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Korean Bbq Santa Clarita – You Should Try

by Muhammad Nabeel
Korean Bbq Santa Clarita - You Should Try

Whether it’s Santa Clara or Santa Clarita Korean bbq is available all around the US. Following are some of the Korean bbq Santa Clarita restaurants.

Furthermore if by any chance you are in Austin or Las vegas then do check Korean bbq restaurants in Austin or if you anywhere see the name 10 butchers Korean bbq then do try them.

Hankook Korean Bbq Santa Clarita

Technically located just across the Sunnyvale border, Hancock’s is the best of the few glossy giant supermarkets in the area. The meat and fresh seafood are impeccable ( If you’re looking for well-marbled beef, it’s as good a market as the Bay Area).

Hot Food Section – Banchan bar where you can find marinated squid, fried anchovies, fried chicken, japchae, and dozens of large barrels of kimchi.

For a portable meal, kimbap and hot bento sets are recommended.

Location 1092 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Phone (408) 244-0871

Moo Bong Ri Korean Restaurant

Sliced ​​in the form of visceral soup and served neatly as part of a large charcuterie platter, haven’t you tasted the flavor of black pudding yet? Don’t worry. The restaurant has a great selection of soups and casseroles for starters.

The urban Korean food scene is strong, supporting single-dish or single-ingredient specialists like Moobongri, a chain (with another location in Auckland) whose menu revolves around sundaes (Korean black pudding) if you can.

Location 1484 Halford Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 95051

Phone (408) 246-1484

Jang Su Jang Korean Bbq Santa Clarita

Jang Su Jang (which also has a second location in Milpitas) is arguably Santa Clarita’s most famous Korean grill specialist and is considered the epitome of local grill cuisine.

(Michelin, for example, has long recommended this spot in its Bay Area Guide.) In addition to the meat parade, the restaurant also serves solid versions of all the standard dishes like tofu stew, cold soba noodles, and more.

Location 3561 El Camino Real #10, Santa Clarita, CA 95051

Phone (408) 246-1212

Sweet Potato Korean Bbq Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita’s most nostalgic street food vendor, which has opened in a new location in front of the bustling Super Kyo Marketplace, sells hot, freshly baked sweet potatoes in paper bags. It doesn’t get much better than this on a cold day. Finding a booth is primarily during normal business hours during the winter months.

Location 3533 Homestead Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 95051

Sweet Potato Korean Bbq Santa Clarita

K-Star Doshirak Korean Bbq Santa Clarita

Specializing in Doshirak, or Korean bento, this tiny diner has a K-pop pedigree.

His affiliated company, Res2Go, advertises itself as a catering company “run by the most beloved Korean stars.” The walls are adorned with signed testimonials from real-life celebrities. But you don’t have to have a record deal or entourage to understand what K-Star Doshirak brings to the table: spicy pork, rice, kimchi, lettuce and potato chips, and lettuce leaves, so every bite. You can eat it with your hands by packing it in Sam style.

Location 3006 El Camino Real, Santa Clarita, CA 95051

Phone (408) 816-8713

Silla Korean Restaurant

One of the city’s newer Korean restaurants, Shilla calls itself “Modern Korean.” This seems to refer to a sleek, contemporary-looking dining room, but the food is presented a little more elegantly than in your average Korean restaurant in the neighborhood.

The restaurant is known for its thick beef short rib soup called kalbi tang. It also offers unusual dishes such as Yukwe (sesame oil-based beef tartare), battered oysters, and stone pot eel.

Location 2910 El Camino Real, Santa Clarita, CA 95051

Phone (408) 320-2829

Kunjip Korean Bbq Santa Clarita

Located in a shopping center, this cozy restaurant offers a concise menu centered around soups and stews. Almost every table orders at least one of the two dishes. Sarung Tang is a very simple but thick milky beef bone broth that is seasoned with salt and paprika paste at the table. Or short rib stew, scissor-cut at the table, sweet and spicy rib Jim. As an added bonus, the restaurant opens at 9 am each morning.

Location 1066 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clarita, CA 95051

Phone (408) 246-0025

Han Sung BBQ

Other grill restaurants in the area may be better known, but Han Sung stands out as the only restaurant to offer charcoal grills. This is the place to serve incredibly well-frosted thin slices of veal or prime cuts such as dry-aged ribeye and American Wagyu steak. In the event you want to enjoy a barbecue in its purest and simplest form, the intense smokiness of the grilled meat will tempt you with sesame oil and salt for dipping and lots of raw garlic on the side.

Location 2644 El Camino Real, Santa Clarita, CA 95051

Phone (408) 246-7799

Han Sung BBQ


Questions asked frequently, discussed below.

What are the best Korean BBQs in the area?

These are the best late-night Korean bbq in the area.
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Gooyi Gooyi
Pocha K
Superhot Hotpot & Korean BBQ

What are the similar searches in Santa Clarita?

People also searched for these in Santa Clara:
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What are the things you should not do at Korean bbq?

You should be avoiding following things in a Korean bbq
Immediately grilling the meat once the grill is hot is a big no-no.
Do not over-flip your meat but make sure it is sufficiently cooked!
Please don’t overload your lettuce wrap.
Don’t slather your lettuce wrap with sauce either!
Do not pile banchan on your plate.
Or ignore the side dishes at your table.


Places to eat Korean bbq are easy to find because of their increase in number and here I have made your work even easier.

It couldn’t get any easier than this.

So now all you have to do is get up and leave for any one of these Korean bbq restaurants.

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