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Easy Lychee Jelly Boba Recipe to Make

by Khadija Tahir
Easy Lychee Jelly Boba Recipe to Make

Lychee jelly boba is possibly the most delicious beverage we can imagine, particularly on long, warm mid-year days. The sweet fruitiness is nearly on par with the buildup outwardly of the cup – a final reward!

In this article, I will address all possible inquiries that you could have about lychee jelly bubble tea. I cover everything from what it really is at the most essential level, to what are the most effective ways to make it yourself. I’ve been making and drinking bubble tea throughout recent years. And the great lychee boba taste is one of our top picks.

It’s sweet, reviving, and delightful! Peruse on to take a smidgen of our insight with you. You are certain everybody will learn something!

What’s Going on Here? 

What's Going on Here? 

Lychee jelly boba tea is a particular sort of milk tea, which is a tea-based drink from Taiwan. By and large, the beverage is produced using some cool dark tea, as well as a little smooth, cool low carb milk, and, at last, a sweet fruity flavor to integrate the entire thing.

Among these awesome fixings, you can discover some magnificent boba pearls. The expansion of these pearls carries a great surface to the beverage.

What Does Lychee Jelly Boba Pose a Flavor Like? 

Lychee jelly boba is potentially awesome of all milk teas accessible. The tea gives the beverage a charmingly profound and severe base. In the meantime, the milk smooths that out, offering the richness of real value, for sure. The pearls don’t add a great deal of flavor commonly, however they really do add a wonderful surface.

The lychee is frequently added as syrup or mixed into the remainder of the beverage, and it balances each taste with a splendid, sweet note that makes it brilliantly habit-forming. Lychee tastes very like rambutan as the actual plants are very comparable. To pick which natural product you like, investigate our rambutan versus lychee article.

Lychee Jelly Boba Calories

The numbers on this front are somewhat patchy, yet the harsh number of calories in a serving of lychee boba is roughly 200. These changes rely upon any added substances in the beverage, as well as the unpleasant size of the piece that you’re having.



The fixings in this fruity air pocket tea can fluctuate a considerable amount, however, on the off chance that you’re utilizing a lychee bubble tea unit, things will be more straightforward for you. I should go through a couple of fixings, and discuss them.

Lychee New: Lychee is a sweet, fragile natural product that bestows a brilliantly summery flavor to bubble tea. Utilizing it new is an extraordinary method for knowing definitively what’s in your food. 

Powder: The powder is handled from the new organic product. It is commonly used to guarantee that the tea sold in a store is similar to clockwork. This merits utilizing assuming you’d like typically scrumptious tea. 

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Syrup: The natural product syrup is commonly an answer of sugar and water that has been implanted with new lychee to make an enhanced syrup. This enjoys the benefit of consistency (like the powder), however, it can’t be put away however long the powder can.

Custard Pearls

Custard pearls are produced using custard flour and water. They’re formed into a circle and afterward bubbled until delicate and somewhat chewy. Additionally, they can be hued and enhanced, however that depends on you. Heaps of choices will probably be accessible during the shopping system. Picking your #1 will make the best lychee jelly boba for you!


You can go ahead and use whichever kind of milk you like, whether dairy or plant-based. So, however, utilizing creamer is an extraordinary method for making the beverage more liberal – it’s so smooth! 


Earthy-colored sugar syrup is typically utilized for lychee boba, however, you can utilize brown or white sugar. I will utilize white granulated sugar here as it’s somewhat more open, and it keeps the flavors charmingly basic.

Lychee Bubble Tea Pack

Lychee Bubble Tea Pack

A decent air pocket tea pack will incorporate the important sort of enhanced syrup. They ought to show up with the tea, custard pearls, and sugar expected to make the recipe. I’ve tracked down a lot of choices for good packs online throughout the long term, so I’d prescribe doing some looking to track down the ideal choice for you.

Utilizing New Organic Products

Utilizing new organic products has two advantages and downsides. On the positive side of things, it tends to be magnificent for improving your beverage with a genuine kind of natural product – pleasantness, sharpness, and newness will all follow through in the mixing system, prompting a great lychee boba.

The issue with utilizing new natural products is that the imbuing system can be a torment: it requires a ton of investment contrasted with the last drinking of the refreshment. This is particularly the situation in the event that you’re utilizing organic products with little seeds, for example, new strawberries, or making a strawberry boba.

Lychee Jelly Boba Utilizing Milk Tea Powder

Milk tea powder can be something great: essentially add the powder to a shaker and shake it to get yourself en route to an astonishing flavor! Nonetheless, the downside is that the synthetics used to repeat flavors are frequently counterfeit as opposed to really obtained from the beverage.

This isn’t perfect, as it’s presenting another degree of added substances into your eating regimen.

Utilizing milk tea powder, you would commonly add a recommended number of scoops of powder to your shaking vessel, alongside some water. In the wake of fixing, you would shake the vessel forcefully and afterward empty it into a glass, alongside some custard pearls, in the event that you’d like.

The principal advantage of making lychee jelly boba or any milk tea this way is the speed – it’s truly fast and simple!

Utilizing Syrup

Syrup can be an incredible method for saving organic product flavors. Making a basic syrup in your home and mixing it with a natural product or spice is truly simple and modest, implying that you can be certain of the substance of the syrup. This will function admirably for lychee boba or some other boba drink.

Obtaining the syrup can be interesting to make yourself, however, it’s most certainly worth the effort. It’s immensely flexible and simple to use on different things, for instance, low carb greek yogurt-based sweets.

Lychee Jelly

Lychee jelly is a brilliant choice for boba making. It tends to be put away for a few days without ruining, and it needn’t bother with to be cooked. The readiness strategy is equivalent to our espresso jelly recipe.

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What Does Lychee Jelly Consist of?

Lychee jelly is made with sugar, a thickening specialist, for example, nata de coco mash, and lychee natural product, juice, or fake enhancement. Business items may likewise contain fixings like additives, stabilizers, and shading specialists. Lychee jelly could possibly incorporate bits of lychee organic products.
While lychee jelly served at bubble coffeehouses is regularly clear and without dairy, a few recipes for hand-crafted renditions incorporate milk, bringing about a creamier, hazy jelly.

Is There Gelatin in Lychee Jelly?

A few recipes for making lychee jelly at home use gelatin to accomplish that signature jiggly surface. Be that as it may, gelatin isn’t appropriate for veggie lovers or vegans since it’s produced using creature items.
Fortunately, numerous business brands utilized as sauces in bubble bistros and frozen yogurt shops use veggie lover fixings to jam set their lychee. A few brands of lychee jelly use nata de coco, or coconut gel, as the setting specialist in their item to make a thicker surface. Nata de coco is produced using maturing coconut water, so it’s a decent choice for veggie lovers and vegans; it’s likewise some of the time filled in as an air pocket tea besting all alone.
One more choice for making your own lychee jelly at home without creature items is agar. This veggie lover fixing is produced using green growth and used to make a jelly-like surface.

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