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Make Easy Matzo Crack Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
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Make Easy Matzo Crack Recipe

Chocolate-covered matzo crack recipe affectionately alluded to as matzo break is undoubtedly the tasty method for eating matzo! Flimsy, unleavened wafers are finished off with natively constructed toffee, then covered with liquefied chocolate and flaky ocean salt. Stand by till cool, then break into little pieces. Your family will ask during the current all year, not simply on Passover!

What is Matzo Crack Recipe?

Matzo break — chocolate-covered matzo — is the most passable (and habit-forming!) method for getting a charge out of matzo. Truly, individuals go off the deep end about this recipe, and for good explanation!

It begins with hand-crafted toffee produced using spread, sugar, and vanilla concentrate, which gets poured on top of matzo (or matzah) and then, at that point, prepared. Chocolate is liquefied on top, then the entire plate gets a solid sprinkle of flaky ocean salt.

When cool, the sheets of chocolate and ocean salt-covered matzah get broken into little, scaled-down pieces. It is the most scrumptious, sweet and pungent, crunchy nibble you can envision! Gluten-allowed for sure! I have also written an article on How to Make Matzo Pizza?

What is Matzo?

Make Easy Matzo Crack Recipe

Matzo (additionally at times spelled matzah or matza) is an unleavened flatbread that is standard to eat on Passover. It sort of eats like a firm saltine, just more terrible. (I’m permitted to say that, correct? Since I have endured eating it on Passover my entire life?)

At any rate, the fact of the matter is that matzo is tasteless and exhausting all alone, yet it fills a need. That multi-week a year when Jewish individuals cease eating chametz or anything raised, they go to matzo. Indeed, we’re here to let you know that matzah can be pleasant. Insane, we know! This is the very thing that you want to make the best matzo break:

Elements For Matzo Crack Recipe

Earthy-colored sugar – softened with the spread to make a basic natively constructed toffee.

Unsalted spread – liquefied with the earthy colored sugar on a burner, then, at that point, poured on top of matzo.

Unadulterated vanilla concentrate – added to the liquefied earthy-colored sugar and margarine to add flavor to the custom-made toffee sauce.

Matzo – the base for the matzo toffee break.

Chocolate chips – softened in the broiler on top of the heated matzo with toffee sauce, then, at that point, streamlined with an offset spatula to shape a thick chocolate layer.

Flaky ocean salt – sprinkled on top of the newly heated toffee matzo break to add a lot of Flavors! Read more about Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup That Will Make You Forget the Meat.

Replacements For Matzo Crack Recipe

Matzo bread is similarly flavorful when made with saltine wafers. Everything without question revolves around the blend of pungent and sweet and crunchy, so actually, any flavorless slim wafer will work. (Sorry matzah, that is the standing you’ve procured.)

However, truly, chocolate and toffee can quickly carry wafers to a completely separate level! Remember flaky ocean salt!

How Long Will Matzo Crack Recipe Keep?

Matzo break is the best make-ahead dessert for Passover or any unique event! It holds up surprisingly well and keeping in mind that it’s not prone to endure more than a couple of days (genuinely, it’s so habit-forming!), matzo break will save for north of seven days in an impermeable holder in a cooler. Discuss a success!

So that’s it! Matzo bread is crunchy and pungent and sweet and the ideal treat to prevail upon those generally incredulous of matzo. It gets a horrible rep, however, we guarantee it’s not all terrible!

Matzo Crack Recipe Fixings

  • 4 sheets of matzo fit to cover a baking sheet
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted margarine cut into 1″ pieces
  • 1 cup pressed dull earthy colored sugar
  • 1 Tbsp unadulterated vanilla concentrate
  • 1 (10 oz) pack of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 Tbsp ocean salt


Set up the matzo. Preheat stove to 350 F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, then cover with a solitary layer of matzo (however many pieces as you can fit, roughly 4).

Make the toffee. Place 1 cup spread and 1 cup earthy-colored sugar in a sauce container over medium intensity, then race until the blend reaches boiling point. When bubbling, keep on rushing for 2-3 minutes, until the toffee turns satiny, light brilliant brown, and pulls from the edges of the sauce dish. Eliminate from the intensity and add 1 Tbsp vanilla concentrate, then cautiously mix to join.

Heat the matzo. Immediately pour toffee on top of the matzah and spread with an offset spatula, making an honest effort to cover all matzo. Heat for 12-15 minutes. The toffee will look broken on top.

Wrap up with chocolate. Eliminate the baking sheet and pour the whole pack of chocolate chips uniformly beyond preposterous. Heat an extra 3-5 minutes. Spread chocolate in an even layer with an offset spatula. Liberally sprinkle ocean salt all around the top, cool to room temperature, then refrigerate until hard, around 2 hours.

It will seem as though an excess of salt, however, trust me – it’s not! Break the matzo into reduced-down pieces. Store in the fridge in an impermeable holder until required.

Matzo Crack Recipe Nutrition Facts

Make Easy Matzo Crack Recipe


As referenced above, matza contains 13.1 grams of proteins. Subsequently, an individual would get around 5 to 6% of their everyday protein consumption from consuming matza. Variations like egg matza have more protein than different variations.


Matza contains no fat and is low in calories. Accordingly, it is the ideal guide for weight reduction. Another on Quick Easy Gluten Free Matzo Ball Soup Recipe.


Unquestionably, starches are the main wellspring of moment energy for our bodies. Sadly, most flatbread assortments contain a large number of calories or have small measures of carbs.

That is where matza stands separated from different sorts of bread. Matza is a decent dietary food thing that anybody on a prohibitive eating regimen can eat. A solitary sheet of matza has a lot of carbs. It contributes almost 10% of your every day required sugar admission when wrapped up.

If you want to see more then watch this video.


However the first crude matza contains no fiber, and a few conspicuous brands upgrade matza’s advantages by adding wheat grain. You can pick your sort as indicated by your taste inclination.


Even though matza isn’t a food supplement or a superfood, it contains the following measure of iron. The absolute iron substance in matza is around 0.4 milligrams (per matzo sheet). In this way, consuming matza consistently can add to day-to-day consumption.                            

Benefits of Matzo Crack Recipe

Matza is carb-rich and a helpful food choice. There are a few variations accessible. Matza isn’t a superfood, yet it gives a few advantages. A couple of them are recorded beneath.

Matzo Crack Recipe Without Dairy Choice

Matza creation principally includes no dairy item. In this way, it guarantees individuals who are lactose-prejudiced can consume it securely. Matza can likewise be a magnificent food decision for kids. Nonetheless, be mindful while picking your matza on the lookout. Continuously counsel your pediatrician before giving it to your youngsters.

Reasonable For Low-Calorie Diets

Taking a gander at the wholesome outline, you can see that matza is somewhat falling short on calories contrasted with other wheat-based flatbreads. Moreover, whenever consumed consistently and decently, matza can be the best late-morning nibble for your cravings for food between dinners.

Matzo Crack Recipe Helps Weight Reduction

Make Easy Matzo Crack Recipe

Notably, immersed and trans fats can be exceptionally adverse to your body. For instance, they can cause ongoing heart sicknesses by expanding undesirable LDL (terrible) cholesterol in your body.

The vast majority of the bundled food sources delivered in the present situations contain a high measure of fats. Matza, then again, has no grams of fat. Consequently, with some restraint, matza can fundamentally help your health improvement plan.

Entire Grain Choices

Albeit the first matza isn’t extremely sound, most brands have acquainted more up-to-date varieties with improved benefits. Likewise, a few brands presented the entire grain assortment of matza. The standard to qualify overall grain supplement is that every 30 grams of the item ought to contain 8 grams of entire grain.

As indicated by certain investigations, you ought to consume roughly 45 grams of matza day to day to get the greatest advantages.

Matzo Crack Recipe Additive Free

A large portion of the top matza brands adds no additives to the first matza. They do this to lessen the possibility of causing unfavorably susceptible responses among their clients. The first matzo wafers or bites just hold back refined wheat flour and matza.

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Matza or matzo (likewise spelled matzoh or matzah) is a kind of flatbread conspicuous in Jewish culture. Jews consume this dish during the Passover occasion recognizing their Departure from Egypt. This food is an image of salvation. Essentially, unleavened bread is likewise a fellowship wafer in a few Christian practices. Here matzo represents Jesus Christ during the last dinner, a Passover feast.

Is matzo more grounded than bread?

Indeed, matzo is more grounded than bread as it contains no fat, which lessens the gamble of heart-related infections. Consequently, matzo is the best choice for bread, bun, or some other wheat flour-related bundled items.

What does matzo possess a flavor like?

However, we as a whole concur that matzo ought not to be completely flavorless. Besides the slight pleasantness of the actual wheat, the best matzos convey a touch of scorch and smokiness. Texturewise, they ought to be dry and fresh, but not so dry as to suck all of the dampness from your mouth as you bite.

What does matzo consist of?

Matzah is a hard, wafer-like bread produced using a batter of just flour and water which has not been permitted to rise. It is eaten all through the eight days of Passover and explicitly during the Seder. Matzah should be produced using one of five grains: wheat, rye, oats, grain, and spelled.

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