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How to Make Perfectly Steamed Edamame

by Amna Munir
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How to Make Perfectly Steamed Edamame

Hi there! Have you ever tried steamed edamame? It is a popular Japanese snack that’s not only tasty but also nutritious. Now allow me to explain it to you.

Fresh soybeans known as edamame are taken before they are fully developed. They are typically offered in their pods, either frozen or fresh. You simply steam them for a few minutes until they’re soft to prepare them.

Along with this, you could either eat them cold or warm after they are finished cooking. You just need to use your fingers to pry the beans out of their pods to consume them. They have a pleasant crunchy texture as well as a mildly sweet and nutty flavor.

Edamame which has been steaming is a wonderful snack as well as snack to serve at a party as well as a healthy afternoon snack. They also include a lot of protein, fiber, and important vitamins and minerals like folate, iron, as well as vitamin K.

Also, they’re a fantastic source of antioxidants, that can protect your body from disease. So, the next time you’re searching for a nutritious as well as delectable snack, try some steamed edamame.

Steamed Edamame Recipe


  • Water
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt
  • 1 pound of fresh or frozen edamame in their pods


  • Add the sea salt to the pot after adding sufficient water to cover the edamame. Water is stirred to a boil
  • Place the lid on the saucepan after adding the edamame. Give them 3 to 5 minutes to cook
  • By cracking open a pod and feeling the bean for tenderness, you may determine whether the edamame cook. Cook them for a further couple of minutes if they are still too stiff
  • After the edamame cooks through, turn off the heat as well as pour the water through a sieve
  • With a little extra sea salt, serve the steamed edamame either warm or cold

Serving Ideas for Steamed Edamame

Edamame could serve steamed as an appetizer as well as a snack. Just take the beans from out their pods using your fingers to eat them.

For added flavor, you can also season them with sea salt as well as other ingredients. Edamame that has steam tastes fantastic in salads, stir-fries, as well as other foods.

Storage of Steamed Edamame

The refrigerator can hold steamed edamame for up to 5 days when it keeps in an airtight container. It is better to remove the beans from the pods.

Also, as well as store them separately if you happen to have leftover edamame that you do not even intend to consume straight away. They will avoid turning mushy as a result of this.

Tips for Steamed Edamame

  • You may season your steamed edamame with sea salt or additional ingredients like garlic powder as well as chili flakes to give them more flavor
  • Try to use pods that are around the same size to ensure that your edamame cooks evenly
  • You also can microwave your edamame if you press for time. Just rinse the pods as well as put them in a bowl that can use in a microwave with a spoonful of water
  • Microwave the bowl on high for two to three minutes with a lid but rather plate made for microwaves


In addition to being a delicious snack on its own, steamed edamame can use in many different recipes. Try incorporating it into soups, stir-fries, as well as salads.

Edamame can be served as an appetizer as well as combined with other small dishes, such as gyoza or chicken skewers, to make a full dinner.

Try roasting edamame in the oven with spices like cumin as well as paprika for a tasty snack if you are searching for a new way to prepare it.

Pros of Steamed Edamame

  • Simple to prepare
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Low in calories as well as fat
  • High in fiber, protein, as well as minerals important for health
  • A flexible ingredient that may be incorporated into several recipes

Cons of Steamed Edamame

  • Several people dislike the taste as well as the texture
  • Toxins that naturally occur in soybeans can be dangerous if consumed in high amounts and can cause allergic reactions in some users


In general, steamed edamame is just a tasty as well as healthy snack that is simple to make. It can be included in a variety of recipes.

Along with this, serves as an excellent method to obtain your recommended daily intake of protein as well as fiber. Try steaming edamame if you’re searching for a tasty as well as healthful snack.

All in all! this recipe is so easy to make. Everything I explain in my article. And don’t forget to give us a review in our comment section below. Thank you!

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What are edamame’s potential health benefits?

Edamame is an excellent source of protein, and fiber, as well as important vitamins and minerals like iron and folate. It is a fantastic snack for losing weight because it is minimal in calories and fat. Moreover, it has antioxidants, that can fully protect your body from disease.

Is edamame a food that could be harmful to your health?

Even though edamame is typically regarded as nutritious and safe, some people might be sensitive to soybeans. Furthermore, edamame may have naturally occurring toxins that, if taken in excessive quantities, might be dangerous.

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