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Tortilla Chip Calories And its Benefits

by Dildar Ali

Tortilla Chip Calories | Tortilla is a round, thin, flat bread of Mexico prepared from unleavened cornmeal or, less frequently, wheat flour. The corn (maize) used to make tortillas was traditionally cooked with unslaked lime to soften the kernels and remove the hulls. (In the Mexican diet, this lime served as the main source of calcium.) On a metate or stone saddle quern, the grains were ground.

The tortilla was then cooked on an iron or clay comal, a griddle. The majority of Tortillas sold now come from Tortillas, where the dough is mixed mechanically, formed into discs, and then conveyed over a flame. Since Tortillas quickly go bad, they are typically bought fresh every day or even every meal.

Most Mexican meals come with Tortillas. They are occasionally sliced into bits and fried crisp for this application. They may be used to scoop up sauced or stewed foods. Tacos are made by folding Tortillas over a filling of meat, beans, or cheese and a spicy sauce. Tortillas are wrapped or folded over a filling and baked with sauce to make enchiladas. Tostadas are made of thinly fried Tortillas that have been topped with meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Tortilla Chip Calories

Varieties of Tortilla – Tortilla chip calories

There are 3 varieties of Tortillas,

Corn Tortilla

Tortillas made from nixtamalized maize meal are the oldest variety of Tortillas. They originated in Mexico and Central America. The earliest mechanical tortilla-making tools, also known as Tortilla presses, Tortilleras, or Tortilladoras, were created and produced in Mexico before the end of the 19th century.

Wheat Tortilla

Because of the introduction of wheat and its cultivation by Europeans, Tortillas made with wheat flour continue to be produced there. Northern Mexico is where wheat flour Tortillas first appeared. Salt, leavening agents like baking powder, fats like oil or lard, and other substances are frequently included in wheat tortillas. Other than that, making and cooking flour tortillas on a comal is the same as making and cooking corn Tortillas. Burritos, tacos, and fajitas are among the foods that frequently employ flour Tortillas.


A cactus-corn Tortilla is known as a Nopaltilla.

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chip calories | Better than store-bought tortilla chips are those that are made at home with corn Tortillas. These crisp, golden chips with a wonderful lime and cumin flavor work well with your favorite salsa, Guacamole, or hummus. Tortilla chips are made from bits of baked Tortillas that are deep-fried, whereas extruded corn chips are made from roughly crushed lime-boiled masa that is molded. The organoleptic qualities and calorie density of these snacks are significantly impacted by baking Tortillas before frying. In comparison to corn chips, Tortilla chips have a crispier texture and a stronger alkaline-cooked taste. The fact that Tortilla chips absorb 12% less oil while being fried also contributes to their lower energy density.

The main materials for making these snacks are corn kernels, lime, oil, salt, and flavorings. The properties of the kernel have a significant impact on product quality and processing parameters. However, the flavor, texture, and general acceptability of maize snacks are significantly influenced by the oil, salt, and spices used in their preparation.

Tortilla Chip Calories

Background About Tortilla Chips

Rebecca Webb Carranza invented the triangle-shaped tortilla chip in the 1940s as a means to utilize malformed tortillas rejected from the automated tortilla production machine. At the El Zarape Tortilla Factory, Carranza discovered that the leftover tortillas, cut into triangles and fried, were a popular snack and sold them there for a penny a bag. Carranza was honored with the Golden Tortilla award in 1994 for her work in the Mexican food sector.

How Tortilla Chips Are Made?

In order to prepare them for baking, equilibrating, frying, and salting/seasoning, Tortilla chips are often made from coarsely ground masa made from either fresh masa or dried flour that is sheeted, shaped, and sliced. Typically, two spinnings, smooth Teflon-coated rolls press the masa into a thin sheet to create tortilla chips. In a three-tier gas-fired oven, the freshly formed masa discs are typically cooked into Tortilla pieces for 40 to 60 seconds at temperatures between 350 and 480 °C.

The finished cooked tortilla pieces are cooled through a succession of open layers that discharge into the fryer for 3 to 30 minutes. To prevent rancidity and the loss of crispness, fried food is quickly wrapped after cooling and seasoning in moisture-proof or aluminized bags. Fried and toasted Tortilla chips are the two main varieties of low-fat tortilla chips. While some items are sprayed with cooking oil to boost the fat level to 7-8% in order to improve flavor and texture, the first kind typically contains 1/3 less oil than its ordinary equivalents.

Ingredients – Tortilla Chip Calories

  • 1 package of Corn Tortillas
  • 3 tablespoons Lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon Vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
Tortilla Chip Calories

Steps for Preparation of Tortilla Chip Calories

With so many flavors, this recipe for baked Tortilla chips only takes 25 minutes to prepare.

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  • 5 or 6 Tortillas should be stacked high. Cut eight wedges through each layer. On rimmed baking pans, arrange the wedges in a single layer.
  • In a spray bottle or mister, combine the oil and lime juice; shake to thoroughly combine. Spray the top of the Tortilla wedges until they are slightly moist.
  • Combine cumin, chili powder, and salt in a small bowl; sprinkle the mixture over the chips.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for 7 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven. Flip chips, then mist and season again.
  • Go back to the oven and switch the racks and pans. Bake for a further 5 to 8 minutes, and frequently monitor it to make sure they don’t burn, or until the chips are lightly browned and crisp.
  • Remove from the oven and cool slightly before serving. Chips will crisp up more as they cool.

Tortilla Chip Calories And Benefits

Most Tortilla chip calories are low and have less number of fat, and they’re typically prepared with whole grain flour, which has potential health advantages including lowering blood pressure. Tortilla chip calories may also be healthier because they are often fried with less oil.

Only between 30 to 60 calories from a tortilla are added to your diet, but this is not all. Since these calories are derived from nutrients, your body will utilize all of them. So, if you’re on a diet, consume one or two tortillas with a nutritious filling. You don’t gain weight eating tortillas.

Benefits of Tortilla

Tortillas can range from being low in calories to being somewhat high in protein, fiber, B vitamins, and iron, depending on their size and variety. When whole grains are substituted for processed, refined grains like white bread, white rice, and white pasta, your blood sugar levels will likely improve and you will feel fuller longer. Tortillas made of corn or rice can be consumed on a gluten-free diet.

Indeed, Tortillas are healthy. They are more adaptable than bread and a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. Tortillas may be a part of a healthy diet, even if you’re attempting to lose weight by cutting back on carbs or calories.

How to Select Tortilla?

When buying flour Tortillas, try to find brands that have a serving size of approximately 8 inches that has about 150 calories, or about two slices of bread’s worth of calories. Whole maize and whole wheat, for instance, indicate that the product is 100% whole grain and has not been depleted of its fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whole grains contain the endosperm (the center), the germ, and the bran (the outer, fibre-rich layer) of the grain (the nutrient-rich inner part). They often include more heart-healthy, satiating fibre and have lower glycemic indexes, which means they boost blood sugar levels more gradually.


Corn Tortillas are used to make Tortilla chips, which are then sliced into triangles and fried or baked (Alternatively they may be discs pressed out of corn masa then fried or baked). Nixtamalized maize, vegetable oil, salt, and water are used to make corn Tortillas. An opened bag of Tortilla chips may typically be kept at room temperature for 1 to 2 weeks while still being of the highest quality if properly preserved. Keep the package of opened Tortilla chips securely shut to extend shelf life.

Why Tortilla is better than bread?

As compared to tortillas, bread has a far greater calorie content, with a 1 oz piece carrying anything from 75 to 100 calories. In contrast, a corn tortilla typically has between 60 and 65 calories.

How to store Tortilla chips?

The optimum time to consume homemade tortilla chips is the same day; however, if you must keep them for a longer period of time, let them cool fully before putting them in an airtight bag or container. They should remain in this position for a further day or two.

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