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Overnight Oats Nutrition Facts

by Muhammad Nabeel
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You must be wondering what are overnight oats and what I mean by overnight oats nutrition facts but once I have told I can bet you will be craving them. So what are overnight oats nutrition facts?

You don’t know but you must have heard about oats from your father, your mother, or any elder from your family but maybe you quite didn’t get what oats are. Let me tell you what oats are and what they can do for you.

So basically oats are a type of cereal or grain that comes from oat grass. Oats are mostly used in raw form or in form of oatmeal. Another type is overnight oats. Oats are easy to make a recipe that is full of nutrition.

Oats contain numerous beneficial and healthy nutrients one of the main ones is beta-glucan

You can eat it any time of the day, it is a healthy and delicious form of breakfast, and most people like it in breakfast in form of oatmeal or with milk, etc.

Now you know about oats it’s time for you to know about the real deal of overnight oats.

Overnight oats

Enough with the suspense already, but overnight oats are nothing but a healthy and delicious form of oats that you can eat all day every day.

Believe me, I won’t leave you hanging without telling you how to make overnight oats.

To make overnight oats you have to prepare them the night before.

First, take uncooked oats and let`em soak in water, milk, or yogurt whatever is available and leave them overnight.

The next day you don’t have to do much just top it off with fruits or nuts and there you have your delicious overnight oats, easy isn’t it?

Overnight oats along with being this yummy and easy to make also have a great deal in nutrition and benefits, let us just dive right into it.

Overnight oats nutrition facts

Again it is hard to believe that a dish this delicious has nutritious value also but allow me to present you with facts

If you make let’s say a small portion of 60 grams of overnight oats it will have 230 calories.

And if we break down nutrition then it has

  • Fats 5gm
  • Sodium 80mg
  • carbohydrate 42gm
  • Dietary fiber 6gm
  • And 9gm protein and sugar eac

Now you know overnights are yummy, healthy, easy to make, and nutritious.

Overnight oats nutrition facts benefits

I won’t tell you anything that has no benefits because after all, it’s all about benefits.

Overnight oats breakfast

As I have told you already it’s a great source of healthy breakfast with nutrition. Take it like oatmeal or overnight oats it doesn’t matter as long as you are eating it.

Overnight oats nutrition facts for Weight loss

To all those who can gain weight pretty easily looks like overnight oats are just the thing for you.

It doesn’t have many calories and the sugar has to fill you up easily with a small amount promoting calorie burning.

overnight oats Help in digestion

Oats contain dietary fibers. All the fibers help your tummy to go easy.

Fibers play a very important role in regulating your body’s functions. Helping and improving digestion is also done by this.

overnight oats facts about diabetes

Wondering that can you take overnight oats if you are diabetic, you sure can. Diabetes is a major issue for all of us nowadays and for those where diabetes runs in genes, it is a must for you to have.

It’s anti-diabetes, it helps in regulating sugar in your blood, making your kidney work smoothly what more do you want?

overnight oat nutrition fact about the prevention of colon cancer

Overnight Oats have a generous amount of dietary fiber namely beta-glucan. This beta-glucan not only helps to improve your digestion but a little extra amount of fiber can be very useful to prevent a life-threatening condition like colon cancer.

Overnight oats Provide antioxidants

Oats are rich in antioxidants. Furthermore, antioxidants reduce heart disease chances.

Helps to be active

Oats have a good amount of carbohydrates and protein as well as calories and energy which helps you to be active and improve your athleticism.

overnight oats for a Healthy heart

Don’t we all want a healthy life? A healthy body? Healthy mind? Healthy heart? I guess you will be nodding right now.

Being rich in Vitamin C helps to cut down bad cholesterol making a good flow for your heart and you know what a healthy heart means. So what are you waiting for then? Get up, get up right now, and get going.

Reduce cholesterol

Heart diseases are a major death cause in the world. Cholesterol leads most of it. Beta-glucan is present in oats and studies have shown that beta-glucan fibers help reduce cholesterol, reducing cholesterol means reducing the risk of heart issues.

Relieve constipation

Constipation is more serious than any of us think about it, confused? Let me explain.

Waste material from our body is toxic and if you are unable or have difficulty passing waste from your body that means this toxic waste remains in your body for longer than it is supposed to which can be very dangerous.

Sounds scary right? But you have nothing to worry about. Just add overnight oats to your diet and you are good to go.

Overnight Oats facts for Skincare

You will be surprised to know that oats help your skin.

Not something you would relate to oats but beta-glucan in oats makes a film on your skin and helps to treat acne, inflammation works as a natural moisturizer and also lightens your skin tone.

With that, all being said these overnight oat nutrition facts and benefits must be included in your diet and if by any chance you haven’t added it already you are missing a whole lot of nutrition and taste.

Not only these are overnight oats good, tasty healthy, and full of nutrition but they are also a great breakfast.

That is all you need to start your day.

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