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The Amazing Grilled Butternut Squash For You

by Amna Munir
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The Amazing Grilled Butternut Squash For You

Butternut squash that has been grilled is a tasty as well as simple side dish. The squash is prepared by cutting it into cubes, sprinkling it with salt, pepper, and olive oil, as well as grilling it until it is soft and golden brown. The squash can be paired with other vegetables as well as proteins as a main meal or as a side dish.

Butternut squash is the ideal ingredient for a delectable as well as nutritious dish. This adaptable vegetable tastes delicious and is also bursting with health benefits, including good amounts of fiber and Vitamin A.

One of the best methods to cook butternut squash is over the grill because it gives a distinctive smokey flavor. To help you prepare a tasty and filling meal, show you how to perfect the art of grilling butternut squash in this article.

For your next barbecue, pan-roasted some butternut squash. For the ideal summer twist, butternut squash is roasted as well as drizzled with a zesty marinade made of brown sugar, chili, as well as lime. It only takes a little over 20 minutes to complete this recipe from start to finish.

Butternut squash roasting may not make sense at first. After all, these are vegetables for the fall and winter. Grilling often occurs in the spring and summer for the majority of us.

However, a lot of the joy of life rests in being unforeseen, and unconventional, as well as daring to deviate from what the majority of people in the world do daily while in a trance.

So, continue. some butternut squash to roast. And not just because it is a wild as well as awesome twist on common vegetables. This occurs as a result of the brown sugar’s ability to turn into the sweetest and also most bitter caramel.

Preparing Butternut Squash Instructions for Grilling

Discuss everything, from seasoning for the best flavor to preparing the squash for grilling. If you are ready to fire up the grill, let’s get started as well as examine the finest techniques for grilling butternut squash.

One of the greatest ways to enjoy butternut squash’s mouthwatering flavor and health advantages is to grill it. You should first get the squash ready for grilling. Set your grill on medium-high heat to begin preheating. After that, slice the butternut squash into 1/2″ thick slices after having washed and dried it.

It is preferable to apply oil on both sides of the slices if you do not have a grill basket as well as a grilling tray, so they won’t stick to the grate. If not, use a basket or tray and lightly oil each slice before putting it on the grill.

Disperse your slices on the grill for even grilling as well as to prevent overcooking. They should be soft and faintly browned after 8 to 10 minutes of cooking with the lid on. After finishing, take them off the heat as well as savor them.

Types of Grills to Get the Best Flavor of Grilled Butternut Squash

Regardless of the grill you choose the preparation for your butternut squash is the same, but you should be aware of the variations. The amount of heat that different grills create has an impact on cook times.

Smokey Grills

The traditional use of a charcoal barbecue gives your grilled butternut squash a smokey flavor. Be careful when grilling your butternut squash because it may take some practice to get your charcoal fire exactly where you want it.

Gas Grills

When grilling butternut squash, gas grills make it simple to control your cooking temperature as well as keep a steady heat. You can cook with a gas grill using either natural gas or propane, depending on your particular preferences. In addition to being more environmentally friendly than charcoal barbecues, gas grills produce fewer emissions.

Electric Grills

For people without outdoor space for either charcoal as well as gas grills, electric grills are ideal. They heat up rapidly and maintain an equal temperature for reliable cooking outcomes. Electric grills are perfect for people who live in apartments or do not have a lot of outside space because they are available in both complete as well as portable versions.

Grilled Butternut Squash Recipe

The butternut squash on the Grill is ideal for your upcoming barbecue. It takes 20 minutes to prepare as well as includes a wonderful marinade of brown sugar, chili, as well as lime.

Prep TimeCook TimeTotal TimeServings
5 minutes15 minutes20 minutes4


  • ½ teaspoon of Salt
  • 2 tablespoons of Oil
  • 1 tablespoon of lime zest
  • 2 tablespoons of lime juice
  • ½ teaspoon of black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1 pound of butternut squash


  • Grilling until it is hot
  • Slice the butternut squash in half, then take out and remove the seeds
  • There is absolutely no need to peel the butternut
  • The butternut should first be cut in half again, then into 1-inch pieces
  • Then, to prevent rolling, place the sliced side of the butternut cut flat side on the cutting board
  • To help the butternut pieces cook more rapidly on the grill, heat them briefly in the microwave as well as steamer before adding them to the vinaigrette
  • Combine the oil, lime juice, brown sugar, salt, as well as pepper in a large bowl. Chunks of squash should add and cover. Any remaining dressing should be saved
  • Put the butternut on the grate and cook, stirring periodically, for 10 to 15 minutes, or just until cooked

You are now knowledgeable about how to pick and also get ready butternut squash for grilling. Getting the ideal flavor and consistency comes next. The key is using the proper heat, quantity of oil, as well as grilling methods.

Setting your grill to medium-high heat is the greatest method to get that ideal texture that is crisp on the surface as well as warm, and tender inside. This will guarantee equal cooking of both sides of your squash.

To prevent your vegetables from sticking to the grill while they cook, use a liberal amount of oil or fat, such as coconut as well as avocado oil!

Turn each squash piece every few minutes to ensure equal cooking, as well as reposition them if necessary to prevent burning. Also, you may tilt them every few minutes to create those lovely crosshatch grill markings. Along with this, an amazing side dish air-frying butternut squash.

Benefits of Grilled Butternut Squash

Butternut squash that has been grilled is unique. Butternut squash prepared using any other cooking method will not have the same texture due to the combination of the charred skin as well as the creamy interior. Squash cooked on the grill is healthier than squash cooked in other ways because the charring process provides taste without using fat, oil, as well as preservatives.

The natural sweetness of butternut squash is also preserved when it is grilled, giving your food a delicately sweet and savory flavor. The grill’s high heat helps to extract even more flavor as the outside becomes lightly caramelized while the interior remains juicy as well as creamy.

Also, preparation does not require much effort. Butternut squash only needs to be chopped into slices or cubes, brushed with oil, and afterward put on the grill. Your family and friends will love the nutritious, delicious grilled butternut squash you’ll have after 10 to 15 minutes of cooking.


Butternut squash cooked on the grill is a wonderful summertime food option. Grilled butternut squash is the ideal option whether you’re looking for a quick side dish as well as a delicious main meal. It is a wonderful complement to any meal because of the blend of the butternut squash’s sweet flavor as well as the grill’s smoky flavor.

There are several delicious methods to prepare grilled butternut squash for you and your family, including slicing, cubing, as well as roasting. So, fire up the grill and prepare a fantastic lunch that everyone will enjoy.

Grilled butternut squash with Chile, lime, and brown sugar. Grilled butternut squash can be stored in the fridge for up to four days if it is kept in an airtight container. Also freezable, butternut squash keeps for three months.


Is grilled squash good for you?

Zucchini and yellow crookneck squash are typically sautéed, roasted, or grilled with olive oil and garlic in addition to being used in sweet bread and muffins. Since they can be spiralized, they are currently a very well low-carb alternative to noodles. You may incorporate squash in your diet in any form because it is highly healthy food.

Is roasting as well as boiling butternut squash preferable?

While the hard, uncooked gourd may be transformed into a soft, sweet item using either approach, roasting butternut squash is the more popular way because it produces browned, crispy edges as well as a creamy inside.

Can I cook grilled butternut squash without the need for a grill?

Sure, you may roast the squash on a baking sheet at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 to 25 minutes if you don’t have a grill.

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