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Egg Drop Soup Nutrition Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Egg Drop Soup Nutrition - Recipe

Figure out how to make egg drop soup nutrition with only 6 fixings! This simple hand-crafted keto egg drop soup recipe requires simply a little ways from beginning to guzzle. So ameliorating and tasty!

I’m so amped up for this keto egg drop soup recipe! I’ll tell you the very best way to make egg drop soup in under 10 minutes – it doesn’t get any simpler.

One of the (many) advantages of cooking and setting up your own dinners is that you know the precisely exact thing that is going into your feasts. When do you get food at cafés? Who can say for sure? My hand-crafted egg drop soup is amazingly delightful and has the customary flavors in general, with practically no additional thickeners or sketchy fixings.

Serve this simple egg drop soup as a starter or side to the fundamental dish, it’s delectable and guzzle-capable!

In addition to the fact that it is low carb and keto, but on the other hand, it’s without gluten, sans grain, paleo Nevertheless loaded with scrumptious flavor. It’s the ideal illustration of why I began Healthy Yum in any case.

That is the possibility that you can in any case partake in your number one food varieties however in a better manner.

The Most Effective Method to Make Egg Drop Soup

This simple low-carb egg drop soup recipe meets up so rapidly and can be made as a latest possible moment small feast or as a supper side. You presumably as of now have large numbers of the fixings, as well.

I’ll walk you through how to make egg drop soup:

Make The Egg Drop Soup Nutrition Stock 

In a medium pot, join chicken stock, coconut aminos, mushrooms, onions, ginger, and dark pepper. Heat to the point of boiling, then lower intensity to a stew and cook until mushrooms are delicate.

Add Eggs to This Low Carb Egg Drop Soup 

Whisk together the eggs in a little bowl. Gradually empty the egg into the spoon while blending, to make strips of eggs.


Add ocean salt to taste. You may not require it, so test it first, then add salt to taste.

What Number of Carbs Are in Egg Drop Soup?

Assuming you’re pondering egg drop soup carbs, I have a response that I think you’ll like! Each cup has only 4 grams of net carbs.

Is Egg Drop Soup Keto Well Disposed of?

 Indeed, this egg drop soup recipe without cornstarch is most certainly keto amicable! It’s an extraordinary side or starter dish.

Could You at Any Point Thicken Keto Egg Drop Soup?

Since this is a keto egg drop soup recipe, it doesn’t have the cornstarch that customary variants need to thicken. I think the stock is tasty and scrumptious, and needn’t bother with being thick.

However, on the off chance that you like yours thicker, you can thicken your soup with a sprinkle of thickener (1/4 teaspoon at a time) or even unflavored gelatin powder.

Might You at Any Point Make Simple Egg Drop Soup Ahead?

Indeed, you can make this recipe for custom-made egg drop soup ahead! I don’t suggest adding the eggs in that frame of mind prior to serving, yet you can make the speedy and simple egg drop soup stock early.

Store it in the cooler, and when you’re prepared to eat, just reheat the stock in a pot and afterward mix in the whisked eggs and serve.

Might You at Any Point Warm Egg Drop Soup?

You can warm egg drop soup, yet the surface will not be on par with what it is when new. If conceivable, stand by to add the egg until just prior to eating.

Might You at Any Point Freeze Custom-Made Egg Drop Soup?

I wouldn’t suggest freezing the Chinese egg drop soup recipe, as the mushrooms and eggs can get watery and the surface can become unwanted. Fortunately all that’s needed is 7 minutes all out to make, so it’s quite simple to make at whatever point the egg drop soup keto hankering strikes!

What to Present With Egg Drop Soup?

This keto egg drop soup recipe is an extraordinary side or starter. Here are some extraordinary keto supper recipes to oblige it:

Sesame Kelp Noodles 

After your simple egg drop soup course, polish off your dinner with these noodles. Indeed, they are keto-endorsed and brimming with delightful sesame flavor.

Asian Turkey Meatballs 

Add these meatballs close by custom-made egg drop soup and sauteed broccoli for an extraordinary little plates (or bowls!) dinner eaten with chopsticks and spoons!

Slow Cooker Mongolian Meat 

You can coordinate this basic egg drop soup recipe with another simple, hands-off recipe. Serve the hamburger over cauliflower rice or sauteed broccoli.

Egg Roll in a Bowl 

This recipe overwhelmed the web and is for good explanation. IT’S SO Great! It takes all the decency from egg rolls and repackages it into a low-carb bowl.

Korean Ground Hamburger Bowl

So natural to make that you can fix it while you’re tasting your hand-crafted egg drop soup.

Apparatuses to Make Egg Drop Soup

Tap the connections underneath to see the things used to make this recipe.

Tempered Steel Pots and Container Set – This set is speculation, however, when dealt with appropriately, you’ll at no point ever need to purchase one more set in the future.

Asian Soup Spoons – Not 100 percent fundamental, however, they truly come in truly helpful for this natively constructed egg drop soup!

Egg Drop Soup Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 112
  • Fat 6g
  • Protein 10g
  • Total Carbs 5g
  • Net Carbs 4g
  • Fiber 1g
  • Sugar 1g

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