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Big Green Egg Chicken Breast Recipe: Impress Your Guest With It

by Asia Shaukat
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Want some grilled chicken? If so, then you’ll love this big green egg chicken breast recipe. When you serve this incredible dish to your guests, you can rest assured that your table will be the talk of the party. You can tell this chicken breast is special by looking at its name.

This big green egg Inspire by the traditional kamado used in Japan; the Big Green Egg has become a popular form of outdoor cooking equipment. It’s not difficult to make a juicy chicken breast on the grill. It’s all about using your insider knowledge to your advantage. We’re here to help you overcome the fact that they’re one of the trickiest cuts of meat to cook perfectly every time.

About Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is one variety of kamado grill; the name comes from the traditional Japanese kamado, an egg-shaped wood- or charcoal-fueled cooker made of ceramic material like clay. The kamado grill has many applications, from grilling to smoking to roasting.

Thanks to its unconventional oval form and available accessories like a firebox divider, you can easily separate your cooking space into direct and indirect zones, allowing you to position your food closer to or further from the heat source as needed for faster or slower cooking, respectively.

The egg can transform into an outdoor convection oven with the help of additional accessories, such as a heat deflector.

How To Deal With Big Green Egg?

In reality, firing up the egg is a breeze. My lump charcoal comes from the company, so I don’t use regular briquettes. I also have some of their natural charcoal starters, which make lighting charcoal a breeze (you place a few in the lump charcoal, set them ablaze, and they do the rest).

In addition, a standard chimney starter for charcoal can use. Once a fire goes, the thick ceramic walls and lid trap the heat, allowing the pot to reach extremely high temperatures. The amount of air that enters the firebox and flows through the cooking chamber can adjust using a drawer at the egg’s bottom and a cap at its top.

As a result, the egg’s internal temperature is maintained at a safe level. Temperature increases are proportional to the size of the openings. You can also taste From Freezer to Plate: Tempting Frozen Chicken Breasts Air Fryer and Make Amazing Thin Sliced Chicken Breast Air Fryer Recipe.

What Advantages of Big Green Egg?

The egg’s fuel efficiency is a major plus, in addition to its adaptability. Because of how efficiently and evenly the charcoal burns, I rarely need to add more to the fire. After finishing my day’s work, I seal off all the vents to ensure the fire doesn’t get any air.

Next time I use the grill, I poke around in the leftover charcoal and rake the ash through the bottom vent. Then I put in a few more chunks of fuel, relight it, and we’re ready to go. There will be no clutter or hassle as a result of this. And I appreciate that the egg doesn’t have a messy grease trap (like a gas grill) or ash piles (like a charcoal grill) that need to be disposed of after use (like with a charcoal grill).

Process of Big Green Egg Chicken Breast

Nothing beats the flavor of chicken breast on the grill, which is also an excellent and healthy option. The chicken is considered “healthy” if it has little fat, which either does not affect its flavor or does not prevent it from drying out.


  • Chicken breasts without the bone and skin
  • Paper and Salt
  • Oil


  • First, spread the chicken breasts on a flat surface and lightly coat them with olive oil. Avoiding sticking to the grill is easier with this method
  • The second step is to season with salt and pepper. I wanted to grill a bunch of them on my Big Green Egg for later in the week, so I didn’t add any extra seasonings
  • Third, ready the grill over direct heat to 375 degrees. You can expect this to be a quick and fiery dish
  • A good grilling trick is not to rush and put the chicken on the grill too early; if the grill isn’t hot enough, you won’t get that nice sear or grill marks. There’s a chance the chicken will get too dry
  • Fourth, a GrillGrate may be used instead of the grate if desired. Allow it to warm up for a while as well
  • Fifth, grill for five to seven minutes per side. You know it’s time to flip the chicken over when it slides off the grill and grates easily
  • During Step 6, take them off the grill once the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees

Tips And Advice

  • Seal in the Flavor – Flatten the chicken breast with a meat-tenderizing mallet. The trick is to make the breasts all the same size. To pound the chicken, sandwich it between two sheets of saran wrap. Reduces the potential for chaos!
  • A thinner chicken breast will also be ready to eat in less time. Increasing the cooking time won’t help you retain any more moisture than a quick sear would
  • To marinate or not to marinate, that is the question. Usually, marinating helps the meat retain more of its natural juices, but I’ve found that chicken breasts don’t soak up much marinade. Using a marinade after tenderizing with a mallet will increase absorption, but the other methods here will make a more noticeable difference
  • The best way to keep the chicken juicy is to sear it. The GrillGrate is my go-to, particularly for meats with lower fat content. The GrillGrate’s aluminum fins generate intense heat, allowing rapid meat searing. Please read all about my experience with GrillGrate here. It’s my go-to grilling tool every time
  • Setting the Grill Temperature – When it’s time to grill, get it ready at 375 degrees. It should be between 350 and 450, at most. If the heat is too low, the chicken may take too long to cook and dry. If the heat is too high, the chicken breasts’ exterior will burn before the inside is done cooking
  • It’s best to use a thermometer when cooking chicken because it’s difficult to judge when it’s done without one. One day, I just gave in and bought one. Check out what I discovered while looking into the top wireless meat thermometers on the market. Hold off until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees


  • Usually, I will grill the entire package of chicken at once. That’s a lot of food to eat at once, so after the breasts have rested from the grilling process, I cut them into bite-sized pieces, wrap them in saran wrap, and store them in a sturdy Ziploc bag suitable for the freezer
  • Take a package out each night this week and defrost it in the fridge. You can reheat it for one minute in the microwave and then use it in your favorite dishes

Juciest Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast | Big Green Egg Chicken Breast Recipe


  • Four Chicken Breasts
  • Seasonings for the table: salt and pepper
  • Virgin Olive Oil

Instructions | Big Green Egg Chicken Breast

  • Prepare a grilling environment of 375 degrees Fahrenheit and generous oiling of the grill grates
  • Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper and rub them with olive oil. (Olive oil helps keep the chicken juicy and prevents it from sticking when cooking a basic chicken breast, which does not require marinating.)
  • Based on thickness, grill for 5-7 minutes per side. See if it’s 165 degrees inside

Notes | Big Green Egg Chicken Breast

  • USDA guidelines recommend cooking chicken to an internal temperature of 165 degrees
  • For optimal searing results, grill at 375–400 degrees. Chicken breasts can be quickly seared over direct heat, which helps seal the meat’s natural juices while cooking
  • Prepared meals best with chicken breasts from Costco. They are prepackaged in larger quantities and only need a few extra minutes on the grill to cook through. Pack them in freezer bags or wrap them in Saran or Press-N-Seal so you can use them throughout the week.
  • When cooking for a large group, use salt and pepper as your seasoning of choice to save time and effort. Having it in a form that can be easily reheated or used in other recipes is a huge convenience
  • To keep the chicken from sticking to the grill, brush it with olive oil
  • The breast should be flattened using a tenderizing mallet before cooking. It ensures that the meat will be grilled at a consistent temperature because it will be of uniform thickness. Wrap the chicken in two layers of Saran to contain any potential spills. It would be best if you had your children work on this. They can’t wait to pound on this apartment

FAQ | Big Green Egg Chicken Breast

How long do chicken breasts need to be grilled?

This is a quick recipe with only 9-11 minutes of prep time. The grilling process can be accelerated by tenderizing and flattening the meat. The quick grilling time will also help seal the juices so the food won’t dry.

Can you trust the health claims made for grilled chicken breast?

The answer is yes! You can eat a lot of these without worrying about gaining weight, as they are high in protein and low in fat. The chicken’s propensity to dry out is the most common issue. We explain how to maintain juicy chicken breasts to remain tender and flavorful.

How do you prevent dry chicken breasts when grilling?

A tenderizing mallet and a quick exterior sear are required to achieve the best results. To get a good sear on the grill, maintain a temperature of 375 degrees to 400 degrees. Marinating hasn’t worked well for me because the breast’s closed-celled muscles don’t absorb the brine or marinade.

What’s the ideal internal temperature for grilled chicken?

Chicken should reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, as the United States Department of Agriculture advised.


The Big Green Egg is a popular outdoor cooking device inspired by the traditional Japanese kamado. Making a succulent chicken breast on the grill is surprisingly simple. Grilled chicken breast is a delicious and nutritious choice that can’t be beaten. For the chicken to be considered “healthy,” the fat content must be low enough not to compromise the meat’s flavor or keep it from drying out.

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