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12 Best Chips in Spain

by Muhammad Nabeel
12 Best Chips in Spain

These potato chips are created using Spanish potatoes that have been finely sliced and fried in extra virgin olive oil for a delicious variation of traditional chips. These chips are manufactured from Spain.

The final chips have an extremely crisp texture and a subtle salt flavor. It will be hard to switch back to conventional potato chips if you’ve already tried these.

Here are some chips from Spain that you might like.

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Black Truffle Potato Chips by Pafritas

Enjoy these delightfully crispy potato chips together with the opulent black truffle flavor. Before being cooked crisp in virgin olive oil, special La Rioja potatoes are thinly sliced to resemble air.

Black Truffle Potato Chips by Pafritas

Real black summer truffle flakes give the chips an earthy, deep scent that is seductive, and a thin dusting of sea salt brings out their full taste.

The refined Pafritas truffle potato chips can stand their ground with a glass of good Rioja or effervescent Cava. Serve them as a side dish to a meaty main meal or with tapas.

La Rioja’s fresh, regional potatoes are chosen for their taste and high starch content. To provide a delightful earthy taste, the chips are finely sliced, cooked till golden, and then dusted with flakes of wild-harvested black truffle and mushroom.

Warning for California Residents

This product exposes you to acrylamide, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive damage and produced when potatoes are fried.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chips by Jose Andres Foods

In every manner possible, these unique potato chips differ from regular ones. They are made in small quantities using top-notch Spanish potatoes, which are then thinly sliced and fried in extra virgin olive oil.

Then Himalayan pink salt is sprinkled over them. The end product is a golden chip that is extremely crispy and flavorful. It’s quite difficult to leave after opening a bag!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chips by Jose Andres Foods

San Nicasio was chosen by chef José Andrés as his supplier of potato chips for his collection. San Nicasio potato chips received two consecutive gold awards at the Brussels World Selection of Quality.

They are slowly cooked in 100% extra virgin olive oil to prevent burning and to provide uniform texture and crunch (Mondes Selection Bruxelles).

San Nicasio potato chips are one of the greatest snacks on the market for innovation, quality, and flavor, as evidenced by this award.

When frying their chips, San Nicasio utilizes the first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from a cooperative in Priego de Córdoba.

The Spanish potatoes used in San Nicasio are of the highest quality and are thinly sliced to ensure its delicious flavour and crisp texture.

These are the only chips on the market in Spain that are created with Himalayan pink salt and without any chemical processing.

These chips benefit from the delicate flavor and distinctive touch of Himalayan salt, which is naturally abundant in minerals and trace elements.

Espelette Pepper Potato Chips by Pafritas

The d’Espelette paprika from the renowned Basque Espelette red peppers is sprinkled on top of these wonderful, crispy La Rioja chips. These rich, crunchy chips go perfectly with the moderate, smoldering heat.

Espelette Pepper Potato Chips by Pafritas

The La Rioja wine area produces parity chips, which are chosen for their taste and high starch content. Paper-thin slices of potatoes are cooked in olive oil till golden, with pockets and bubbles that give them an additional crunchy texture. They are then sprinkled with kosher salt and Piment d’Espelette paprika for a subtle, seductive heat.

Serve with olives, Ibérico ham, Marcona almonds, and a great bottle of Rioja wine.

Potato Chips Cooked in Olive Oil by Pafritas

These delicious potato chips have a golden hue and a crunchy bite and are manufactured in Spain. Thinly sliced premium potatoes from La Rioja are fried in olive oil to create tiny bubbles and pockets that give them an additional bite.

Then they are topped with mineral salt from the Valley of Ana, which has been prized for its pure, delicious salt since Roman times. Only a little salt is added to the chips to add taste because the local potatoes are so tasty.

Potato Chips Cooked in Olive Oil by Pafritas

When we lived in Spain, we frequented fairs where potato chip vendors would slice fresh potatoes and add them to a seething pot of olive oil right in front of us. The chips were served in a paper cone after being baked till golden and then salted.

The end result was a potato chip that was extremely crispy and had tiny surface bubbles that could retain a little amount of olive oil and sea salt. Pafritas successfully nailed this delectable taste.

Potato Chips by Espinaler

The Espinaler Chips have only two ingredients: potato and olive oil. They are gluten-free and devoid of preservatives.

Potatoes are gathered and carefully picked in the “Soria” Highlands. Prior to being prepared in rich, low-salt olive oil, they must first go through the typical peeling and chopping processes.

The creation of a superior product has always been the major goal, and the chips are created solely from premium raw materials for this reason.

they have become the standard for high-quality fried potato chips not just in Spain but also in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Lay’s 3D’s Bugles

This Spanish snack seemed odd from a Frito-Lay branding standpoint because it was clearly labelled with the Lay’s trademark but didn’t really include potato chips or even be made of potatoes.

The pieces had a bright orangey beige tint and featured the characteristic Bugles shapes with ribs around the cone’s circumference.

When I crunched in, I discovered the familiar lovely, light, crisp Bugles crunch along with a taste that occasionally tasted just like regular Bugles and other times did add a note of bacon.

They were excellent, as Bugles always are, but it was strange to see three distinct brand labels on the bag.

Augustino’s Mini Snack Bites Tomato and Oregano

These wheat-based treats had forms that were around 3/4 inch by an inch and a half in size and resembled little breadcrumbs. They had a strewn-about coating of orange and scarlet material as well as oregano.

The Snack Bites were extremely excellent and had a wonderful light crunch. They tasted like pizza because they contained a lot of tomato, some oregano, and other mild spices. A decent one!

Capri Chips Mediterranean Potato Chips with Fried Egg Flavor

Despite the absence of eggs listed in the ingredients. These potato chips claimed to taste like fried eggs despite having curved forms and a golden colour.

It had a beautiful crisp texture and terrific crunch as we crunched it, and it tasted very much like egg yolk with a fair amount of salty potato decent chips.

Kikas Spicy Potato Chips

These are little, bite-sized potato chips or crisps with a distinctive flavour.
It’s one of those flavours that is difficult to describe yet distinctive enough to make you want to try it again and over again.

I liked the usual flavour better, but the spicy kind tried here had a little bit more bite.

Kikas Natural Potato Chips

Regarding the type of chip, these tiny potato crisps reminded me of Baked Lay’s or even Pringles.

This “natural” variation’s flavour was more akin to the Pringles flavour than the “spicy” variety was. When you try a couple of them, you can develop an addiction as I did when I tried them for the first time at the Snaxpo conference.

It is hard to find these chips in the United States because they are from Spain.

Corn Smoked BBQ

The maize bits in this snack resembled corn nuts but were somewhat different in form. It had a mustard-like yellow tint.
Without being too forceful as to risk chipping any teeth. They crunched in to find a wonderful firm feel and powerful crunch.

After the crunch, there was a good savoury flavour that complemented the taste of the corn well. They didn’t stand out as being very smoky or barbecue-like. Very wonderful; difficult to quit taking handfuls after handfuls!


These potato sticks are excellent and incredibly crisp, with only a small amount of salt added.

The greasy residue they leave on your finger is typical of most potato sticks. Unusual packaging consists of a tall, slender, translucent bag that is less than halfway full. It has a twist tape across the middle. Potato sticks are excellent.


Do chips have any health advantages?

Experts claim that potato chips are toxic and bad for the brain and digestive system.

Is eating chips every day acceptable?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) decided to research how eating chips impacts the levels of acrylamide in our bodies since the acrylamide levels in chips were so high.
The amount of acrylamide in our bodies rises by 46% when we consume three small bags or handfuls of chips every day for seven days, according to research.


I have mentioned many chips made in Spain in the paragraphs above. If you enjoy chips, you have to give them a try.

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