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Apple Tea – Everything You Need to Know About

by Mishal Faisal
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Apple Tea

As you know, Apples are the king of seasonal fruits and everyone enjoys them in some way. Apples contain many essential nutrients and antioxidants, making them one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. Now, what is Apple tea, its benefits, its recipe, how you should consume it, and in which quantity it can be consumed? You do not need to worry about it now, we will tell you everything you need to know about Apple tea.

Apple tea is quite a new drink. This type of tea is a widely used herbal drink. This apple-infused tea is recommended for those who are tired of black tea or who like delicious drinks. Brewing apple tea takes more work than any other tea. But the taste is worth the effort. Apple tea is the perfect warm, comforting drink if you’re trying to lose weight or just want to feel good and stay fit. Rich in antioxidants, apple tea has anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system and metabolism and its other benefits too are healthy for you. Sweet and tangy, this tea soothes the soul and brings the taste buds to fall. This quick, easy and delicious recipe will quickly become a favorite.

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Ingredients to Use For Apple Tea

These are the ingredients you need to make 3 servings of apple tea

  • 3 cups of water
  • 1.01 a whole cinnamon stick
  • 4.01 ounces of (dried or fresh) sliced apples
  • 1.01-4 whole cloves
  • Honey for the taste

Recipe For Making Apple Tea

This tea is the perfect drink that you all already knew. This herbal tea has benefits but what makes it preferable is its recipe because it is so easy to make the drink that consists of so many benefits. The recipe is given below.

  • Place water, apple slices, cloves, and cinnamon in a saucepan and bring to high heat.
  • Bring the tea to a boil.
  • Reduce heat and let the tea simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Strain the tea into cups, being careful to squeeze all the juice out of the apples.
  • Sweeten the tea with honey and serve it hot. You can also make a refreshing iced tea by pouring the tea into a pot and chilling it. Then enjoy!

Benefits of Having Apple Tea

Apple tea is so beneficial for you. Just like we consider apples as the healthiest fruit, apple tea is also the healthiest herbal drink that can help you with so many things either it is the prevention of any disease or if you want to lose weight this drink will help you. All the benefits of apple tea are given below

Prevention From Cancer by Apple Tea

Containing catechins, quercetin, and various other antioxidant compounds, this tea is an excellent natural anti-cancer treatment. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative stress and increase the risk of chronic disease. The role of apples in cancer prevention has been the subject of research for some time. Although the main findings are related to lung cancer, various types of cancer result in moderate recovery, especially in the treatment of breast and colon cancer.

Prevention From Diabetes

Blood sugar control is very important for diabetics, and the polyphenols in apples work to reduce the body’s absorption of carbohydrates, which reduces blood sugar fluctuations that occur in the bloodstream. In fact, it is an important factor in diabetes control.
Polyphenols also reduce glucose absorption in the digestive system and stimulate insulin release in the pancreas, which is necessary to control blood sugar levels. Finally, polyphenols activate insulin receptors on cells throughout the body. This accelerates the extraction of sugars from the bloodstream and their uptake into cells for metabolism and proper organ function. Because of this benefit, you should drink this herbal tea without sugar.

Helps in Boosting Immunity

Many studies have been done on the health benefits of this herbal tea. Tea rich in vitamin B6 appears to support human epithelial cells and boost immunity. Apples and apple tea are two of the best foods to add to your diet to boost your immune system against autoimmune diseases. Apple tea contains antioxidants that boost your immune system. It improves the immune system’s ability to help fight many types of diseases and infections.

Supports Heart Health

The active ingredients in apple tea help reduce bad cholesterol in the body and lower blood pressure. Quercetin, found in apple peels, tends to reduce the amount of C-reactive protein, which causes inflammation in blood vessels. As a result, the mind is strengthened. Drinking apple tea regularly can protect your heart from various diseases.

Prevention From Constipation

One of the most important and overlooked parts of our health is the beneficial bacteria that live in our bodies. Apples and apple tea can help improve the functioning of the bacteria that live especially in your gut.

According to early research, apples balance healthy bacteria that boost digestive system metabolism and eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins by maximizing nutrient absorption. So, drinking apple tea in the morning improves digestion and eliminates constipation.
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, this health tea can also be beneficial in removing toxins and bad cholesterol while also healing certain types of headaches.

Helps in Improving Vision

While having so many benefits this herbal tea is a perfect cure for eyesight and other eye-related diseases too. As it contains flavonoids and phytonutrients can limit blindness, cataracts, night blindness, and glaucoma by reducing the effects of free radicals on the eye.

Helps in Weight Loss

According to some studies, polyphenols and catechins contribute significantly to fat burning, leading to weight loss. You can drink it anytime just like green apple tea. It is superior to other artificial beverages and cocktails because of its low-calorie content. The fiber and antioxidant polyphenols contained in apple pulp and skin also help reduce the low density of blood. It may help reduce lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol levels and promote fat burning, which contributes to body fat burning.

Helps in Enhancing Skin Elasticity

This effect that enhances the elasticity of your skin is due to the powerful antioxidants contained in the apple peel and fruit. These compounds counteract the harmful effects of free radicals, wrinkles, aging, and other age-related disorders directly associated with premature aging. They also promote the regeneration of old cells and repair damaged cells.

Apple Tea Variations

  • Apple Cinnamon Spice Tea, made by adding a pinch of cinnamon when brewing apple tea, provides instant soothing relief for a sore throat. Fused with vanilla, it provides a combination of tangy-sweet taste and a pleasant aroma.
  • Apple Dandelion Tea is prepared by infusing dandelion leaves while apple tea is brewed and used to rejuvenate the skin and give it a more radiant complexion.
  • For gastrointestinal upset and fever, boil mint leaves in a tea bag and mix the drained mixture with apple juice to make apple mint tea.
  • Apple elderflower tea in elderflower tea bags is drunk to prevent colds and flu

Safety And Precautions While Having This Tea

There are usually no side effects of this drink. However, if you are allergic to apples, it is better not to try tea as it may cause an allergic reaction. Also, drink tea if you are taking certain medications as there is a risk of contraindications. This is not recommended.

During Pregnancy

As you know that when women become pregnant their body becomes so sensitive and goes through a lot of hormonal changes and the body needs too many cures. So, drinking decaffeinated apple tea is generally safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women unless directed by a doctor.


So, now you knew everything about it, its amount of consumption, its benefits for your health, and its precautions also. In short, this herbal tea has lots of benefits for your health but moderation is the key for every food or drink, especially in serious conditions and pregnancy cases. You should concern about doctors before having it if you are suffering from a major disease.

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