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Try These 7 of The Best Energy Teas

by Muhammad Nabeel
Try These 7 Of The Best Energy Teas

Do you guys ever hear this name before? I know you should be nodding your head and these questions arise in your mind. What is energy tea? What are the benefits of this tea?
Please read this full article to get information about Energy Teas.

What are Energy Teas?

First of all, the question is what is energy tea? A reviving or revitalizing tea that is rich in antioxidant properties, it is made with 5 botanicals to increase your energy while you are on your weight-gaining or weight-loss journey.

Why Tea is Considered Good For Energy

Because tea contains an average amount of caffeine in it which helps to boost your energy when you are feeling tired or inactive, tea is a healthy option for all because other energy drinks like coffee contain more caffeine in them.

Moreover, a compound called I-theanine is also present in tea which helps our mind to relax and focus on the specific work that we are doing at that moment.

Best Energy Teas

Here are some best energy teas that you won’t regret trying.

Best Energy Teas

Black Tea

Black tea has long been used as a morning stimulant. One of the teas with the highest caffeine content, it has around half the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

As we all know, that black tea contains caffeine and a compound called I-theanine.

Researchers have said that drinks that have a high amount of caffeine and L-theanine improve our focus and boost our energy.

Furthermore, black tea gives many health benefits and it also lowers the risk of heart disease and the risk of cancer.

It prevents the human body from a disease called Osteoporosis.

Nutrients NameAmount Per ServingDaily Value
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Total Fat0 mg0%
Caffeine35.6 mg
Potassium37 mg1%

Pu-erh Tea

The Pu-erh area of China is the source of Pu-erh Tea. Pu-erh tea is an aged slightly fermented black tea.

Pu-erh tea is dark and rich and when brewed it gives a powerful dark-reddish black color which is the same as the color of coffee.

The Pu-erhs are silky and give pleasure at the end because the aging process decreases the tannins in the tea. Having almost half of the caffeine as a coffee per cup, Pu-erhs are also quite caffeinated.

You can also strengthen your ability to focus and get the additional boost you need from caffeine to survive through difficult afternoons. It can also enhance your ability to concentrate.

Here is the nutritional information per 100 gm serving.

Nutrients NameAmount per 100gm
Energy7 KJ
Fats0.5 gm
Carbohydrates0 gm
Proteins0.4 gm
Caffeine70 mg (per cup)

Matcha Tea

Green Tea leaves cultivated in the shade are converted into a powder to make matcha tea. Matcha is normally prepared by mixing the powder into hot water but it can also be enjoyed by adding it to smoothies and baked goods.

Matcha has numerous amount of health benefits because if you are drinking a cup of matcha tea then you are consuming a whole leaf.

Besides that, matcha may also give you a boost of energy before every workout to enable you to burn fat more quickly.

For instance, matcha has also a significant amount of caffeine, almost as much as a cup of coffee. The shading process also increases the amount of caffeine and I-theanine.

Nutrients Name Amount (per 100gm)
Energy 324 Kcal
Protein 30.6 gm
Lipid5.3 gm
Amino Acid3400 mg
Caffeine3.4 gm
Antioxidants10.86 gm

Yerba Mate

A herbal tea is named yerba mate. It is a tea that is not made from Camellia Sinensis Plant. In some parts of South America, this tea is extremely popular and generally referred to as a mate.

To manufacture this tea, yerba mate tree’s leaves are immersed in lukewarm water, after being dried generally over a flame. You might also drink yerba mate warm or chilled.

Yerba Mate contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant, just like black tea.

Nutrients NameAmount per cup (12 gm)
Fat0 gm
Sodium0 mg
Carbohydrates3 gm
Proteins0.5 gm
Caffeine80 mg

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea is made by mixing ginger root and hot water. It is also used in Chinese Medicines because of its health benefits.

It is a little bit obvious that Ginger tea contains only ginger and water so it does not have caffeine in it. If a person drinks a cup of ginger tea then it helps to boost our energy and also increases concentration.

Nutrients NameAmount per cup
Energy22 KJ
Fat0.04 gm
Saturated Fat0.011 gm
Monosaturated Fat0.007 gm
Polyunsaturated Fat0.012 gm
Carbohydrates1.16 gm
Sugar0.05 gm
Fiber0 gm
Protein0.07 gm
Caffeine0 gm
Sodium5 mg
Cholesterol0 mg
Potassium78 mg

Oolong Tea

Although oolong teas aren’t frequently considered among the top energy-boosting beverages. They do contain I-theanine and caffeine, much like black and green tea.

Oolong tea comes in a wide variety of flavors and can be either strongly or lightly oxidized. It also has many beneficial health effects.

Nutrients NameAmount per cupDaily Value
Total Fat0 gm0%
Sodium10 mg0%
Total Carbohydrate24 gm8%
Sugar23 gm
Protein0 gm0%


Which Tea is the best energy tea?

Black Tea is the best and most well-known tea for energy. It contains about half the amount of caffeine as compared to coffee.

What happens if we drink ginger tea every day?

If a person is drinking ginger tea every day it may cause serious health effects. Many people feel bloated and heart burns because of ginger tea.
But ginger also helps to prevent kidney failure.


Last but not least, there are many energy drinks that you should try if you want to boost your energy or you want to enhance your concentration and focus. These teas must be beneficial for you.

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