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Mango Bubble Tea – Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Mango Bubble Tea - Recipe

Mango bubble tea with boba custard pearls is the ideal smooth and reviving summer drink. You will have a hard time believing that it is so natural to make at home (and comparable while perhaps worse!) and thus a lot less expensive as well!

Besides, you can tweak mango boba tea with additional pleasantness assuming you like, change up the natural product, or even make it vegetarian utilizing non-dairy milk.

Why I Love This Recipe?

  • You can utilize any milk or sugar you need
  • No costly fixings
  • You want only 4 fixings (in addition to ice shapes and water)
  • Really simple to tweak
  • Way less sugar than locally acquired boba
  • Impressively less expensive

Regardless of whether you’ve never attempted or made boba, you can make this bubble tea recipe and nail it immediately.

Why I Love This Recipe?

Mango Bubble Tea Fixings

This is the very thing that you’ll have to make this mango milk tea and mango green tea.

(PS – besides boba pearls, these fixings are modest and really simple to get)

Fixing Subtleties

1 tea pack of jasmine green tea or other green tea
1 cup extremely hot water
½ cup fast-cooking custard pearls otherwise called boba pearls, custard balls
1,5 tablespoons sugar white sugar, granulated sugar
⅓ cup milk I utilized unsweetened oat milk


Simply utilize anything that milk you have within reach. The creamier the better. I utilized oat milk.

Mango Juice

Once in a while called mango nectar. You can generally get it in most huge grocery stores. On the off chance that you truly can’t track down it, apple and mango juice or orange and mango squeeze likewise function admirably.

Boba/Custard Balls

Accessible in Asian general stores overall or online on Amazon, eBay, and so forth.


I utilized caster sugar (a kind of granulated sugar). In a real sense, any sort of sugar will finish the work. You can likewise utilize stevia or fluid sugars.


You will require:

  • A search for gold boba pearls
  • A spoon or scoop
  • An enormous glass for serving
  • An enormous straw for serving

Steps to Make Mango Bubble Tea 

Steps to Make Mango Bubble Tea 
  • Make jasmine tea. Put it away and let it cool.
  •  In a little container, cook the custard pearls. Cover them with sugar and blend well.
  • Add custard pearls to a serving glass.
  • Discretionary step: add ice solid shapes.
  • Then add mango juice, jasmine tea, and milk.

Mango Bubble Tea Master Tips

When your custard pearls are cooked, cover them with sugar straight away and blend well.

The pearls taste best new – don’t allow them to lounge around for a really long time.

Prior to serving, acclimate to taste. Add more sugar, a sprinkle of milk, or more squeeze.

Utilize reusable boba straws on the off chance that you would be able – they’re not difficult to track down on the web.

Serve it hot or cold.

Cold – use a lot of ice blocks.

I utilized jasmine tea from my neighborhood Asian store. You can utilize tea packs or free-leaf tea.

Cooking Boba

Never cooked boba?

It doesn’t need to be hard by any means!

Follow these tips and you’ll hit the nail on the head:

In the event that you would be able, to utilize Fast COOKING custard pearls – they’re prepared in only 5 minutes.

Go for the gold of a sticky bear.

On the off chance that your boba is hard, it implies it’s overcooked.

Assuming it’s completely delicate and soft, it implies it’s half-cooked.

Mango Bubble Tea Varieties

Mango Bubble Tea Varieties

You’d be shocked to see exactly the number of varieties of milk tea that are right there.

Here is a portion of my top picks:

Plain Jasmine Milk Tea

On the off chance that you leave out the mango juice, you can partake in a plain jasmine milk tea.

Tea Flavors

You can try different things with tea flavors assuming you wish. For instance, you could utilize dark or white tea rather than green jasmine tea. Try not to allow the sack to sit in the water for a really long time, or it will overwhelm you.

Custard Pearl Flavors

I utilized dark sugar boba pearls. In any case, they come in various flavors – go ahead and utilize anything flavor you like. On the off chance that you can get your hands on mango pearls, that sounds ideal!

Mango Bubble Tea Serving

To serve, get a tall glass and fill it with pearls. In the case of serving cold, add ice solid shapes on top, then, at that point, fill the glass with juice and milk.

To serve HOT – Don’t utilize ice blocks. Warm up the milk prior to serving.

I like utilizing broad boba straws to serve these. The pearls won’t go through ordinary straws.

On the off chance that you don’t have expansive straws, essentially taste the beverage through a standard straw, then utilize a spoon to scoop out the pearls.

Putting Away

While serving mango bubble tea, I suggest getting a charge out of it as new as could be expected.

Try not to allow it to lounge around for a really long time or the custard pearls will become tacky. Furthermore, the ice will soften.

To save it for longer, follow these means:

Store custard pearls independently. Place in an impermeable compartment in the refrigerator for as long as 2 days.

Save ice 3D squares for some other time: just add them once you are prepared to serve the beverage.

Place the milk tea (without pearls or ice) in a hermetically sealed compartment. Place in the cooler for as long as 2 days.


Calories 427kcal 
Soaked Fat1g
Polyunsaturated Fat  1g
Monounsaturated Fat1g
Vitamin A1905IU
L-ascorbic acid38mg

Similar Recipes

What does mango drain tea taste like?

It resembles a creamier rendition of mango juice! Fruity, is sweet and very reviving, yet with a mitigating, creamier contort.
It tends to be changed in accordance with taste, so the pleasantness levels can go from marginally to extremely sweet.

What number of calories are in this mango milk tea?

There are approx. 400 calories for each (extremely enormous) segment.

Is this recipe vegetarian?

In the event that you use without dairy milk (like oat, almond, soy, coconut, hemp, and so forth) this recipe is vegetarian.

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