixing sporadically.

After the 3 minutes is up, serve this keto ramen hot and appreciate it!

Wrapping Everything up

That is the means by which to make top ramen keto with only several basic fixings!

This recipe genuinely is as near the genuine ramen that you can get. It is prepared flawlessly and cooked perfectly for a flavor and surface like no other. Furthermore, best of all, it has a little more than 1 net carb per serving!

I genuinely want to believe that you partake in this keto ramen recipe however much I do. In the event that you make it, leave a remark beneath and let me in on your viewpoints!


  • Wash noodles in a sifter over warm water. Add around 1 tablespoon salt. Keep washing then put away.
  • Add 2 cups of stock to a pot and put it over medium intensity.
  • Add the noodles to the pot and heat them to the point of boiling.
  • Blend each of the flavors in a bowl.
  • Add the flavors to the pot of bubbling stock and sporadically mix for about 3 minutes.
  • Serve hot and appreciate it!


  • Serving Size: 1 Cup 
  • Calories: 35
  • Fat: 0 
  • Carbohydrates: 5
  • Fiber: 4
  • Protein: 3

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