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Korean BBQ Sauce – Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Health Benefits of Kimchi Korean BBQ Sauce

Korean BBQ Sauce, is a simple custom-made tacky sauce, plunging sauce, or marinade for a large number of things like meat, chicken, pork, or vegetables. You can likewise involve this sweet and fiery sauce for wings, tacos, ribs, and sandwiches, from there, the sky is the limit!

This custom-made Korean BBQ Sauce is not difficult to assemble thus obviously superior to the locally acquired forms that are stacked with corn syrups, additives, and who can say for sure what else?! This hand-crafted grill sauce can be utilized on a wide assortment of things and endures quite a while in the refrigerator, so check it out!

Korean BBQ Sauce - Recipe

On the off chance that you don’t do a great deal of Asian cooking, you might not have these fixings in your home. Notwithstanding, every one of the fixings ought to be not difficult to track down all things considered enormous supermarkets. This sauce is perfect on my pulled pork nutrition info and Korean BBQ just to give you a couple of speedy thoughts!

There is a wide range of types and brands of a portion of these fixings. So the taste will fluctuate a piece in this sauce. I really do have a few connections beneath for a portion of the fixings.

This BBQ sauce is like my low carb teriyaki sauce recipe, yet a considerable amount different simultaneously. Both heavenly!

What is Korean BBQ Sauce?

Korean BBQ Sauce is very unique in relation to tomato-based American-style bar-b-que sauces. There are various packaged brands of Korean bar-b-que Sauce accessible at most nearby supermarkets, specialty stores, and Amazon including Heinz, Lee Kum Kee, Kikkoman, Annie Chun, P.F. Chang’s, Bibigo, and even Dealer Joe’s (albeit not certain assuming they actually convey it..)

Adaptations of the sauce can fluctuate obviously however may contain water, sugars (sugar, earthy colored sugar, or corn syrup), soy sauce, pear, vinegar, garlic, oil (sesame oil), vinegar (apple juice, rice, and so forth), ginger, onion, and so on. This Do-It-Yourself at-home rendition can undoubtedly be modified to your own taste.

The sauce can be utilized on meat like chicken, hamburger, or pork yet additionally for a great many different dishes (see underneath for certain thoughts).

What does Korean BBQ Sauce taste like? It’s a tacky sort of sauce that is both a piece sweet and zesty and similar to a teriyaki sauce.

Gear You Might Need


A blender will make things a ton speedier and more straightforward to blend every one of the fixings into a smooth sauce. You could likewise utilize a submersion blender while the sauce is cooking assuming you’d like.


A little pot is expected to cook the sauce for a brief period. Any pan will do.


A decent rush to blend the bar-b-que sauce while cooking will help it from consuming the lower part of the container.

Korean BBQ Sauce Fixings

Korean BBQ Sauce Fixings
Soy SauceI like to utilize a low-sodium soy sauce, however, you could utilize your #1. There’s a considerable amount of salt in this recipe with no guarantees so I’d stay with the low sodium if possible. You could likewise utilize a Japanese tamari sauce or other Asian soy sauce same on the off chance that you have a number one.
New Asian pearAn Asian pear is somewhat not quite the same as a customary pear, yet on the off chance that you can’t find it, you could substitute a pear (like Bosc or Anjou) or even an apple.
Dull earthy colored sugarI like the flavor of dim earthy colored sugar for this grilling sauce yet you could utilize light earthy colored sugar.
Stew Garlic SauceYou ought to have the option to find Bean stew Garlic Sauce at your nearby supermarket in the Asian food area.
Rice Vinegar You ought to likewise have the option to find Rice Vinegar at most nearby supermarkets in the Asian food area.
GarlicNew cloves work best.
Ginger glueYou can by and large find ginger glue in a cylinder in the refrigerated produce segment at your supermarket. Or on the other hand, substitute a little new ginger which would be far superior yet somewhat more work.
Sesame oilA tiny amount of sesame oil makes a remarkable difference and gives incredible flavor. I like to utilize toasted sesame oil.
Dark pepperOnly a tad to taste.
Green onionI utilized both the white and green pieces of the green onion.

When you have every one of your fixings together, the BBQ sauce doesn’t take that long to make.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make Korean BBQ Sauce

Stage One

Cycle every one of the fixings in a blender until smooth.

Stage Two

Heat the combination to the point of boiling in a little pot over medium-high intensity. Lessen to stew, and mix sporadically. Cook for around 5 minutes. That is all there is to it!

Speedy Tips For Best Outcomes

Utilize a blender to get the sauce smooth instead of an inundation blender or manually if possible. In spite of the fact that on the off chance that you’d prefer to utilize a drenching blender. Place every one of the fixings in a pan and utilize the submersion blender once the pear is delicate.

In the event that the sauce isn’t quite as thick as you’d like (individual inclination… ), blend a little cornstarch into water and speed into the sauce over high intensity.

Fact that you can utilize this tacky sauce immediately, I like to place it in the refrigerator short-term.

Utilize a low-sodium soy sauce or attempt a low-sodium Korean or Japanese soy sauce. Since there’s such a lot of soy sauce in this bar-b-que sauce. The outcomes can be very pungent in the event that you don’t. You can constantly add more salt later assuming you’d like.

Add pretty much sugar contingent upon how sweet you like your bar-b-que sauces.

This sauce is a piece sweet and fiery, however, in the event that you’d like it spicier you can add red pepper drops or sriracha

Utilizes Korean BBQ Sauce

Utilizes Korean BBQ Sauce

Pan sear – blend the sauce in with some rice and meat or potentially vegetables.

On meat (chicken, hamburger, or pork) – use it like a customary American bar-b-que sauce or coating on your #1 meat or even veggie lover choices. Steak, short ribs, and brisket are great choices as well.

Chicken wings – would be delightful on chicken wings like these air fryer chicken wings!

Tacos – shower a little on your number one tacos or blend in with taco meat.

Ribs – a simple option in contrast to standard American BBQ sauce on pork ribs. The best!

Sandwiches – can likewise involve a tad bit of this sauce as a spread on sandwiches or for this Korean BBQ Pork Sandwich recipe.

Asian servings of mixed greens – blend as a serving of mixed greens dressing into Asian slaws or vegetable plates of mixed greens. Pasta or noodle servings of mixed greens would likewise be flavorful.

Burgers – add a little in or on burgers for a simple Asian curve.

Marinade – this BBQ sauce would be an incredible marinade for chicken, pork, or even hamburger like for bulgogi (Korean bar-b-que meat)

Plunging sauce – plunge lettuce wraps (like these Korean Lettuce Wraps), low carb egg roll wrappers, or other food into the BBQ sauce.

Pizza – ideal for Asian-enlivened pizzas!

How would you store this Korean BBQ Sauce?

I would store this sauce canvassed and in the fridge.

How long with this sauce last?

Contingent upon the newness of your fixings, I would figure this sauce would endure essentially half a month in the cooler while possibly not longer.

Could I at any point involve honey or granulated sugar for the earthy-colored sugar?

You can utilize your #1 sugar or sugar substitute, however, it can change the taste and consistency of the sauce. You might have to change and add more/less sugar.

What might I at any point use rather than the Asian pear?

In the event that you can’t find Asian pears in your supermarket or at specific seasons, you can substitute an apple (perhaps Fuji) or pear (like a bosc pear or anjou). A firm sweet substitute would most likely work best.

What else could I at any point add to this sauce?

On the off chance that you need a spicier variant of the Korean BBQ sauce, you can add a little sriracha, hot sauce, or red pepper pieces. Be cautious, however, as a small amount can make a huge difference.

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